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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 40
  2. Negative: 10 out of 40
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  1. A challenging game that's easy to control, but Vancouver 2010 should have more events, a better single player mode and more settings options. Overall it feels more of a half-decent Olympic clone then something that deserves those rings on the cover.
  2. Olympic fever has really hit a fever pitch here in Vancouver just days before the official start of the games, which is probably why I've seen so very few copies of Vancouver 2010 on store shelves. (And conversations with some managers tend to confirm that.) People want to play so it's fortunate they'll be playing a good game.
  3. Vancouver 2010 is a decent enough attempt at replicating the Winter Olympics, although its only getting a bronze medal from us.
  4. 73
    If only this game had some semblance of a career mode or anything that felt slightly like the real Olympics, then perhaps SEGA would have had a real winner on its hands.
  5. Vancouver 2010 might be more than button mashing, but the sporting events are too few in number and with no tournament holding them together it’s the spirit of the Olympic Games that doesn’t make the cut.
  6. Vancouver 2010 isn't a perfect Olympic video game. There aren't too many events packed in the disc, and the events that are present feel too similar to each other
  7. The limited selection of events leaves these Olympic Games out in the cold.
  8. Someone behind the scenes worked really hard on Vancouver 2010, and it shows in some of the individual events. But the overall product gives so little of a damn that one wonders about the condition of the heart of the people that signed off on this being released.
  9. Vancouver 2010 has the same problems as most other Olympic Games. There isn’t enough variation, the gameplay elements are boring and there isn’t a big overall competition.
  10. 48
    Vancouver 2010 is frustrating hard and offers to less for 60 euro. However, fans of the Olympic Games have a game to add to their collection.
  11. Vancouver 2010 is a decent sports game which lacks some of the Olympic disciplines.
  12. Although Vancouver 2010 doesn’t excel in any real way, it proves to be a good game, superior to any other Olympic simulation out there. In other words, if you’re looking for the ultimate Olympic experience, look no further.
  13. X-ONE Magazine UK
    A worthy rental if you're in the Olympic mood but there's simply not enough here to warrant a full-price purchase. [Issue#56, p.91]
  14. We're all for multiplayer sports games that follow the Track and Field mould, but Vancouver 2010 offers none of the classic game's gratifying gameplay. Stick to watching this year's Winter Olympics on the TV.
  15. A somewhat entertaining sports experience without any sort of finesse at all.
  16. Vancouver 2010 has its moments, but they’re exhausted within an hour’s play.
  17. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    Makes us feel deathly cold inside. [Apr 2010, p.109]
  18. Once again a video game dedicated to the Olympic Games is nothing more than a shallow attempt to put several sports disciplines into one single box and make it fun at the same time. Impossible! Yet Vancouver 2010 can be surprisingly enjoyable if played with friends.
  19. Vancouver 2010 the video game isn't a bad game as it does capture the essence of the winter Olympics. However, a lack of variety with the events makes for a game that's not going to hold interest for too long, especially once mastered.
  20. A solid effort that lacks excitement and star names.
  21. This game is fun for a short while but has a real dearth of long term appeal. The events are too few and far between, and are over all too soon, not to mention that once you have mastered them there is zero impetus to go back and play them again.
  22. The core foundation of what they built is excellent, but after you run the events a few times, Vancouver 2010 lack of variety and depth will put this one on the shelf.
  23. Sega took some steps in the right direction with Vancouver 2010, but the overall absence of that intangible feeling that The Olympics ignites within most people is still vividly obvious.
  24. 60
    This is a game recommended for those who feel passion for the genre and enjoy going downhill at top speed, alone or through the Internet.
  25. Despite decent graphics and some funny game modes, Vancouver 2010 suffers from the complete lack of a career mode, which makes it feel like a mere succession of events, without any progression to be had. Fans of this kind of production will find some good gameplay elements, while players used to bigger and better game dedicated to the single sports should stick to those.
  26. Only mildly entertaining, and even with up to four players being able to compete both online and off, the fun factor is very limited. Even more limited are the repetitive events, and you’ll probably have played all of them in under an hour.
  27. Vancouver 2010 is not a horrible game by any means, it's just the sum of the parts add together to present a lessen than desirable package.
  28. Official Xbox Magazine
    Just can't match the splendor and great variety of the real-world games. [Mar 2010, p.81]
  29. In the end, like Salt Lake, Athens, Torino and Beijing before it, Vancouver 2010 fails to reach the podium.
  30. Fans of the Winter Games in search of a good game will have to wait a least another four years.
  31. AceGamez
    Vancouver 2010 isn’t a bad game, what little it does, it does very well, but what we have here is a skeletal frame, lacking even the slightest morsel of gristle with which to fill up our fun bellies.
  32. Bottom-line: This is a game for completionists, leaderboard junkies, and glory hounds, though it should be noted that there are much simpler ways to proclaim one's video game superiority.
  33. Overall, the lack of variety in terms of events and lack of any single player modes apart from the challenge mode makes this a well presented package but ultimately a disappointing one!
  34. 50
    Despite having its high points, ultimately Vancouver 2010 is nothing but a generic mini-game compilation.
  35. A disappointing game, ruined by a too short longevity and the complete lack of charm.
  36. 45
    It's a criminally malnourished set of events that never accomplishes anything more than a series of stale time trials that force the player into frustrating cycles of pause and restart. If that's your bag, it's been done far better elsewhere.
  37. With most of the tracks, events and overall gameplay remaining similar over all areas of the game it certainly wouldn’t have taken a lot of time to develop.
  38. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    A collection of utterly shoddy Winter Olympics themed mini-games. Avoid. [Apr 2010, p.97]
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 18 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  1. DoosR.
    Jan 28, 2010
    Definitely doesn't deserve kudos of an 8, 9 or 10 score by any means as many key events are glaringly missing; ie. curling, biathlon, Definitely doesn't deserve kudos of an 8, 9 or 10 score by any means as many key events are glaringly missing; ie. curling, biathlon, figure skating, snowboard halfpipe, etc. But seems they kept the scope within budget, and what they have delivered is pretty good quality really, despite lack of depth in gameplay modes. Plenty of value though if you wanna rise up the Online Leaderboards for each event and beat your personal records. Full Review »
  2. SageS
    Jan 20, 2010
    I loved this game, but it was just missing Curling, that would of been amazing online!
  3. BernieB
    Jan 17, 2010
    Ok, so it doesn't have a career mode, but all the events are solid and the game comes into its own online. My mates and I had an Ok, so it doesn't have a career mode, but all the events are solid and the game comes into its own online. My mates and I had an absolute blast. See you at the top of the leaderboards!!! (Yes you can consider this a challenge) Full Review »