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  1. Apr 26, 2012
    Releasing such a poor product at the asking price of 1800msp is low, even for EA. Let's ignore the fact that the underlying (flawed) football engine is unchanged from FIFA 12. Lets also ignore the fact that Metacritic user reviews are often avenues for trolling. The real issue at hand is false advertising from EA. The Euro 2012 DLC is not the definitive European Championship experience EA has been trumpeting over game sites around the Net. There's no qualification to speak of. Nearly half the teams are not licensed, including one of the host nations. And to add insult to injury the game is pretty buggy as well, with consoles freezing or not recognizing that the user has (unfortunately) purchased the full version of the DLC.

    Be smarter than me and not waste your money on this absolutely cynical release from EA. Give them the finger and tell them that we, as consumers, deserve to be treated better!
  2. Apr 25, 2012
    What a disappointment, without qualification, with only half the teams licensed (for reasons of business, said EA), probably because querrem pay for licenses. No wonder they have not released as a separate game, it would be a complete disaster. 24 euros for stadiums, teams and equipment? Just sad, has a new game mode, which is good, and that's what saved him from taking a 0. Just a disaster ...
  3. Apr 25, 2012
    Beware! Don't buy this! Most Teams have no original kits and even the names are generic !. Even Ukaraine and Poland are unlicensed!
    You can not play the qualification, all game modes are single-player. Online it's only 1vs1.
    Gameplay and graphics are just like FIFA12 and there are lots of freezes and bugs.
  4. Apr 25, 2012
    As a huge FIFA fan and a particular fan of the international competition efforts from EA, I had high hopes for the Euro 2012 expansion pack.

    Despite rumours that EA had binned the development off and handed it over to Double Helix games and the complete lack of news coming from the EA headquarters, as a loyal FIFA buyer, these issues were simply brushed under the carpet. It's a FIFA game,
    it must be good, right?

    Unfortunately not. First impressions were actually quite good, the layout is very nice and the atmosphere of the tournament is spot on. The expedition mode is a nice touch aswell. But, it doesn't take long for the faults to become blindingly apparent. Firstly, EA's claim to have "over 50 FIFA registered playable nations" is the grandest piece of misleading advertising I've seen in a very, very long time. Yes, there are 50 playable nations, but many of them aren't licensed, including no less than the two co-hosts of the tournament, Poland and Ukraine. If you were hoping to get Wales to the finals, you'll be doing so with the likes of Gareth Belt and Craig Belmont as your shining stars. That leads nicely onto my second point, because I've made a mistake there, because no, you can't take Wales to the Euro Finals and thats because, rather strangely, the qualification campaign is not playable, making the whole games playability very short. You have a selection of the 4 final groups and you can only rearrange them to include other nations, other nations undoubtedly filled with fake players, kits and emblems. I'm both genuinely upset and appalled with the UEFA Euro 2012 expansion pack for FIFA 12 and the lack of game modes and effort put into its conception by EA. The rumours that Double Helix, creators of Silent Hill Homecoming, were going to be the developers of their first football game went down like a storm in a tea cup. Unfortunately, their effort would probably been much better than this diabolical shambles offered by EA.
  5. Jun 1, 2012
    I love FIFA 12 but this little monster is full of bugs and even the simple online cup play is strangely distorted while the cup play in FIFA 12 head to head is flawless. I just cannot understand it...too bad..hopefully they fix at least the bugs out of it..
  6. Apr 24, 2012
    First Impression was not good. The update made my xbox freeze and I tried to fix it by deleting various fifa files before eventually uninstalling the game from my hard drive and deleted the update. It eventually worked and I expected alot from this , as it despite being an add on is still supposedly like a full game.
    Obviously the gameplay wasn't going to change as its still Fifa 12 , so
    the gameplay and graphics are the same.
    Exhibiton mode uses the same format as career in Fifa street. It is ok but ultimately lacks something.
    The normal Euro 2012 game mode is the best , although quite frankly there was as much depth in Euro 2004 on PS2.
    Online is a struggle ,as it only displays for me a choice of 2 teams and often glitches and thinks I only have the trial.The format of online is good , like a variation of head to head seasons but with the Euro finals rather than a league table.
    One major thing that annoys me is that I cannot play online against friends.Obviously alot of teams are just recycled from fifa 12 so I can play with them , but I was really looking forward to playing with my friends with teams like Iceland and Kazakhstan and in the new stadiums.
    Overall , you don't get what you pay for , you pay the price of almost 3 arcade games for a few more stadiums and teams that you can only use in the few average game modes you get.
    Only worth buying at half the price.
  7. Apr 27, 2012
    EA released a add on to fifa12 instead of shipping out a over priced game which was good news UNTIL They brought out something that may cause a few nose bleeds. Lets Start with the positives GOOD+ ...................................opps...that's right there are none unless a lick of paint floats your boat. Negatives - Where do we start. * Lets start with whats in the DLC, EA have not listened to their fan base and ignored a qualifying mode leading to the tournament similar to world cup 2010, this gave some life to the product but in this case you get the tournament and that's it (yes what a bore as you can do this on fifa 12 anyway)

    * Expedition mode....somewhat worked on fifa street but doesn't need an Einstein to work out this would not work on fifa12/euro12
    . And yes it doesn't in fact its awful.

