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  1. Jun 17, 2014
    Game is so much fun, especially playing against friends locally or online. The only thing I wish EA had focused more on is fighter individuality. Some of these fighters would NEVER attempt a spinning wheel kick, a tornado kick, or most any unorthodox zany kick. It would have been nice to see strikes that fit each fighter instead of looking odd or out of place. Otherwise the game is excellent.
  2. Jun 18, 2014
    Two is the only number i can fairly rate this game. From its horrible disregard for creating a real UFC event experience to the botcher it calls game play this game is a sad attempt to please the "casual" mma fan. Instead of putting itself best foot forward this game offers a complete arcade fighter experience against humans, and AI fully equipped with static manufactured drama with its sudden and most time random flash knockdowns, to strikes that deal significant damage not causing the fighter to show any visual que that it was effective. Of course everyone loves to get hit with a head kick from belly to belly close range due to no proximity striking while landing a tight hook directly on the oppositions jaw, and get knocked out by it due to this "As Real As It Get" scenario only available from in the monumental EA Sports UFC. Maybe you like "parring" strikes but being popped out of range for a follow up attack because of the games pre canned character placements shifting your fighter not only unrealistically but completely unfavorably.This games is a complete and utter failure from top to bottom grappling is a mess, striking is pathetic, clinch game wait never mind lets not go into that Popeye vs. Bruno situation this game deemed a clinch battle. I mean i love blocking take downs while throwing kicks because there is no actual tactic evolved in game play. Quite honestly all of the "Yes Men" out there rating, and praising this mess your only sending the message to developers of this poor designed game that it is satisfactory, and that they don't have to improve the title because people are gonna love it and buy it anyways. So to all the supposed mma fans, and studio plants falsely rating this wildly terrible albeit comical misrepresentation of the UFC, and Mixed Martial Arts as a whole do some serious soul searching, and ask yourself if you had a chance to make the best possible mma fighting game to ever come out wouldn't you do everything in your power to forced the developers to do better? Cause this game currently is just not fun from the moment you start to moment you give up. I could literally write a book on this games short coming but ill leave you with this how often does an amateur fighter start there career with zero fights, just straight into the biggest company in the world's world wide aired reality Tv tournament, and advance though to the ufc with no incantation bouts on their record? Expand
  3. Jun 17, 2014
    The best MMA game to date! With its limited development time, EA Canada put its emphasis where it matters the most: the gameplay! The controls may be daunting to newcomers, but it's a good exchange for the level of depth waiting to be explored and mastered. The sense one gets of total control over the fighters is immensely satisfying and convincing. You can dash in and out of harm's way as Machida, sway to land counters as Anderson, or break some bones as Nogueira.

    A career mode tops out exhibition fights to keep loners interested, but the true beauty of the game shines when facing other human competitors, and luckily the online offerings available are robust and executed with a craftsman's attention to detail. Matchmaking is fast, latency is generally great, and a belt system is sure to stoke the competitive flame of warriors across the globe.

    EAC has managed to produce an MMA game that is fundamentally solid and sure to serve as a fantastic groundwork for their next entries.
  4. Jun 17, 2014
    I have found that the one thing this game has completely missed the mark with when it comes to the UFC is unpredictability. Not everyone should be able to throw flying knees and spinning elbow strikes. I've also found that it is almost impossible to go to a decision in this game which can feel like a very rewarding thing in a game like this. I will however say that it is a very good looking game and captures the spectacle of the sport. If this game was as smooth as the last UFC game I would be giving the game a way higher rating Expand
  5. Jun 17, 2014
    Please dont listen to all the haters. Ea ufc is a fun game . Graphics are great . Physic are good. Online is pretty good. What more can you ask for. Dont be scared give it a try. The People who are hating probably suck at the game. Its not perfect. But very good. And this day and age how many games are pefect? Just have fun.
  6. Jun 17, 2014
    As a huge MMA fan I have always felt inclined to give the MMA games a shot. Being unimpressed with EA MMA I was very afraid this game would run the same, but it did not. EA UFC has great gameplay although I still feel UFC 3 did a better job this showed EA has room to improve and can certainly make tis a great franchise. That said I had some major issues.

    The stamina system is not good
    throwing 7 head kicks in a row should make you tired for the rest of the fight, yet as Robbie Lawler I threw 7 head kicks in a row and still looked like I was throwing jabs. A system needs to be in place that will allow for head kicks and heavy strikes to matter more head kicks in real life end fights quick, but they also are harder to land and take a lot of energy, it should work the same way here.

    The Career mode is no career mode at all it is a story mode which Is not what I want or expected. First you are forced to be in the TUF tournament which Is cool but you shouldn't have to enter TUF to enter the UFC. Second you are forced to actually win the tournament or start all over (lol WTF!) and last but not least you are forced to be in the UFC your entire career, lose 10 in a row, your a UFC fighter who cares. I was hoping for something more realistic.

