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Summary: Ryse: Son of Rome plunges you into the chaos and depravity of the late Roman Empire. The game tells the story of Marius Titus who witnesses the murder of his family at the hands of barbarians. Seeking revenge, Marius must embark on a perilous journey of revenge, betrayal, and divine intervention. He joins the Roman army in Britannia and quickly rises through the ranks to become a General. As his war against the barbarians escalates, his quest unravels: to find his vengeance, he has to return to Rome. As Marius, you’ll engage in brutal combat and lead your forces into massive battles to save Rome from threats to its very existence.
Rating: M
Developer: Crytek
Genre(s): Fantasy
Special Controllers:Kinect Required
Cast Credit
Martin Severn Additional Lead Artist
Jonathan Rowe Lead Lighting Artist
Fernando Colomer Senior Game Programmer
Kalvin Lyle Development Director
Eric Gooch Additional Lighting Artist
Grant Arthur Additional Outsourcing Artist
Steven Humphreys Principal Programmer
Sven Fahrenwald Senior Multiplayer Level Designer
Eric Werner Senior Technical Artist
Brian Chambers Senior Producer
Jeff Wong Additional Senior Animator
Wayne Adams Senior Technical Designer
Michael Kopietz Senior Graphics Engineer
Alan Thomas Senior Environment Artist
Barnaby Zoeller Senior Level Designer
Jan Neugebauer Senior UI Programmer
Will Wilson Additional Senior AI Programmer
Chris Brunning Technical Director
Daniele Duri Senior Animator
Jon Jones Senior Facial Animator
Victor Van 't Hek Outsourcing Artist
Cevat Yerli Executive Producer / Game Director
Dennis Schwarz Senior Game Designer
Hussein Dari Senior Multiplayer Level Designer
Hanno Hagedorn Character Art Director
Travis Ramsdale Senior Cinematic Animator
Sandy Brand Senior AI / Game Programmer
Jamie Bury Additional Senior Animator
Rodrigo Santoro Multiplayer Level Designer
Erik Olsen Multiplayer Producer
Christopher Nolan Level Designer
Sean Ellis Senior VFX Artist
Robert Stephens Junior Environment Artist
Christopher Kay Senior Level Designer
Tracy Hudson Lead Environment Artist
Sven Van Soom Senior Animation Programmer
Shashank Uchil Additional Senior Level Designer
Tony Davis Additional Game Director
Liam Cullen Senior Environment Artist
Hayo Koekkoek Senior Environment Artist
Florian Reschenhofer Character Artist
Paul Slinger Senior Game Programmer
Reed Casey Environment Artist
Christopher Evans Art Technical Director
Ricardo Pillosu Gonzalez Development Director
Kenzo Ter Elst Additional Technical Director
Carsten Wenzel Technical Director
Francisco Atienza Game Programmer
Jose Antonio Escribano Ayllon Game Programmer
Jean Geffroy Game Programmer
Yeonwood Jung Senior Network Programmer
Morgan Kita Game Programmer
Sebastien Laurent Multiplayer Programmer
Dancho Makaveev Junior UI Programmer
Pau Novau Game / Animation Programmer
Ramon Viladomat Game Programmer
Xander Warnez Game Programmer
Boris Weber UI Programmer
Jerome Charles Rendering Engineer
Bogdan Coroi Engine Programmer
Ivo Zoltan Frey Senior Software Engineer
Axel Gneiting Engine Programmer
Theodor Mader Rendering Engineer
Thomas Wollenzin R*D Audio Engineer
Christopher Bolte Senior Software Engineer
Francesco Riziero Di Mizio Additional Junior Build Engineer
Karim El-Shankankiri Additional Senior Animation Programmer
Filipe Andrade Fernandes Amim Game Programmer
Mihai Francu Additional Physics Programmer
Jonas Johansson Additional Senior Game Programmer
Nico J. Moss Junior Graphics Engineer
Chris J. Raine Senior Software Engineer
Benito Gangoso Rodriguez Senior Game Programmer