    *Unlicensed Squads in fact 40% ish including BOTH host nations and im not even going to bother with going into the legal issues surround EA's false advertising of this product.

    *No customisation......that's right you cannot customise your squad so you have to play squad players that will not be playing in Euro 12. FANS WANT TO PLAY THE GAME AND PLAYERS THEIR WAY EA.

    *You cannot play new international teams in normal FIFA mode so you cannot create your own tournament .

    *Players disappear from your squad during the tournament and new players arrive....Did they miss the plane? Did they just go home and sulk?

    *When starting Euro 12 sometimes it asks you to purchase the game even though you already have, meaning you cant play.

    *Game frequently crashes....So far ive managed to only play 2 game before crashing, so expect to play double the games in tournaments and pray if your winning it doesn't crash.

    *Lack of atmosphere in game specially when you actually win the tournament .

    EA clearly have committed suicide with this product and heads should roll, this is not only ripping off their fan base but also causes major damage to consumer confidence, specially after FIFA12 was clearly a step back from FIFA11 with far to many bugs and unbalanced game play.
    Word of WARNING EA lightening can strike twice, you got a kicking many years ago for being arrogant and lazy.
  8. Apr 26, 2012
    "The price was 1800 MS points in my Northern America market. At first I thought I was getting the next edition of the game at a great price, until I played it and realized it was a legitimate expansion to FIFA 12, and certainly not a different game in its own right, but the price was still almost fair. I say almost, because for some reason that I can not deduce on my own, the gameplay option to play only as your virtual pro during a match was left out. The virtual pros are included at least, and stat building achievements can still be attained, but the option to play only as your virtual pro through the UEFA Euro 12 campaign is absent. Also absent, is the ability to qualify for the Group stage. You can only start there, with teams you select, or teams that are randomly chosen. At this point I would have felt quite ripped off for paying for something I could nearly replicate with the original FIFA 12 tournament options, were it not for "Expedition" mode. It is simply put a completely new game mode, summarized as a cross between fantasy football, territorial conquest, and trading card games. It is as you might imagine, pretty great."

    That was what I wrote after my initial impression, after only playing as a few teams in a few matches. Having learned that every national team they added was generic changes my opinion DRAMATICALLY. The game is a fraud. Don't get fished in.
  9. Apr 24, 2012
    I'm a huge fan to FIFA 12, and very much addicted to it. This game is NOTHING LIKE IT, first of all, almost all the European teams that are added to the roster are unlicensed ! this means that Ukraine, Poland, Georgia,ect. are all fake players and fake kits. There are no new soundtracks, insane amount of lag and glitches (something I rarely faced in FIFA 12). Please don't waste you're money on this, it is simply an attempt to rob 20$ from you. Expand
  10. Apr 28, 2012
    No official license for 40% of the teams. Annoying Expedition mode. No improvements on the glitches of FIFA 12. And I have to pay 20 euros for this?!? WTF?!?
  11. Apr 25, 2012
    What a disappointment. Where do I even start? Lacking plenty of licensed teams. OK so a few fake kits are one thing, but having teams full of fake names harks back to the bad old days of PES. Grr No qualifying mode. This is a massive part of football tournaments. EA said they weren't popular in previous games? Doubt this can be true. It's really buggy. I've had multiple crashes that have required a restart of my PS. Commentators have been saying things that just weren't relevent or true. Playing online I was told that I'd already qualified after winning 2 games. I hadn't won either of them!

    You can sort out your substitutes before a game, but go and try and select them during a match and they will be a set of completely different players! Not helpful.

    After the match I attempted to find the highlights of the game so that I could rewatch a fine goal. Not possible! They removed this great feature. God knows why.

    I though at least the gameplay would be fine - using FIFA 12's should mean that side of things were still great? Wrong.

    Players seem far less responsive and matches seem slow and sluggish. Not good.

    Maybe they can patch some of the issues but it's still a very disappointing effort and, quite frankly, a massive waste of money.


Mixed or average reviews - based on 21 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 10 out of 21
  2. Negative: 0 out of 21
  1. Jun 25, 2012
    Personally I think this DLC (at the right price) is the ideal way to go. FIFA '12 owners waiting for the next annual iteration to kick-off wouldn't be keen to splash out $100 in between games.
  2. May 28, 2012
    A fantastic accompaniment to the tournament at a good price. Well done EA. [July 2012, p.87]
  3. May 13, 2012
    Even though it's a "DLC" and not a complete game, Euro 2012 cannot satisfy soccer fans who wait for the full "Euro" experience, complete with all the teams and stadiums.