    Last but not least the create mode is exactly what I expected and that isn't a good thing. EA has never been very good with person creation and here they did it again. Instead of adopting a more UFC 3 like create mode you get a more EA like create mode where you just pick a face pick a body type pick a heir and facial hair type and color and pick some tattoos and move on. Not a very impressive fighter create mode IMO.

    With all the bad came the relief that this game was so much better than EA MMA control wise, gameplay wise, and ground game wise that I still did really enjoy it, but I hate the fact that two of the most important parts of the game (Fighter creation and Career mode) were just sub par.
  7. Jun 18, 2014
    This game was a huge letdown for me. I have yet to understand why so many people are trying to give the game good reviews. The game is nothing short of terrible. There are so many broken aspects of the game. It is mind blowing how anyone can enjoy it. The standup game is slow and random. You can land 50 haymakers to someone's chin and absolutely nothing happen. Every fighter has crazy cartwheel kicks and such that make the game look so unrealistic. The clinch game is a mess. The ground game is embarrassing. Playing against other humans is not terrible. It is actually somewhat decent. However, the flaws of the game are still very obvious in PvP. The game is miserable when playing the CPU. I feel that the CPU doesn't play with any sense of strategy. It always just goes out there and hits whatever button comes to mind. I wasn't a big UFC Undisputed fan, but EA UFC does not even match Undisputed's games. I played this game for quite awhile trying to make myself enjoy it. However, there are a mountain of issues within every aspect of the game. I would not recommend this game to anyone. Expand
  8. Jul 23, 2014
    EA finally patched the game and now it plays like it should have since launch. I had to bump the score to 9. Before the patch, this game was too arcady and was full of flaws. This has been resolved and it finally feels like an MMA sim. No more super slams for every fighters, touch glove, no more exploit of the full guard reversal, no more exploit on the mount strikes, and the stamina drains like it should during the fight so that by the 3rd round you could really feel the exhaustion on the fighters, they move slower, strikes dont have the same power than those from the 1st minute of the 1st round. All this force the players to play it smart. Got to give EA props for listening to the fans. 9/10 is what it is worth. Expand
  9. Jun 17, 2014
    Game is intense and potentially a lot of fun depending on your expectations. I personally have been enjoying the game and how great it looks. There are a couple areas EA UFC missed on is the ground game and fatigue. The game looks great, play fairly smooth but lacks the real essence of the sport. Overall I give it a 7 out of 10.
  10. Jun 17, 2014
    The game is alright very hit or miss. Personally, I preferred the THQ UFC Undisputed series. I felt like controls were tighter. I feel like striking is often sluggish. Fighters have ridiculous move sets. Stats are strange as well. Tutorials are worthless, I completed tutorials with black belts (high rating) only to be clueless in the fights. Not many game modes and create a fighter is pretty bare bones. The game looks fantastic though, and when things are clicking it can be pretty awesome. I just think it is rare that all of it clicks. Also, they have less to do than the THQ UFC games did. Which is saying a lot cuz those games were bare bones themselves (game mode wise). I really can't understand people giving this a 10 or a 9 even if I thought controls were spectacular I can't imagine playing this consistently a month or two from now. Exhibition, career, xbox live fight. those are your options.. Expand
  11. Jun 18, 2014
    While it is refreshing to have a new UFC game out with awesome graphics and similar game play to the older games, I don't feel like EA hit it the way they could have. Character creation, I feel, is lazy especially for a next gen console. Only set faces and like twelve sets of hair and beards. I understand the graphics are fantastic and they had a limited production time, but next gen consoles weren't invented to wow us with graphics so production companies can get lazy everywhere else. But the thing that bothered me most being an avid MMA fan is the move sets for both created fighters and old and new favorites. I played the career and, even though it was my fault for not defending, got suplexed four times. In a real fight a suplex is something you rarely see and that's what makes it exciting. Same with every other jumping, spinning, ridiculous, John Jones style flying cartwheel punch. He is the only fighter that looks at home in the game. And these are the only moves you can purchase to build your own move set. No still ridiculous but awesome and if timed right ducking Chuck Liddell punches, no normal head kicks, nothing cool but practical. Its all off the cage "oooo look at that" Kind of moves that takes away from the challenge of pulling something like that off only once or twice a fight because the other guy got wise. But overall I am quite happy its still fun and tactically challenging at times, especially fighting other people online or in the same room. And once you know how to play the fighting looks truer to real life UFC, I don't need to throw ten wheel kicks, just as many as I feel I can get away with. I just hope EA can iron out some of the stuff they either didn't get time to, or didn't feel were necessary, in future games. Expand
  12. Jun 18, 2014
    They overused the next gen. graphics to a max and it paid off. The game is presentation over everything. But there are way too many things that need a patch or needs to be fixed for next year. *The ground game is confusing and sometime makes you want to throw your controller a your TV. You cannot block strikes from the bottom position or top position. *The tutorial is very much lacking in all areas. The most important, is to go from ground to stand up (going from bottom position, escaping and going right to stand up) you need to click the thumb stick and rotate the right stick. Nowhere in any tutorial was that mentioned and I was stuck rotating into reversals.

