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  1. 90
    Whether you're seeking a simple, entertaining, and supremely effective method of getting in shape (no dumbbells or reps required), or just an extremely satisfactory substitute for your local Zumba class (even if you choose to play alone to avoid accidentally beating up your multiplayer buddy), you'll definitely want to pick up this game.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 4 Ratings

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  1. Apr 17, 2012
    The Kinect features a pretty large library of fitness games and while some are actually not bad, Zumba Fitness Rush was the only one that I actually wanted to try. Knowing that the first one suffered from a lot of issues, mainly with interface, I was glad to hear that the 2nd one fixed many of those problems. Sure navigation isn't as smooth as say, Dance Central, but it works without any frustration and that's whats important. Being a hiphop dancer, I wanted something that'd give me a work out but also was fun to do and although most would say Dance Central, the routines of that game were pretty boring for me so I wanted something that strayed away from hiphop dancing. Zumba Fitness Rush is really fun to get into the routines yet you can feel your body getting the workout it desires. Classes are also well balanced, usually throwing in a slower routine in the middle of 4 high intensity routines to give you a break. I do recommend you start with short classes first because short = 30 min, medium = 1hr, long = don't know yet, haha but yeah, don't take on the longer classes until you feel ready to take one 11 - 16 full routines in one go. The soundtrack is catchy and easy to get into, nothing feels like you're forcing yourself to listen to it, unless you really hate Latino music, in that case, why bother with Zumba? Overall this game has pleasing visuals, great soundtrack, fun routines, and great program to track your progress. I would the one minus is that the game doesn't warn you every time the moves change, but it's pretty forgiving if you're a move late. Full Review »