Warp Xbox 360


Mixed or average reviews - based on 39 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 21 out of 39
  2. Negative: 1 out of 39
  1. Feb 16, 2012
    This is a must-have download title – high quality, innovative indie gameplay style, immersive story, six hours of fun and stealth-action pickled with puzzle elements.
  2. Feb 15, 2012
    Warp is a very fresh and original puzzle/stealth/action game where you have to escape from an underwater lab, using your ability to warp, duplicate, swap with objects and launch them. It offers a wide variety of situations that you can resolve as you like, with stealth, violence or a mix of them. One of the best downloadable games of the year.
  3. Mar 21, 2012
    It consistently challenges you to make use of your latest ability and 'Metroidvania' nuts can take great pleasure in the rewards of backtracking, while it doesn't penalize players who don't.
  4. Feb 20, 2012
    Brainy and amusing, Warp is highly recommended stealth/puzzle fare, despite some hiccups right at the end.
  5. Feb 15, 2012
    EA and Trapdoor succeed perfectly in offering extremely varied and entertaining gameplay that provides a lot of fun.
  6. Mar 5, 2012
    It's ironic that Warp is so cute you'd easily mistake it for a kids' game, but with some pretty gruesome visuals and the F-bomb being dropped more than once, it earns that Mature rating despite its adorable mascot. Still, Warp is a challenging and enjoyable game with a steady progression of difficulty and plenty of variety to keep things fresh with each new level. The upgrade system work nicely to tailor Zero to your play style, and I had a great time playing Warp from start to finish.
  7. Feb 21, 2012
    Even with the lack of story and occasional frustrations, Warp brings enough fun to the XBLA House Party to be worth checking it out.
  8. Feb 16, 2012
    Behind the aseptic look of laboratories and whitecoats, lays an interesting puzzle, offering interesting level design solutions and, overall, a solid adventure.
  9. 80
    Warp is a brilliant, inventive and well thought out action puzzler that's easy to pick up and hard to put down again. It's a bargain at the price, and a title we'll heartily recommend to all fans of games like Portal.
  10. Games Master UK
    Apr 3, 2012
    There are simple physics puzzles to negotiate, and abilities to improve with collectibles. [May 2012, p.87]
  11. games(TM)
    Mar 24, 2012
    What Warp lacks (or, perhaps, borrows) in personality it more than makes up for with gameplay that's so finely honed, it proves impossible to put down until every corner of its cutesy horror has been uncovered. [Issue#120, p.109]
  12. Mar 22, 2012
    An excellent stealth-logic small game with a hero you'll grow on in no time. It doesn't matter if you're a hardcore or a casual player - all of you will have a good time with Warp.
  13. If we have one complaint, it's the fact you have to waggle the thumbstick for a few seconds to blow up the thing you're occupying. You're not using B or Y, guys. But otherwise this is an intelligent and modestly-priced puzzler that'll lovingly abduct an evening from your life.
  14. Mar 5, 2012
    Warp is good fun and definitely worth a playthrough. You'll have a great time figuring out the puzzles and popping humans like water balloons. It is an arcade game, so Zero doesn't stick around very long, but it's a fun ride while it lasts.
  15. Feb 27, 2012
    While the game is not going to please everyone, the game brings it old school harkening to some of the styles that started the action puzzle gaming of old. Warp is a nice straight to the point gaming experience that if you come ready to have some fun, you won't be disappointed.
  16. Feb 24, 2012
    This inventive and unique puzzler is so much fun for the price that a few irksome late game flaws can be forgiven.
  17. Feb 18, 2012
    Warp strikes a good balance between stealth-focused sneakery and brain-teasing puzzles.
  18. Feb 17, 2012
    For 800 Microsoft Points, Warp is a fantastic way to start the 2012 House Party, it will be bettered over the course of the year, but it is short enough that it won't take over your gaming time, yet engaging enough that you will have a great time with it.
  19. Feb 17, 2012
    You need brains and skills to lead the cute but deadly alien to freedom in this puzzle-rich stealth action. Warp might be a brief delight, but a delight it definitely is.
  20. Mar 5, 2012
    Overall, WARP is a definite must play, as the game plays great, has some mind twisting challenges and puzzles, and provides enough replay value thanks to challenges and leaderboards. The only real question is whether or not it is for you, and to that, all I can say is play the demo, and if you dig that…the rest of the game is gravy.
  21. 75
    Warp's upgrade system isn't explained or implemented well: you're never reminded to use your currency at the innocuous upgrade stations, and we still don't know how we earn skill points. Plus, physics become a greater enemy than the puzzles in the final stage, resulting in a lot of frustration near the end.
  22. Feb 20, 2012
    If you're up for a harder kind of game experience and don't mind a little infuriation to go with your gameplay skills, Warp may just be the thing for you. It's got the kind of challenges to really keep you coming back, especially in the challenge rooms. However, if you're a newbie and prefer a platformer that's not so punishing, we recommend a rental first.
  23. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Apr 2, 2012
    What's really impressive is how well this little world, its narrative and your powers seem to organically come together. [Issue#83, p.103]
  24. Mar 1, 2012
    The name really says it all in this Metal Gear Solid-inspired puzzle-adventure, as you teleport through an underwater research facility in pursuit of freedom. Puzzles are reasonably clever and gameplay can be stealthy or full of action depending on your preferences, and despite some control issues and a general feeling of unoriginality Warp is a pleasant enough diversion.