    *Career mode is severely lacking. They made it easier to gain XP and level up your fighter which also makes it easier to get his rating up. But it also seems a little too fast. Unlike the last UFC on 360, you cannot choose who you want to fight. You get emails from Joe Silva who has already pre-picked your opponent and sometime you will face a guy ranked 85-90 while your still working you way through the 70s, which could result in the CPU just taking you down and submitting you or ground and pound since you cannot block Strikes while on the ground. All the videos from fighters and trainers are great, but repetitive and just plain annoying after you've seen them all.

    I know I just blasted the game to hell and back, but its fun, not a very high replay value unless you're playing with friends and like to go online, but it does eat up a lot of time with the gameplay like I said, EA used the Graphics on next gen. consoles perfectly. I would wait till the initial price drop and first release of DLC before sinking into buying it for $70
  13. Jun 19, 2014
    Just picked it up yesterday, so this is a first impression. Gotta say I love the gameplay compared to previous iterations. The submission "mini game" is actually quite satisftying when landed. I really enjoy the gameplay overall and find it to be very fluid. The roster is close to 100, and they already mentioned they will be updating stats and adding new fighters..for free!! Anywho I would recommend this game for anyone looking for a great online fighting game experince/couch fighter you can have with your friends. Haven't played the career mode yet, but I bought it for the online competition. Expand
  14. Jun 19, 2014
    This is a good game, but it's not the best MMA game ever made. The single player mode is competent and fun, but the career mode is very flawed. A career is illogical and apathetic, some losses are inevitable in a somewhat absurd. In fights, submission attempts have complicated and unpleasant control! The standup is very fun and Ground and Pound too!
  15. Jun 20, 2014
    I played UFC Undisputed 3 a lot, and loved it. To compare it to this would be a little unfair, and I am a huge MMA fan too, like nerd status, love watching it, so my review is based off these two things. This game is bad in my opinion. The stand up is garbage, punches have no "umph" to them and the ground and pound is so bad....look for yourself. Every fighter has basically the same move set, cartwheel kicks, spinning ninja kicks, tornado kicks, spinning back kicks are used by almost all fighter (maybe 5-7 that don't have it. Take downs are bad and painful to watch, submissions are interesting but good luck watching your handy work with the colors and lines everywhere while performing one. There are a few nice things to like about this game. Great visuals, pretty good presentation and more flash KO's that UFC 3 for sure. A list of negative things I can say without even hesitating in typing, no leg TKO's or TKO animations, take downs are so bad (like really bad) the ground game is easy to get out of and watching someone use it effectively and correct is ugly, bad animations and robotic strikes, the stamina system is non existent unless you decide to swing for the fences, which you can throw 6 or 7 hooks or head kicks before getting tired, but don't worry, you are only tired for 3 seconds. To sum up harshly and blunt, if you want a fun looking fighting, with flashy Mortal Kombat attacks, arcade like stand up game and kind of care about the UFC, then this game is for you, if you want anything more than that this game is not for you, period. 4/10 for effort EA, please don't make a second game. Expand
  16. Aug 29, 2014
    With the recent updates adding extra fighters/gameplay changes, i am getting alot more enjoyment out of this, although it doesn't excuse the lack of overall single-player content, it does show that EA is capable of listening to their audience for once.
  17. Jun 20, 2014
    EDIT: (Mistakenly made the review for PS4. I own the One version. Same applies )Most disappointing factor had to be the load times. Felt sluggish during loads; during career mode when you exit from the attribute menu the game would load for at least 11 seconds at times. Graphics are obviously gorgeous and the fighting is complex. This is not a button masher; doing so brings consequences. Tactics and strategy are required and reward those for mastering the game's difficult controls. Probably too complicated for some, but thats the territory with UFC games. All-in-all I am pleased, but much more can be done to improve. As some have mentioned, commentating is lackluster; and the crowd could have been given a little more life. Other areas feel incomplete and more personalization and attention could have been given to fighters. After playing NBA 2K14 and experiencing the actual players engage in conversations set the bar for sims like this, and would have loved to hear their actual voices in certain parts. Lastly the cutscenes were a bummer. The revert to real world videos then to CG was like being snatched from the gaming environment then thrown back in. EA could have taken the time to make those Expand
  18. Jul 20, 2014
    Best mma game you can get. There's a reason thq went out of buisiness so stop talking about their mess of a game that was excactly the opposite of fun. EA's game is superior in every single way imaginable [ except there are only 2 game modes for single player- career and exibition] Not for those that pretend to be mma fans but actually know nothing and just mimic what they hear other people say. ( these people are easy to spot. Theire the ones who can't seem to stop bringing up pro wrestling and the wwe, even though they claim to despise it, yet can't stop talking about it) this is more for actual mma fans who might want to have some fun. Its not a perfect game.. Its just a FUN game. Its complicated because the sport is too. There's tutorials etc so its not an issue.. Expand
  19. Jun 26, 2014
    Promising debut from EA. Reminds me of a next gen Fight Night which is right up my street. I like the character resemblance and the character creation is the most in depth of any EA game. A few minor glitches and slow downs but didn't bother me overly as the fight sequences are good. Vast array of moves and the only beef I have with that is that characters don't have unique styles. I watch enough to know GSP doesn't fight like Anderson Silva or Nate Diaz!! Expand
  20. Sep 2, 2014
    REVIEW UPDATED. 9/10 EA has added two free DLC's that corrected 90% of the things people were complaining about. This game is now the best UFC game or MMA game ever made people. They added 6 new fighters, ability to catch kicks, you can now sprawl, they fixed the ground game so it's harder to keep someone down the whole fight, all leg kicks will be countered if your leg is damaged, and they adjusted stamina drain for blocking strikes. Only thing is missing is KO slams and Leg breaks. lol I feel sorry for the people who traded theirs in because it's a new game now. I would have never expected EA of all companies to actually care about us gamers but they proved me wrong. Expand
  21. Jul 3, 2014
    EA Sports UFC has a very limited amount of modes and options. It does a rather lazy job of simulating the sport of MMA and it is clearly designed as an arcade over simulation game to appeal to the masses. For graphics, while there are glitches and bugs the game still looks great but EA shouldn’t be praised for that as great graphics on Now Gen Tech should be expected. I score this game 4 out of 10 based almost entirely on the opinion that the game is fun for a short time or if you have a group of buddies in the room to play the game offline with. It’s not worth full price nor is it worth 50% off. If you haven’t purchased it but are considering it, save your money. Get this game only when it’s cheap. That way the price will match the game! Expand
  22. Jun 21, 2014
    It takes skill, and it's not without its faults but MMA is a complex sport by nature. EA canada announced patches and new fighters coming, and I honestly think a lot of these reviews sound like the people are judging EA as a company, not he game.

