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  • Summary: Gather round the Xbox 360™ 'cause game night just got more exciting! With thrilling new hits like PAC-MAN Championship Edition and Boom Boom Rocket plus Arcade favorites like UNO and Feeding Frenzy your friends will be begging to join in the fun.
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  1. Jul 21, 2014
    The Xbox Live Arcade Compilation Disc is a definite must-buy as it has 5 excellent Xbox Live Arcade games, which are: PAC-MAN Championship Edition, a great remake to PAC-MAN, with Championship Mode ( the original mode) Challenge Modes 1 and 2, and Extra Modes 1,2 and 3. Extra Mode 1 is Regular PAC-MAN, but with everything (including PAC-MAN's movement) sped up. Extra Modes 2 and 3 have little to no difference to Championship Mode. PAC-MAN Championship Edition is a great remake to an all-time classic arcade game. Score: 8/10. Next up on the Live Arcade Compilation Disc is Boom Boom Rocket, which is (in my opinion) the best game on the disc. The gameplay is like Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero, even the logo font is stylised like Dance Dance Revolution. But in this game, you have to press the matching button to the firework just as it goes past the pink line. You do this in rhythm to the music. So, what songs did the developers (EA Pogo and Bizzare Creations) choose? They could have chosen modern pop songs, they could have used 1960s Rock and Roll, but they didn't choose those genres. Instead, They gave us 10 songs to play on. All of these songs are classic orchestra songs from the 1890s, remixed with Drum and Bass and Techno music. These songs are: Smooth Operetta, Rave New World, William Tell Overload, Hall Of The Mountain Dude, 1812 Overdrive, Valkyries Rising, Tail Light Sonata, Carmen Electric, Game Over Beethoven and Toccata And Funk. There are 3 difficulties: Easy, Medium and Hard. Easy is for newcomers or people who just want to enjoy the music and get everything right. Medium is for people who want to feel challenged, as the buttons come in larger amounts and run to the pink line faster. Hard is for experts only. There is also one piece of Downloadable Content, the Rock Pack, which includes 5 rock songs to play on. Boom Boom Rocket is a must-buy. The soundtrack and song choice is great, gameplay is excellent, and graphics are good. Score: 9/10. Next up on the Live Arcade Compilation Disc is Feeding Frenzy, a casual game about eating fish. In this game, you eat fish. Then you grow bigger after eating the small fish so you can eat the regular sized fish. Then you grow bigger to the big fish, although, you can't seem to eat sharks. That's the gameplay. It sounds boring, but it's really fun. On each set of levels, you play as a different fish. Feeding Frenzy is a great casual eating game with gameplay like Katamari Damacy and good-looking cartoony graphics. Score: 8/10. Next up on the Live Arcade Compilation Disc is UNO, a video game based on the card game, UNO. I haven't played the UNO card game and don't know the rules too well, so I'm not going to score this game. But if you know the rules of UNO well, this is definitely something for you. The final game on the Live Arcade Compilation Disc is Luxor 2, a good 3-in-a-row colour matching game. I'm not a big fan of the 3-in-a-row matching genre, but this is good fun. All you have to do is simply put the same coloured balls in a 3-in-a-row or more line. Doing this will explode the balls and put the line of balls back a little, temporarily preventing them from getting sucked into the Pharoh's mouth. Luxor 2 is a good 3-in-a-row colour matching game, that is fun to play or watch. It has acceptable graphics as well. Score: 7/10. Also found on the Live Arcade Compilation Disc is 2 demos, which are of: Surf's Up: The Video Game and Viva Piñata. There are more exclusive demos available on Xbox Live Marketplace (now known as Xbox Store) if you have an Xbox Live account. There is also an outdated Xbox 360 Welcome Video showing you how to navigate the old 'Blade' Dashboard. There are 2 game trailers as well, of Shrek The Third: The Video Game and Viva Piñata. Overall, the Xbox Live Arcade Compilation Disc is a must-buy. It comes with PAC-MAN Championship Edition (8/10) Boom Boom Rocket (9/10) Feeding Frenzy (8/10) UNO (no score, still recommended to UNO fans) and Luxor 2 (7/10) and, the Compilation Disc is only about £5/$10 now, so why not buy it? Expand
  2. Aug 6, 2012
    This is a game I got when I bought my second Xbox (first one melted from the inside). So you get some free Xbox LIVE arcade games. Feeding Frenzy and Boom Boom Rocket were okay, UNO and Luxor 2 were awful and the only game I really enjoyed was PAC-MAN Championship Edition which I had a lot of fun with. But i'm really glad that this game was free, its not worth any of your money. Xbox LIVE Arcade Compilation Disc 4.4/10 Expand