  25. Feb 29, 2012
    Warp is a pleasing blend of brain-teasers and stealth that feels half baked. A dull setting, shallow humor, and overly sensitive controls hold it back from being a classic, but it's still a satisfying slice of malevolent mayhem.
  26. Feb 28, 2012
    Despite its length, occasional frustrating parts, less than stellar visual quality and odd gameplay anomalies, Warp is an enjoyable romp that will keep you playing until its conclusion. If you are looking for a new portal, this isn't it, but if you are looking for an interesting puzzler that doesn't overstay its welcome then you'll enjoy warp, even if 800msp is a little steep for how long it lasts
  27. Feb 20, 2012
    A pretty puzzle adventure game, with a lovely protagonist, an exciting mix of humour and violence. A lot of trial & error restrain the enjoyment somewhat.
  28. Feb 17, 2012
    Repetition is probably Warp's biggest issue. Without much in the way of enemy and environmental variety, it can start to feel like a chore at times to make your way through the facility. Puzzles and progression blend together. Unfortunately, Warp's challenging difficulty forces the game to devolve into decidedly cheap scenarios.
  29. Feb 15, 2012
    Warp is a pleasant enough diversion, but with patchwork design that remixes gameplay ideas and stylistic elements from sources as diverse as Splosion Man, Metal Gear Solid and Portal, it never gels into anything particularly memorable.
  30. Feb 22, 2012
    Warp is charming at first, but the simple A.I. and basic puzzles aren't enough to make it an XBLA standout. Completionists may find replay value in the collectible grubs, basic upgrade system, and challenge rooms, but anyone looking for deeper stealth or puzzle-based gameplay should look elsewhere.
  31. Feb 22, 2012
    It's a $10 download with a decent amount of content so that's hardly a liability, but it's impossible to shake the feeling that it's a very minor title with a short shelf life. It's perfect for a rainy day but most players will likely warp out shortly after the credits roll.
  32. Feb 21, 2012
    Warp is an entertaining top-down puzzler that's weighed down by sticky controls and a fleeting sense of identity.
  33. Feb 29, 2012
    In Warp your manual skills are more important than your intelligence, something that doesn't seem quite right in a puzzle game.
  34. Feb 28, 2012
    If you're looking for a small Sci-Fi production smoothly combining action and stealth, with a tint of puzzle, Warp's for you. It's well crafted and well designed, but don't rush it too much ; it's easy and not very long.
  35. Feb 24, 2012
    In the end Warp is still a nice game, which does not realize its own possibilities and completely stagnates in the second half.
  36. Feb 20, 2012
    It's a hard game to get really enthusiastic about, and all too easy to walk away from when you hit a frustrating section.
  37. Feb 17, 2012
    The game's ultimate failure is that it doesn't quite create an identity for itself. Beyond some entertaining moments, Warp isn't particularly memorable.
  38. Feb 17, 2012
    Your ability to possess, displace, and disintegrate a wide range of objects and human beings gives the designers ample opportunity--which they mostly use wisely--to set up unique and mindbending puzzle scenarios, but clunky controls and some basic game flow issues undermine what's otherwise a pretty neat little game.
  39. Feb 17, 2012
    As much as Warp's presentation gives you the illusion that you are playing a charming game full of personality, a lot of the initial goodwill and attachment to the cute critter protagonist is slowly eroded by your actions and the problematic controls. In the end, all that is left at your disposal is a virtual representation of your imminent failure and repetitive demise.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 28 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 7
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 7
  3. Negative: 0 out of 7
  1. Feb 16, 2012
    Really great game with a very fun cast of characters. Pretty violent and has a lot of humor to go with it. If you really want a puzzle gameReally great game with a very fun cast of characters. Pretty violent and has a lot of humor to go with it. If you really want a puzzle game that is good then check it out. Full Review »
  2. Feb 23, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. Warp is a clever, funny little game that does not outstay its welcome. Very elegant design. Definitely worth your time! "I said build a deathtrap not a goddamned obstacles course!" Full Review »
  3. Feb 21, 2012
    A intelligent Puzzle / Action game, that need both speed and fast-thinking to overcome the puzzle-like rooms, that compose the game scenarioA intelligent Puzzle / Action game, that need both speed and fast-thinking to overcome the puzzle-like rooms, that compose the game scenario (a underwater laboratory). The characters have a cartoon like look, sometime cute, as Ilomilo, but with a violent twist.

    The main character is the cute alien-energy being, that have the power to transport (warp) inside various objects, as canisters, guns, and... humans - and that where the game has it gore side, because he can expand the object / person till it explodes.

    The main objective of the mini-stages is to stay alive, and get to another area, as the story continues; in the game there are also Challenges that test your powers and capacity of using them. There are also enemies as Soldiers and sometimes a Boss-Like character appear.

    Inside the various rooms, there are also the collectibles of the game, in the form of small creatures that you can eat.

    The downside of the game is that sometimes is very "trial and error", and needs fast movements, giving it a tense gameplay, that can be can be repetitive too. Recommended to people who like Puzzle games with some action and humor: my score - 7,6 .
    Full Review »