    The game has a lot of depth and I've been enjoying it thoroughly. If you're an actual mma fan it's a just own in my opinion, hours of fun.
  23. Jun 28, 2014
    After owning this game for just shy of two weeks, I'm sad to say that it is already inching it's way off my entertainment center and on the way to being traded/sold. The reason being that I feel like EA rushed to get a product out that feels like an incomplete package, which is shocking considering the relatively long development cycle. Although they can be frustrating, I wasn't so much bothered by the various gameplay glitches as I was the sheer lack of gameplay options/replayability. Realistically there are only so many things you can do in a sports game, but glaring omissions like not having the ability to create your own PPV event (or Fight Night, etc.) are kind of mind boggling. When combined with long load times and short matches, local competitive play becomes tedious very quickly (choose weight class, choose fighter, wait, fight, wait, route to main menu, repeat) as a result. The single player experience isn't much better, as I was thoroughly disappointed with the career mode - in fact, I think this is EA Sports UFC's weakest point. In a perfect world, creating a fighter and bringing him up through the ranks as you attempt to build a HOF-worthy career should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Whether you're creating a fighter that looks like you or a 5'2 flyweight with a beer gut, you should be compelled to care about your creation - celebrating every win, cringing at every loss, and making key decisions each step of the way to develop a sense of connection with your character. However, EA manages to accomplish none of the above. Throughout the course of my own career, I fought Cub Swanson approximately 10 times for the featherweight title. Why is that even a thing? Is he paying someone for these rematches? Did he think I was an easy target because I was still being forced to do beginner level Muay Thai drills at every other training camp while Greg Jackson yelled "You're gonna win a world title someday!" News flash, Greg - I've already held the title for 5 years and the UFC has now gone bankrupt because they're forcing the same rematch down everyone's throats every 3 months. Also, tell Michael McDonald to stop video messaging me three times a week - it's creepy. All joking aside, with a sport as dynamic as MMA, the options should be seemingly endless for where you could potentially take your virtual MMA career. Superfights, trash talk, press conferences, changing camps/weight classes when things aren't working out, all of these options should be available to make the game feel "as real as it gets." Instead, the whole experience feels a bit like a flawed summer blockbuster. You'll ooh and ah at the visuals right off the bat, but once the novelty wears off all you can focus on are the problems. 6/10 Expand
  24. Jun 22, 2014
    The ground game is extremely unbalanced, anyone can pull off a sweep from their back in closed guard to full mount........I mean WTF??? This sweep should be reserved for only some of the most accomplished BJJ practitioners, but in this game even Pat Barry can do this. Everyone has that stupid WWE back suplex that I'm not even sure if ANYONE has ever pulled this off in an MMA match yet everyone can do it. Don't even get me started on the parry system. The parries are the main element that I had hoped wouldn't be carried over from the EA MMA game, lo and behold, look what happened. There's no event mode, no Pride mode, no online fight card mode, it's a very bare bones game as far as modes and features.

