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  1. 73
    It's great to have the Vandal Hearts series back but this art style was a mistake. Truly, these characters look like ugly munchkins. Thankfully the strategy gameplay is good enough to convince fans of the genre to overlook the visuals and dig into some old school turn-based battles.
  2. Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment revives an aged tactical role-playing game franchise in a decidedly formulaic fashion.
  3. You get a lot of game for $15, but a ho-hum presentation and antiquated gameplay counterbalance the actual value of the package.
  4. The disturbingly dwarf-sized characters may serve as an analogy for the game’s place among strategy RPGs: It’s shorter and uglier than most that have come before, but it’s also unique in a way that some will find charming.
  5. The game succeeds with this approach simply because it has so few contemporary rivals but it's a modest sort of success, one that proves the strategy RPG in its traditional form has run out of steam - but suggests that nevertheless, there's enjoyment to be had in revisiting old flames.
  6. While this game is a little rough around the edges, what do you expect from an XBLA/PSN RPG game? If you like turn based, strategy type games and can overlook cartoony graphics, I suggest you pick this game up.
  7. 50
    Vandal Hearts may be competent at what it does, but its derivative throwback nature doesn't do much for a genre that's in desperate need of innovation.
  8. Although the game relies heavily on conventions and standards of an era long gone by, it’s still a load of fun. Experienced RPG gamers may view it as a short and easy way to pass the time until the next big thing comes along and takes up another eighty or so hours of their lives.
  9. The game is certainly fun, but is also seems hamstrung as a turn-based strategy game due to its overly linear nature and lack of any true sense of story cohesion or character progression.
  10. Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment is a very good options for genre fans looking for a tactic RPG title direct and entertaining.
  11. You're in for a snooze if you demand a hurried pace and copious eye candy, but dice-rolling dungeon nuts will happily while away a dozen hours over the course of Vandal Hearts' satisfying ride. [Jan 2010, p.69]
  12. 75
    Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment is a solid edition to the downloadable libraries of both the PSN and XBLA. The SRPG genre is not overly represented on either service and this addition is comprised of both quality and substance.
  13. Excels where it counts thanks to its imaginative and engrossing battles. [Issue#93, p.120]
  14. Although the game offers little in the way of innovation, Hijinx Studios has refined the traditional SRPG with great success. The fact that it has the words 'Vandal Hearts' in the title really doesn't do it any favours though; if this was a new IP, free from the shackles of the series and the scrutinising eyes of its fans, the game could have reached much greater heights.
  15. It's not very good, but good enough for a downloadable game and RPG' fans.
  16. A fun and tactical game that's easy to play. A bit too easy perhaps, but at least there's multiple endings for added value. [Apr 2010]
  17. Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment offers exactly what you expect from it: a strategic role-playing game that is slightly flawed because of the archaic game design, but that still offers a decent gaming experience.
  18. 70
    This is a good game for someone who is really into turn-based RPG's. Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment offers hours of gameplay for a small price.
  19. It's a perfectly competent strategy role-player, but one lacking any real personality or imagination.
  20. Flames of Judgment is not a bad game. Visually, it’s got a distinct style, foregoing the usual anime style for a slightly more modern animated style that’s closer to some of the CGI cartoons you see on Saturday mornings.
  21. 65
    It's nothing new, kinda hard and far from the prettiest game in the room.
  22. Superb. [Issue#56, p.105]
  23. Flames of Judgment is a worthy sequel to carry the Vandal Hearts name but this latest installment fails to retain the flair and excitement of the original.
  24. 75
    However, if you're looking for a fast little RPG and you don't mind some grid-based combat and you can ignore the chibis, then Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment is just what you're looking for.
  25. Vandal Hearts represents a good thirty hours of gaming, though much of it remains quite repetitive, the story really isn't particularly interesting and is also quite slowly paced.
  26. Konami presented the XBLA with a fine turn-based RPG game that will have players testing out different strategies and exploring every nook and cranny on the battle field seeking plunder. While hardcore enthusiasts will find this a mediocre diversion, many gamers will find this a pleasant addition to their games library.
  27. Just a very simple nostalgic entertainment.
  28. The Way I See It: An enjoyable visit to an old friend that you liked so much, and didn't need to be reminded of his annoying qualities. If you like the genre & series, you should give it a go!
  29. Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment isn't bad, but it's far from good, as well. An underwhelming comeback for an underwhelming RPG series.
  30. Not groundbreaking but good enough for a downloadable game.
  31. 80
    Vandal Hearts is an affirmation that a small company without gobs of funds can take a game premise and turn it into a true treasure.
  32. 79
    Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment may not be innovative, but it is a decent turn-based RPG, pleasing both the fans as the newcomers to the genre.
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  1. Sep 10, 2012
    A classic Turn-Based game on a modern console! This game is perfect for anyone looking to pick up a little turn-based play. The visual themes, music selection, and game play mechanics are all solid. The company that made this game must have been bought up and dissolved, because I can't believe they never released a new Vandal Hearts. Full Review »
  2. Aug 14, 2010
    Short but very enjoyable game. The combat is all about tactics which is refreshing and relaxing in these days of hectic over-the-top action. You can actually enjoy this game in your own pace without it demanding your full attention. A rare quality these days! The story scope is too epic for the short span of the game, making the plot skip forward in an awkward manner. Similarly the skill system would be better suited for a longer game with more time to differentiate the characters. The first game in the series was better but this is a worthy addition given the budget constraints. Some expansions (DLC) would be much appreciated! Full Review »