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  • Summary: What if mankind had to leave Earth, and somebody forgot to turn the last robot off? After hundreds of lonely years of doing what he was built for, WALL-E (short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) discovers a new purpose in life (besides collecting knick-knacks) when he meets a sleek search robot named EVE. EVE comes to realize that WALL-E has inadvertently stumbled upon the key to the planet’s future, and races back to space to report her findings to the humans (who have been eagerly awaiting word that it is safe to return home). Meanwhile, WALL-E chases EVE across the galaxy and sets into motion one of the most exciting and imaginative comedy adventures ever brought to the big screen. Joining WALL-E on his fantastic journey across a universe of never-before-imagined visions of the future, is a hilarious cast of characters including a pet cockroach, and a heroic team of malfunctioning misfit robots. Players of the game take control of WALL-E and EVE through a fast-paced adventure based on the Disney/Pixar film. The game allows fans to relive some of the movie’s most thrilling moments as they explore 10 worlds filled with non-stop action and adventure, along with head-to-head multiplayer challenges. Players will recognize the storyline, characters and key locations from the WALL-E film as they carry out intense missions, dodge dangerous enemies and navigate their way through a futuristic world. In addition, the game contains new storylines and environments that movie-goers will not see in theaters. [THQ] Expand
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  1. The story is charming but ironic at the same time. Lighthearted humor is served throughout, making WALL-E one of the most fun kids’ games an adult can play.
  2. While I wouldn't recommend it to anyone except kids (or their parents), in part because of the rather subpar control scheme, at least the older brother who has to watch or play along isn't going to be completely annoyed at the game's quality level.
  3. Wall-E is overflowing with charm, but the simple gameplay makes the experience fall flat.
  4. As film licences go though, WALL-E definitely errs on the side of average and doesn't have enough going for it to work as a standalone title in its own right, leaning far too heavily on its source material and the hope that fans of the flick will pick it up rather than the game attracting players looking for something that little bit different.
  5. 45
    With tons of visual issues, a horrible camera and gameplay that isn't particularly striking or innovative, Wall-E does a disservice to the little robot that falls in love.
  6. Small kids might like it, but will need supervision to solve some of hte later puzzles. Adults beware. [Issue#36, p.96]
  7. 16
    If throwing cubes of trash at buttons is up your alley, then we've got just the thing: Heavy Iron's game-itization of Pixar's WALL-E is an offal-chucking aficionado's dream come true. What it isn't, though, is much fun at all.

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  1. KhristianRainford
    Oct 1, 2008
    Oh great, another run of the mill 3D platformer to tie in with a film. But this one does something new, its got frustrating controls. There's no excuse why the game can't look, play better and have greater ideas. It reminds me of a cheaper Ratchet and Clank. Shame the game doesn't live up to the films reputation. Collapse
  2. Oct 30, 2010
    if u want a game u will play for a few game get this the story if no good and you would be able to complete in a few day so heres a tip dont waste your money on this Expand