    I know it sounds like I hate this game but really I am enjoying it, even though it is not exactly the best representative of MMA. The standup game, other than the parries, is excellent. I love the fluidity of the strikes and sways. The submission system, while still far from perfect, is better than what we've had in the past. Overall it's a great game, especially when you have some buddies over, but I can't help but wish THQ was still making UFC games just to see what they could have done.
  25. Jun 26, 2014
    Are we in 2001? This game is a total mess, for the MMA fans or Gamers. The graphics is beautiful, but the frame rate drop and LAG, when another elements pops in the screen. The localization is a crap. Some times the control is simple and some times is impossible to know how to do. Please EA give the franshise for another publisher, the UFC 3 from THQ beat this game in all factor and UFC 3 is not a so good game.
    isn't an arcade game neither a sport/simulation game, all my hope that to have a FIFA for MMA is lost.
    the judges decision seems is random! LOL
    Don't waste your money!
  26. Jun 25, 2014
    I played the last UFC game for about 3 years... there was a lot of variety... using Pride and younger versions of fighters really enhanced the experience. Some fighters had signature moves, and there felt like a variety.

    This is EA's first shot at the UFC (they did some MMA game before so I guess you could say this is their 2nd shot). The graphics are pretty great. There are some great
    physics, but the thing that is bothering me is it's repetitive.

    How is it repetitive?
    - Same moves - nearly all of the characters have the same punches / kicks / suplexes... EVERYONE has a suplex... even Bruce Lee does a suplex. You can do a suplex to Bigfoot Silva and to Roy Nelson (those guys are huge). You can do about 10 suplexes a round if you wanted to... since this is the only power take down available.
    - Same ending - at the end of the match, it's the same camera angles. You always have a close up of the red corner and then the blue corner and then the winner has the same reaction and then they pose with their team with the same pose.
    - Campaign: Same videos. It's so weird to get professional UFC fighters / videos of them congratulating you on your victory. It's really weird. What's funnier is that you see the same videos again and again. "You've had a longer win streak than me, therefore you're better than me" - Forrest Griffin.

    I want to Love this game. There are some great parts but the overall is meh. Hold out for 2 years if you can for the next game.
  27. Sep 10, 2014
    A good game for die hard UFC fans, but for someone who isnt THAT interested in UFC, this game is rather boring and repetetive. the online soon gets boring and the career feels flat and tidious. however this game has a good amount of achivements to go after and the graphics are amazing. 6.5/10
  28. Sep 15, 2014
    Any way you slice it, this game is the best simulation of mixed martial arts yet.

    Some of the negative aspects that have been harped on are absolutely true. Namely, that the career mode is a bit lacking and that its replay-value is less than it could have been. In addition, its learning curve is steep, and the ground game especially requires fairly complicated button skills.

    said that, the game plays beautifully in most regards, with a much improved physics engine and far more in-depth grappling and striking systems than previously seen, with features that support several approaches to the fight game.

    Striking alone is a new world with allowances for distance, blocking, bobbing and dodging. More than ever before, your style matters.

    The submission system is also greatly altered, now resembling a sort of cat-and-mouse mini-game that, while somewhat jarring, at least allows submissions to be threatening and present at all stages of a contest. Something previous incarnations have lacked.

    The roster is also impeccable, with a slew of weight classes and athletes presented, each statistically represented in a multitude of ways and, now, with traits that make them more distinguishable than ever. Anderson Silva not only looks and moves like the real fighter, but thanks to his in-game "perks" he is separated by other fighters not only by having increased stats, but by having advantages in certain aspects that other differently focused fighters simply don't have. The clinch stands out, as do his kicks. In comparison, Daniel Cormier's perks allow him to posture up on the ground and deliver hard strikes longer and more effectively than someone who has similarly high stats but lacks his perks. This goes a long way in making the fighters feel different and viable, even when choosing a competitor that might not be as statistically blessed.

    In short, this game could have used a bit more polish, a bit more variety, but it really shines where it counts: in the fights. We have become so focused on options and side amusements that we have come to ignore what really matters. As a fighting engine that accurately represents the sport and its amazing athletes this game is a massive success.

    Like the real sport, it requires some effort, some time, and some appreciation. Come into it with and open-mind and love for the spectacle upon which it is based and this game will not disappoint you.
  29. Jul 4, 2014
    The graphics in the game are top notch, no doubt about it. However, it seems EA spent most of their time on graphics and fighter videos while neglecting the actual fight mechanics.

    Every fighter engages with the same moves as the next guy. IE, Roy Nelson will perform the same exact suplex slam as Jon Jones for a clinch take down. The fighters don't really feel like they have their own
    style to them, which really takes away a lot of the excitement of the real UFC.

    The movement of the fighters is "OK" though you don't really feel the impact of strikes. When you land a knockout blow, there's no visceral excitement of a devastating punch. It really just feels like you half-haphazardly threw your limb into their face and they fell down with a pre-programmed animation.

    The damage on fighters really seems inconsequential as well. You can kick a guys leg for four rounds straight and the commentators will exclaim how nasty the bruising is, but come round 5, your opponent will stroll right back out with no visible limp or discernible disability.

    The ground game is extremely disappointing. Once again, every single fighter has the ability to completely reverse positions on the ground. This means that someone who is primarily a stand-up fighter with a weak ground game in real life can suddenly reverse a full mount position into top position. There doesn't seem to be any real difference between a black belt jiu jitsu practitioner and a boxer, other than how quickly their submissions can sink in. Also, you have the ability to hop right back to your feet from nearly any position on the ground with the simple click of your movement stick. All of this combines to make it so that you never really feel like you're in control on the ground, even when you've just gained the full mount on someone.