Francesco Roccucci Game Programmer
Tiago Sousa R*D Principal Renderer Engineer
Mario Silva Game Programmer
Ade Esan System Designer
Patrick Esteves Design Director
Andreas Johansson Senior Level Designer
William Josephy Level Designer
Fahad Khan Senior System Designer
Jos van Laar Level Designer
Clement Melendez Level Designer
Turgut Ozbayram Level Designer
Oliver Pflug Senior Level Designer
Dan Nicolae Trufin System Designer
Stefan Bermig Junior Multiplayer Technical Designer
Matthias Otto Multiplayer Level Designer
Will Greenough Additional Level Designer
Dan Tracy Additional Level Designer
Steven Bender Animation Director
Erasmus Brosdau Cinematic Artist
Jason Lee Cole Animator
Dominik Friedrich Cinematics Designer
Patrick Gamble Cinematics Animator
Peter Gamble Director Of Cinematics / Art Director
Andreas Kessissoglou Cinematic Designer
Joey Doe Hyoung Kim Animator
Viktor Ikkes Junior Cinematic Designer
Michael Kelleher Senior Cinematic Designer
Michael Satoshi Nagasaka Senior Cinematic Designer
Klaus Schewinski Storyboard Artist
Tim Stieber Cinemaitcs Designer
Robert Stoneman Senior Cinematics Designer
Valerio Tosoni Senior Storyboard Artist
Frederick Fasse Additional Senior Animator
Karlheinz Watermeier Principal Animator
Luke Adwick Environment Artist
Christian Bliss 3d Artist
Armin Chaudhry Junior 3d Artist
Tom Deerberg Senior 3d Artist
Sina Els Environment Artist
Ron Froelich 3d Artist
Patrick Gladys Junior 3d Artist
Patrick Hanenberger Visual Consultant
Stefan Heinrich Senior Environment Artist
Christopher Kembry Junior OS Artist
Michel Kooper 3d Artist
Finn Meinert Matthiesen Environment Artist
Frank Meinl Senior 3d Artist
Ronny Muehle 3d Artist
Pascal Mueller Junior 3d Artist
Lluis Andreu Pardo Environment Artsit
Carlos Garcia Prieto Senior OS Artist
Reka Sugar Outsourcing Artist
Franco Bresciani Senior Technical Artist
Atri Dave Senior Technical Artist
Sascha Herfort Senior Technical Artist
Jefferey Khou Junior Technical Artist
Alexander Raab Junior Technical Artist
Martin Thorzen Senior Technical Artist
Riham Toulan Technical Artsit
Harald Zlattinger Senior Technical Artist
Simon Bursey Senior UI Designer
Karsten Klewer Senior UI Designer
Ramon Contini Senior Concept Artist
Timur Mutsaev Senior Concept Artist
Kaija Rudkiewicz Concept Artist
Silver Saaremael Concept Artist
Abdenour Bachir Senior Character Artist
Chris Goodswen Senior Character Outsourcing Artist
Lars Martinsson Senior Character Artist
Hyejin Moon Senior Character Artist
Julia Peters Intern Character Artist
Frederik Plucinski Intern Character Artist
Min-Chih Wang Senior Character Artist
Fabio Da Silva VFX Artist
Caleb Essex Junior VFX Artist
Chris Campbell Lighting Artist
Ats Kurvet Intern Lighting Artist
Greg Montgomery Lighting Artist
David Garcia Badillo Senior Animation
Catalin Balaceanu Animator
Elena Daescu Junior Animator
Robert Dyke Junior Animator
Thomas Franta Animator
Joseph K. Garrahan Animator
Catalin Ion Animator
Martin L'Heureux Animation Director
Dietrich Magnus Senior Animator
Owen Robertson Animator
Darren Bartley Additional Concept Artist
Warren Goff Additional Animator
Alexander Ivanchev Additional Animator
Mathias Lindner Senior Technical Artist
Joshua Short Additional Environment Artist
Mihai Titoiu Senior Concept Artist
Margaret Wuller Additional Senior Concept Artist
Erik Olsen Multiplayer Producer
Tony Davis Additional Game Director
Christopher Nolan Level Designer
Rodrigo Santoro Multiplayer Level Designer
Christopher Kay Senior Level Designer
Robert Stephens Junior Environment Artist
Sean Ellis Senior VFX Artist
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