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  1. Dec 27, 2011
    well what can I say we all been waiting for this and when it finally came out it was average..Growing up around game workshop mostley WH40K I've seen it change all the way through buying my very first box of space marine models, tanks and the board games...Seeing games like GOW, Darkstalkers, thinking gee just imagine this type of game in the WH40K..Alot of hype over nothing new, no multiplayer in single campaign gee if GOW can do it why not this too..They missed out on heaps of weapons from the universe, where was the mighty land raiders, terminators (I don't mean the skynet type) if it was a iron forge planet why didn't we see the imperial guard have there sentinels, lemun russ tanks or even the baneblades in support just a little big more considering it was a weapon factory planet...the game killteam was more fun even though simple but still missed mutiplayer online....Some should whack the guys at THQ over the head fine you may the license to make game workshop games so stop being slack and put more effort into it..If any will agree but at the end of space marine kinda looked like LOTR Two Towers where gandalf fights balrog anyone or is just my imagination. Expand

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