    The submission game itself leaves something to be desired, though I could overlook this portion as it's a tough nut to crack in how to portray the intricacies of jiu jitsu into a video game, and I prefer the current game over THQ's "shine" method.

    The clinch aspect feels very clunky and unresponsive. In previous titles, I found it amusing to pin a fighter against the cage and beat on them from the clinch, but this iteration of UFC has made it woefully pointless to try. If the AI engages in a clinch, I just back out of it and don't even bother with this aspect of the game.

    The stand-up is about the only thing worthwhile, and there is some fun to be had with it, but by making the clinch and ground game so terrible, UFC feels like something more akin to a slow-paced and strategic Street Fighter game than it does to an actual MMA experience.

    The game modes are also severely lacking. You have a career mode, a challenge mode, and a fight now mode.

    Career mode consists of fighting, training, and applying points to your stats and/or buying new moves for your fighter. The training portion is rather pointless and tedious, as with most every training mode in fighting games, but it's not as painful as other games (*ahem* Fight Night). There are 3 areas to train in between each fight and you can generally complete them all within three minutes. The amount of EXP gained from them is about a 10th of what you get from fighting, so if you have difficulties with any of them, it's easy to move past it and not worry about the small amount of EXP you're missing out on.

    When I first learned EA was taking over the UFC game, I had figured it would be a mediocre outing that left a whole lot to be desired, and EA didn't disappoint.

    There is some fun to be had with the game, but I could never recommend anyone paying $60 for this. For $20, I'd recommend it to anyone who was a fan of the UFC, or anyone with friends to play with on the couch.

    Until the price drops though, I would recommend just renting the game or buying it used from Gamestop for their 7 day return policy. After a few days of game play, you'll most likely be over the novelty of a next-gen UFC title.

    With any luck, EA will sort it out and come up with something better down the road, but I find it hard to put any trust in EA.
  30. Jul 6, 2014
    as a person who isn't big into UFC, I actually had quite a bit of fun with EA UFC. Start off with the fact that this game looks fantastic with such great attention to detail. The career mode is pretty fun as you progress from the Ultimate Fighter to being top dog in the UFC. The game plays pretty well and is fun, despite the controls being a little clunky in some areas. One thing they for sure could've done better is the customization as it feels fairly limited compared to other EA sports games. Overall UFC is a pretty fun game and is worth a play for sure if you're interested. Expand
  31. Jun 30, 2014
    the game itself is fun, the fights are intense and graphics are great. My created fighter shocked my fiance when she found out they werent a real person. However, when the loading times are longer than a lot of the matches, it begins to get annoying. The training is good between fights, but it gets repetitive. I have enjoyed playing the game through about 20 matches in career mode, but find myself not even considering this game when I have spare time despite spending $60 on it less than two weeks ago. Great for UFC fans, but short of an epic game update, its not much more than something to waste ten minutes here or there. Expand
  32. Sep 2, 2014
    EA Sports UFC will not please everyone, but as a none UFC guy myself I'm surprised the fun I had with it. Sure it had niggles with a confusing ground mechanic and a pretty basic career mode, which does let it down badly, but away from that it is a pretty steady fighter.
  33. Jul 2, 2014
    At its heart, EA Sports UFC is fun, but some issues stop the game from being a better product.

    During career mode, you aren't able to choose which training routine you want to conduct, but instead are given three at random. By allowing players to pick what they want to continually work on, it would benefit them in the long-haul. I felt very comfortable with my stand-up striking, and
    wanted to work more on submissions; however, I continually had at least one stand-up training session. In addition, by not allow players to pick an opponent (even if it's out of two or three options), you limit how involved the player feels during their career. In addition, the sequencing of how you progress up the career ladder is flawed. I beat BJ Penn convincingly, won two more fights after that, yet had to beat him again for a chance at the belt? Doesn't seem to make sense overall.

    Online mode is fun, but I found the prematch setup had an abundant number of drops before I actually fought another person.

    Overall, EA Sports UFC is fun... for the first few hours/day, but afterward I found the lack of realism during the career management, and repetition stale.
  34. Jun 26, 2014
    The game is great. Graphics are beatiful. Career mode is great with the real life video interactions it is awesome.
    But there are a few things which made me to rate it 7/10
    fps - I dont know if it only on my xbox one, but I have ridicously low fps ammount in the menu. It was the same during the demo.
    gameplay - it has the same game engine az fight night round which means there are
    delayed actions. I throw in a 3 punch combo, my oponent is destroyed by the first, the fight is over, but my character is still punching the air.
    I can not choose my oponent, my manager is doing it for me. This is a major disappointment because sometimes my manager picks me a fighter which is a way better ahead of me.
    The next is difficulty There are too much combos which I need to learn to be succesful in normal difficulty A fight during. Easy mode ends in a few seconds, while on hard it is impossible to win for causal gamers like me.
  35. Jun 30, 2014
    The best UFC game to date!

