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  1. Apr 13, 2013
    When I started playing this game It looked like a decent game.
    The intromovie shows you what happend to the world and how the world became
    full with crowds of zombies.

    You realize when the game starts that the car is seen from an above perspective.
    It looks like Grand theft auto 2, altough this comparison as many people call it on youtube are not really what the game actually is.
    A taxi is where you will be start off, the point is that you need to drive to some points and save people who are trapped because of the zombies, also there are some secondary missions.
    The missions are made very clear with the map (not ingame), and the indicators in the game.
    You can actually upgrade your car with weapons and some other upgrades.

    After beginning to drive your car to your mission, begins the horror, the games cameraposition is strange and you will get dizzy in the beginning, it does not feels right.
    There are very less upgrades needed for a car, only some weapons upgrades are mostly needed.

    There are 17 missions wich is by far not enough to keep you entertained because the game is very repetitive and the zombies are way to easy to kill when you achieve the 3th car in the game.
    It feeled more like a game where you needed to drive around then rather to do a mission.

    From the price of the game you can't expect that much, But this game was not varied enough to keep me entertained.
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