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  2. Negative: 6 out of 32
  1. 80
    So, is Watchmen worth your hard-earned cash? I'm going to have to give a resounding "yes" to this expertly crafted beat-em-up. Even with its' shortcomings Watchmen always feels fresh, and really stands apart as a downloadable title.
  2. 75
    Making a game based on Watchmen was once thought of as an undoable task but the guys over at Deadline Games A/S did a pretty good job.
  3. On the face of it, The End Is Nigh is just a brawler, and it pulls it off pretty well, but for the recently increased Watchmen fanbase, it will offer further content and backstory in which to indulge themselves and further understand the mystery, the magic and the murder that is Watchmen.
  4. It will be interesting to see what they do with the sequel, because repetition aside, it is a gorgeous looking game.
  5. Yes, Watchmen is worth…well, watching, due to its outward beauty, but its essence doesn’t lie in the gaming medium. Maybe the movie will prove something similar—that Watchmen’s mid-’80s comic book-series brilliance cannot be outdone.
  6. Street-brawling combat is fun, gleefully violent.
  7. 70
    If you like classic brawlers, Watchmen is one of the best 3D adaptations of this formula ever made, and the best in recent times. It can become repetitive; in fact it is, what matters is if you like it enough. With a striking technical part because of its price-quality relation, and some very fun features, Watchmen deserves at least a try.
  8. Watchmen is more faithful to the film than to the comics and therefore may disappoint hardcore fans, for other though it's a real fun fighting game that you will enjoy it whilst it lasts.
  9. The End is Nigh, while on the short side, is a good game, it's easy to pick up and master, and is satisfying to dish out some punishment.
  10. At $20 dollars/1600 MS points, the cost is too high for a roughly 3 hour experience, slightly longer than the film. The story is good and the action is fun, but the repetitive gameplay and lack of replayability make this a really hard game to recommend.
  11. 67
    Objectively, this first Watchmen episode is just an average brawler that looks fantastic at times, and has some good voice acting to boot.
  12. The End is Nigh is a good beginning for the Watchmen franchise in videogames, although in the future we should ask them for more. An extra in variety and a deeper AI in the enemies seem necessary, and the presence of more complex puzzles will bring variety to the experience. Nevertheless this is a pleasant but brief Hack and Slash.
  13. The End Is Nigh serves up light beat-'em-up fare with a Watchmen flavor. Those hungry for anything substantial will be disappointed.
  14. This is one seriously good-looking game that is bogged down by a short story, linear gameplay, repetitious combat and a lot of hand-holding. The intent was there, but the execution was fumbled a bit.
  15. The Watchmen are ready to show their abilities on our consoles. A third person beat'em up that its really interesting, quite fun and faithful to the graphic novel; but it's short, not very deep, it lacks online gameplay and it's extremely expensive for what it offers.
  16. Watchmen: The End Is Nigh is a fairly mediocre beat-'em-up made special only by the source material from which it drew its inspiration. Playing as Nite Owl and Rorschach is faintly amusing, and the in-jokes, references and cameos are certain to appeal to Watchmen fans, but that is about the extent of its potential.
  17. There are Achievements and Trophies to unlock, but more levels and characters (no Silk Spectre II) would've made this something to really watch.
  18. At first glance Watchmen looks like a nice surprise with its beautiful style and delicious combat system. But after a while the repeating level design and gameplay elements will have you thinking otherwise. Nevertheless, we'll be waiting for episode two, because we're convinced that there is light and the end of the tunnel.
  19. 60
    Watchmen: The End is Nigh offers a solid foundation with high production values and surprisingly good combat as the first of perhaps many episodes to come, but is it worth sacrificing your Jackson for a chance to slip into Rorschach’s trench coat? The answer is… up to you really.
  20. As a traditional arcade co-op fighter this one delivers. Anything past this, and you are asking too much from it. The price tag is its own worst enemy.
  21. 55
    Though the very idea of a Watchmen brawler may sicken some, this could have been a good game. Unfortunately, the design lacked any imagination whatsoever. Add Watchmen: The End is Nigh to the long list of movie-licensed games that aren't any good.
  22. 55
    Watchmen sets a nice story and puts forth some interesting characters but it can't outrun the repetition of pummeling the same few enemies for the entire game.
  23. An unmotivated brawler at best. Consider to buy it only if Watchmen is your absolute all-time favorite and you can’t live without a game about it.
  24. The End is Nigh seems like the foundation for an exceptional, well-put-together brawler, with the look of a Triple-A title that could have been something more. But it also feels like a concept, a shell that only gets the basics right and doesn’t take that next step to become a more interesting, engaging experience.
  25. Here’s hoping Watchmen’s problems, and its price, can be addressed for part two later this year.
  26. 50
    Unfortunately EA doesn't provide you with a good game when it comes to Watchmen: The End is Nigh. Only gamers without a high standard can consider buying this junk.
  27. It certainly looks and sounds the part but this downloadable game is just as shallow as most retail tie-ins.
  28. X-ONE Magazine UK
    If you hadn't seen the price tag, you'd wonder what all the internet furore had been about. [Issue#45, p.100]
  29. A short game painfully elongated by mindless repetition, there maybe a half-decent melee game somewhere in the midst of all this movie propaganda, but you'll need super-patience to find it.
  30. Disappointing lately, city filled with grime and filth. Soul gone. Inspiration gone.
  31. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    A strong license attached to an abysmal game, like a Ferrari attached to a boat anchor. [June 2009, p.95]
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  1. Mar 6, 2011
    This game is nothing more than your basic average beat em up brawler, while it has some good co op and good character animations, the blandThis game is nothing more than your basic average beat em up brawler, while it has some good co op and good character animations, the bland environments and dumb AI hold this back, the story is pretty interesting however, just don't expect anything new or exciting. Full Review »
  2. David
    Apr 14, 2009
    Excellent, expecially for a beat 'em up. It isn't a button masher as the negative reviews say, as enemies are able to detect when aExcellent, expecially for a beat 'em up. It isn't a button masher as the negative reviews say, as enemies are able to detect when a player is mashing away, and will counter. Rorschach is just plain brutal, in a good way. His amazing character and gameplay makes up for the less interesting Nite Owl, and his finishers leave someone going, "Ooooh, Ouch" almost every time.

    The graphics are just plain excellent, I have never seen an Arcade game with similar caliber of graphics. Only faulted at the repetition that plagues the genre, Watchmen is a great experience.
    Full Review »
  3. jerrycorrea
    Apr 7, 2009
    Watchmen is one the best down loadable game i have ever seen possibly the best down loading game i have full of action plenty of combos andWatchmen is one the best down loadable game i have ever seen possibly the best down loading game i have full of action plenty of combos and very brutal special combos Rorschach are very brutal and Nite owl 2 cool combos not as brutal still cool. I recomend you buy this game it is very fun. Full Review »