    For me this is the best of the serious by quite some margin, this game has so many positives and I can only really think of a few minor negatives!

    Graphics are amazing, literally the best fighting game ever seen on a console, the commentary is brilliant, the blood effects are that good that once your opponent is bloodied up and you take them down, when you
    get up the opponents blood is all over you!

    The career is very well done, not incredible but what you want from a UFC game is simplicity and that's what this game brings, For instance levelling up is very fast and easy, too the point where after a good hour you can afford to skip the training which lets face it nobody really enjoys. The fact you get 1000+ points after every fight is a great idea to speed things up.

    Online is surprisingly good! I have to be honest I don't have much faith when it comes to EA SPORTS online, being with FIFA being a mess most years (servers down etc.) but to be fair there is hardly any latency whatsoever. They also have a season mode (like FIFA) where you get promoted / relegated and fight for belts.

    One of the negatives I would make people aware of is, sometimes the knockouts don't look that great, but saying that on other occasions and I would say most of the time they look really real and brutal.

    One thing I will add, is KEEP playing the game, its very frustrating at the beginning trying to learn all the moves / transitions etc., but play career mode FIRST and you should be more than ok.

    EA SPORTS have done a great job for there first time with UFC and I believe it will only get better.

    I give this game 8 out of 10
  36. Jun 19, 2014
    This game is a great start to the franchise don't listen to all the EA haters give it a chance and make the descision your self. The game looks amazing and is a lot of fun.
  37. Jun 22, 2014
    Als Erstes möchte ich etwas zu den Kämpfern schreiben, ich kenne mich leider nicht mit der UFC aus, ich kenne also auch keinen einzigen der Kämpfer und habe mal nebenbei gegoogelt und war doch schon verblüfft das man es geschafft hat die Kämpfer so originalgetreu nachzubilden, auf den ersten Blick sehen die Kämpfer im Ring schon sehr original und vor allem echt aus. Die Grafik ist hier also der große Pluspunkt. Nicht aber nur die Grafik, sondern vielmehr auch die Bewegungen, die meistens flüssig sind und eben auch ziemlich echt wirken. Es sind dann auch so Kleinigkeiten, die das Spielerlebnis wirklich vertiefen und es wie echt erscheinen lassen. Beispielsweise im Kampf der Hautton, der sich bei Anstrengung entsprechend verändert, das Anschwellen der Adern und Muskeln und natürlich der Schweiß. Das alles hat mir extrem gut gefallen, aber das hatte ich auch genau so erwartet, denn das Spiel ist von den Fight Night Machern, einer Reihe die ich einfach nur liebe und gesuchtet habe ohne Ende. UFC setzt optisch und vom Realismusgrad nochmal eine Schippe drauf.

    Kommen wir aber zu einer kleinen Kritik. Zugegeben, das Spiel ist genial und macht mir extrem viel Spaß, allerdings hatte ich mich ebenso wie auf die Animationen auf den Karrieremodus gefreut, der mich enttäuscht hat, wenn ich ehrlich bin. Der Anfang, die ersten Stunden bis zum Champions-Titel waren noch recht gut gemacht. Immer wieder gibt es kleine Videos der UFC-Stars und minimale Story, zumindest ganz am Anfang. Dann irgendwann wiederholen sich die Videos und der Karrieremodus wirkt irgendwie in die Länge gezogen und damit dann letztendlich nach dem 30. Kampf ohne das was Neues passiert auch langweilig. Die Gegner wiederholen sich zum Ende auch, die letzten 15 Kämpfe waren gegen drei dieselben Gegner, immer und immer wieder, so das ich die Schwächen schnell raus hatte und die Gegner teilweise nach 8 Sekunden ins Nirwana geschickt habe. Eine wirkliche Story fehlt hier gänzlich, das ist alles insgesamt eher schwach, obwohl es mit dieser TV-Show, in der man als neuer Kämpfer aufgetreten ist, zu Anfang noch sehr spannend war. Naja, das ist Kritik auf hohem Niveau, die Kämpfe machen natürlich trotzdem sehr viel Spaß.

    Fight Night kennt. Wer hier einfach nur stumpf kloppt, bekommt schnell die Quittung dafür. Es gibt einige Gegner die gehen gleich auf Bodenangriffe beispielsweise, und wenn man da die Steuerung nicht kennt, weil man sonst eben nur rumkloppt, dann hat man hier schnell verloren. Am besten sieht man das in Online-Kämpfen, da wird meistens nur wild rumgeprügelt, wenn man einen Gegner zu Boden wirft und Submissions versucht hat man schnell gewonnen. Der Online-Modus ist auch der Erste, der mir seit langem Mal wieder Spaß gemacht hat, weil das Spiel eben nicht nur rumkloppen ist, weil man hier auch taktisch vorgehen muss und nicht der gewinnt, der am schnellsten irgendwelche Kombinationen drückt.

