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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] Immerse yourself in the fully 3-D pirate world of Yo-Ho Kablammo. Master your vessel and take to the seas in this frantic action-packed game. Blast your foes with cannon fire, collect numerous power-ups to give you the upper hand, and collect the spoils of your victory. Set your sails and navigate a variety of ships all with unique playing styles. Play the single player challenges or battle your friends in multiplayer madness online and offline, to show who the true pirate is. Only one can survive in these ruthless times, will it be you? Your ship awaits, captain. Multiple game modes: With local multiplayer, Xbox LIVE multiplayer, plus 15 single-player challenges, players can earn bronze, silver, or gold on challenges. These are also linked to leaderboards so players can compete to be the best at challenges. Custom rule set creation: Players will be able to create their own game types. This means endless amounts of game types, keeping the game fresh and also giving players the chance to make the next hottest game type. [Microsoft] Expand
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  1. Even without a huge diversity of modes, there are worse ways to spend $10. [Dec 2009, p.81]
  2. There's not much wind behind the sails of this oceanic combat game.
  3. 53
    From the simple gameplay to the overused pirate stereotypes, Yo Ho Kablammo just isn't a very original game. Sure, you don't usually have to fire your weapons sideways -- but that's more frustrating than fun.
  4. Fiddly controls. [Issue#51, p.105]
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