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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] Also known as "Word Search." You'll never think about word search puzzles the same way again. Word Puzzle takes a new spin on the classic game, plunging you into an action-packed arcade experience complete with combos, exploding word bombs, unique 3-D boards, achievements, and the chance to prove your textual superiority against other players. Five different game modes and frequently updated downloadable word packs give you nearly unlimited flexibility and excitement. So put down that pen and paper, because this is a word search for the 21st century! New twists: Exploding word bombs, prop cards used to distract your opponents, 3-D game boards, and other effects combine to provide a word search game like you've never played before. Five unique gameplay modes: Try Freeplay for traditional word search fun, Arcade mode to score impressive combos, Local Battle for competitive play on a single console, Live Multiplayer with support for up to 4 players online, and check out the unique Survival Mode where word bombs can explode, and have to be defused.
    Camera-enabled: The game supports the Xbox LIVE Vision camera during live match play. Achievements and leaderboard: Twelve new achievements to master and a leaderboard to compare your word search skills with others. [Microsoft]
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  1. Against similarly matched opponents, it's a tense, fast-paced contest, and it delivers an experience that's fairly unique to the digital format. For this mode, we'd pay the $10. [Nov 2007, p.94]
  2. 55
    A game that’s probably better left to pen and paper. The game offers solid variety and decent puzzle design, but at the end of the day you’re still doing with a controller that which is much easier and just as rewarding with a pencil.
  3. 50
    Word Puzzle isn't a terrible game, and at 400 points it might have been OK. At 800 points though, it's basically a rip-off, and word-searches have been done much better before.
  4. If the game was a bit cheaper and clocked in at something like 400 points instead, it might be a bit easier to recommend – but for 800 points Word Puzzle will definitely need some more content released to stay afloat.
  5. Maybe there is a very small demographic of people who love Egyptian-themed music and are obsessive-compulsive enough to only want to play one type of puzzle endlessly. If so, then Word Puzzle was made for them. Otherwise, save your points, save your time, and save yourself the headache.
  6. See, as the puzzles get bigger, you're actually forced to scroll them onto the screen, which will slow you down even more. Save your $10 for something more worthwhile. This isn't even a decent time-waster.
  7. Pointless, rubbish. [Issue 28, p.118]

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  1. JC
    Mar 12, 2008
    Don't expect groundbreaking, but this is simple fun, more so when competing with a friend.
  2. BobP.
    Nov 27, 2007
    I had high hopes for this game because it was new & different...but I find that after the first few sessions, I don't want to keep playing it.