    Insgesamt hat mir das Spiel großen Spaß gemacht, es hat schwächen in der Karriere aber große Stärken im Realismus und der Optik. Ich hab lange kein Spiel mehr über so viele Stunden gespielt und dabei Spaß gehabt, daher kann ich es euch ruhigen Gewissens empfehlen und wer mal Lust hat auf die Fresse zu bekommen, mein Gamertag ist Mediennerd. In diesem Sinne, viel Spaß beim daddeln.
  38. Jul 9, 2014
    While EA sports UFC is a step up from previous franchises, it has taken some turns in the wrong direction. Although a bit buggy at times and relatively boring after the first playthrough of the career mode, it serves it's purpose. The graphics are stunning and EA's Ignite engine really shows off it's impressive physics. Every gut punch sends the flesh of your opponent rippling across the area struck and makes you really feel the damage you are inflicting upon them. Knockouts have never felt as rewarding as they do in EA Sports UFC. Watching the slow motion replay of your finishing blow will really give you a good idea of how the Ignite engine delivers. The revamped submission system; is much simpler, and easy to understand (once you actually do the tutorial). In previous installments of the UFC games you felt as though you were just spinning your control stick around, hoping for a good result. With an impressive roster of nearly 100 fighters, and the schoolgirl scream inducing DLC for Bruce Lee, you will certainly be able to re-enact any fight your heart may desire. Let's not forget the career mode, which allows you to create a new fighter and customize it to your heart's content. My first created fighter was a beer bellied, mullet sporting welterweight named Humbert "Hound Dog" Humperdink, who was a Muay Thai fighter. The career mode is incredibly enjoyable. However, EA Sports UFC isn't without it's shortcomings. Instead of being able to select the training exercises you want (as you could in previous installments), 3 are randomly selected for you. These exercises give you points to boost your stats, but significantly less points than you receive from winning a fight, making them seem like a pointless obligation after you start scoring those big-ticket contracts. The lackluster soundtrack gets very repetitive while navigating the menu screens, and leaves you wanting more entrance music selections for your created fighter. Rare, yet rage inducing graphic glitches will sometimes have you fighting a battle with a ghost, or an opponent who is sliding across the floor of the octagon on his back, kicking you from 12 feet away. You receive video messages from UFC stars before and after fights, offering you a pep talk, advice or a congratulations on your previous win. This feature is pretty cool at first, but after your 100th phone call from Urijah Faber, telling you "Congrats on that win, bro!" You'll be quickly finding yourself to the exhibition mode with him as your opponent, to relieve some tension. The multiplayer is pretty much what you'd expect from a UFC title. EA still has server stability issues, so connecting to a bout can be quite the chore. When you do get into a fight that isn't plagued by latency issues, the experience can be enjoyable, although you will feel out of your league with the competition of dedicated "hardcore" players. At the end of the day EA Sports UFC does what it intends. It offers a very enjoyable and realistic fighting experience with next-gen graphics, and physics that will have UFC fans enamored for a while, but after your third career playthrough, you may find yourself trading it in for a better title with more depth, and less monotony.

    Overall: 7/10
    Gameplay: 8/10
    Audio: 8/10
    Visuals: 8/10
    Multiplayer: 5/10
    Replay Value: 4/10
  39. Jul 19, 2014
    If you like UFC games then stick with the older ones even though they don't look at pretty as this one. Also beware of certain people posting user reviews like Stinger911 who happens to work for EA lol.

    1.) the game looks nice even though it falls under 30 fps at certain points.
    2.) campaign mode is rather dull and boring and the videos you watch seem rather dull and boring
    3.) Online
    play would have been nice if it didn't have lag issues in 85% of the fights.

    bottom line EA could have done so much better making this game but failed on so many levels.
  40. Aug 11, 2014
    Unrealistic is the only word I can think to describe it.. Does it get the job done? Yeah, there's no competition in the market. Very frustrating and buggy.
  41. Aug 30, 2014
    Very inconsistent. terrible gameplay. You have terrible stikers/no power strikers continually ko'ing people. Ground is still based on span. damage is very inconsistent. Sometimes clean counters do damage somethimes they dont. Blocked punches get you rocked. Just bad game
  42. Oct 11, 2014
    So after 3 updates including new fighters, EA Sports UFC still doesn't quite meet the mark. I really think they need to stop listening/pandering to the online players and start paying attention to offline players. There is a lot of good here but a lack of offline modes genuinely hurt it.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 23 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 23
  2. Negative: 0 out of 23
  1. Aug 25, 2014
    In terms of gameplay mechanics UFC is a complex game that will keep fans satisfied for months. It’s a shame that the dev team lacked someone who would use a flying knee to launch the animators and guys responsible for physics into the next-gen era. [08/2014, p.58]
  2. Aug 20, 2014
    A good new beginning for the UFC series in its new EA Sports home. It surely could benefit some improvements in the career mode, but it results however in a solid game that every lover of this genre could be willing to try.
  3. Aug 18, 2014
    A valiant first effort, EA Sports UFC could be the start of something great. For now, it is merely a good try, but one that is still a lot of fun. [Issue#114, p.68]