Young Justice: Legacy Xbox 360


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  1. Dec 11, 2013
    A listless, unattractive squad-based action RPG that squanders its heroic potential.
  2. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Mar 30, 2014
    Even Superman struggles to save this action RPG, which is dragged down by technical issues, uninspiring levels and graphics straight out of 2007. [Issue#109, p.78]
  3. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    Jan 28, 2014
    A half-baked mess. [Feb 2014, p.86]
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  1. Nov 22, 2013
    Heed this warning Stay Away From This Game! It is broken on so many levels that you will feel swindled. There is a reason why there are zeroHeed this warning Stay Away From This Game! It is broken on so many levels that you will feel swindled. There is a reason why there are zero critic reviews: there is very little to find favorable about this game and it comes off as little more than a quick under-the-radar cash grab, taking advantage of the fans of the Young Justice show and/or DC Comics. If you are expecting anything in the vein of the successful Marvel Alliance/X-Men Legend style, prepare to be further disappointed. Let's make a list of how this game fails:
    1. The hit detection is way off. At first, we thought the saving grace would be the gameplay, but after trying to use Nightwing's grappling attack and it refuses to connect to anyone, then again with one of Kid Flash's attacks, it became apparent that this would be all about spamming whatever attack happens to connect. The mess continues with enemy health bars refusing to drop, attacks refusing to connect or looking all sorts of janky when they do. It did not feel like battle it felt like a game of tag between grade schoolers (coincidentally, when a hero drops to zero health? You rest your hand on their shoulder and they are back in play oh, and all of the special, room-clearing super attacks are the same for each of the characters).
    2. The online co-op is an utter disaster. What is the point of having an RPG-style system if only the player hosting the game can control upgrades and skill points? Seriously, I had to ask my friend to read me off the descriptions of my special attacks because I do not even have access to that. The lag rate can be atrocious when there is more than two enemies on the screen and the non-hosting players only get credit for some of the collectibles and achievements.
    3. The graphics are terrible. This is something I would be willing to overlook if the gameplay was great. But in this case, I am not sure that would have been a saving grace. It looks like something from the PS2 generation, only much more broken. So many glitches and almost no attention paid to detail. At one point, there were doubles of every character on the screen running around. And then all of them disappeared. And then the screen went black. Another instance your team is supposed to follow another super hero around and that super hero's shield disappeared but was still there for my friend. I needed for him to talk me to where I was supposed to be. And this was all before the end of the first Act.
    Everything else at this point would be nitpicking (and there is plenty of that to do I mean, having 5 characters as a $6 DLC download on Day One? Talk about a slap in the face!) and if you still aren't sold that this is a very bad game, then see for yourself.
    I gave it two points because the game did earn them: 1. the soundtrack is pleasant enough. It is the calming type that would go well in a dentist office, keeping you distracted from what awaits. 2. The game itself reminded me that I need to go finish watching the animated series, which is a far better use of your time than this pile.
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