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  1. Dec 25, 2013
    Ryse has a lot of potential to be a top tier experience, but the superficial core combat and story ripped right off gladiator leaves much to be desired. I had a lot of fun in the first few hours, but the game just kept going downhill after that. It just became a chore to finish. About 75% I didnt even care what happened next, thats how downhill it went. Its disappointing, cuz ryse has a lot going for it with its setting and amazing graphics and environment. The game just becomes way too repetitive without the addiction of new moves later in the game. Expand
  2. Oct 1, 2014
    This is an enjoyable, whlie it lasts action game that looks beautiful graphics wise but becomes too repetitive as the game progresses. It's good for what it is: A fun action game that'll keep you entertained for about 5-6 hours. In that lies one of the biggest problems in that it's far too short. It can easily be beaten in a weekend or less if you push yourself. The game isn't that hard either. While it's fun and the executions are a blast to see once or twice, things get far too repetitive after awhile. You see the same executions over and over and, even though you can buy new ones, they are random so you can end up seeing the same ones over and over. I enjoyed it for what it is, and I knew going into it that it was going to be short. It fulfilled my expectations for it and I enjoyed it for what it was. However, this game is nowhere near a console seller and I would definitely not recommend picking this up for more than 20 bucks. The amount of content just can't warrant anymore than that in my book. Expand
  3. Jan 8, 2014
    After spending about 10 hours between the campaign and the Co-Op portions of Ryse: Son of Rome, I've realized something some people don't know how to rate titles. The lack of objectivity and reason go out the window with a lot of people that decide to rate games. That being said, Ryse is absolutely an awesome game. It's drop-dead gorgeous, extremely cinematic, and carries an engaging storyline that definitely unfolds nicely as you progress. Combat is a bit rudimentary but it isn't overly boring. Skill progression systems are present but super linear, making you wonder why they put all the effort into developing it if there wasn't any true diversity to the system. Many levels are breathtaking, making me stop at times to just see what an achievement Crytek has on their hands. It's just unfortunate that these levels tend to be overly guided which removes from any adventuring a player might want to experience. The Co-Op is more fun than I anticipated, with a tiered system that will allow you to scale up your "gladiator" as you build up experience, gear, and expertise with the levels themselves. However I'm not certain everyone that tries it out will be in love with it as it feels a bit repetitive at times so the fun could be fairly well sapped with just a few hours of play. That will be up to you to decide should you give Ryse a go. I would easily recommend the game, but I would also say to Crytek and Microsoft Game Studios that they have a real gem on their hands one that would be served better if they had borrowed more from games that obviously inspired the final product here. Fable, Gears of War, Tomb Raider and Mass Effect 3 all show themselves in their own way throughout. If I had to offer just one piece of advice to Crytek, it would be "add depth". Adding depth to the world you play through, adding depth to your character customization and development, adding depth to the characters themselves as the grow. Making a character feel like your own is one thing that keeps games like World of Warcraft and Guild Wars afloat with dedicated fan bases. Ryse is an unfinished game of the year candidate. I for one hope this is the start of a continuing franchise. Expand
  4. Oct 10, 2014
    Ryse: Son of Rome, is a uninspiring button mashing game, that shins so bright it give me the chills. The best graphical looking game to date easily goes to Ryse however, it fails to conquer the opening scene.
    Bordon soon sets in and I felt like saying "been there done that". Characters felt cheesy and life less however it runs excellent without a bug or glitch. It may not be the best in
    at batch however xboxone fans can still find a fun time here. Worth a rent. Expand
  5. Nov 29, 2013
    I have mixed feelings for this game. I neither a good game, nor is it a bad game. This is what I thought about it after finishing the game.
    Story 6/10
    Its your typical Revenge story. Marius goes out to avenge the death of his family, vengeance is finally made, yada yada yada. You get the picture. Its a pretty good story though, but it will get forgettable after time.
    Graphics 10/10

    This is by far the most beautiful looking games I have ever played (2nd best to KZ SF that is). Combat is fluid, animations are smooth, and texture quality is perfect. A game that looks this great shows a good future for the X1.
    Gameplay 7/10
    Its your basic hack 'n slash game. Combat is actually pretty fun, but do to the lack of enemy variety leads to repetition. You;ll quickly find yourself fighting the same enemies over and over again. Executions are cool, but are all done using QTEs, which is disappointing.
    Online 5/10
    The online portion of the game isn't so successful. Its basically played the same way the SP is played only with another player. The changing arena helps change up the gameplay, but ultimately, you still do the same thing over and over again in each area.
    Verdict 6/10
    Ryse: Son of Rome may be the best looking game on the X1, but a forgettable story, repetitive gameplay, and a lackluster online portion, makes this another sword fighting game we've pretty much already seen before.
  6. Nov 26, 2013
    Makes use of the XBox One's capability and as a game its a fun melee combat game with a fun and engaging campaign. Its not for everyone but is something I am enjoying and really love the Romanesque story telling and the voice acting in the campaign is very well done.

    Its not an earth shattering innovative game but it does not get repetitive as for me as other as complaining about.

    The idea of "buying gold" to get skills in the campaign strikes me as a bit silly and I don't really care for that. Hopefully that is not available for acquiring the multiplayer skills. I look forward to jumping into the multiplayer but that was not my main motivation for purchasing this game.

    My main issues have more to do with the XB One and the time it took to DL the patch and then install the game.
  7. Mar 12, 2014
    Game is way too short and should not be $60 purchase.. The graphics are some of the best on console but that doesn't justify the poor excuse of a short game.. I'm aware that this is launch game and what not, but that is still no excuse. The game feels like a demo Any video game that is short like this doesn't deserve a high score. This game also has some of the most boring gameplay ever, it's fun at first but get repetitive very quickly. Expand
  8. Nov 24, 2013
    Ryse is an absolutely beautiful game that delivers viscerally satisfying combat and an excellent narrative with fleshed out characters. This is what the next generation of console gaming is all about.
  9. Sep 29, 2014
    A hollow title with nothing but looks and money behind it. The graphics are some of the best both technically and artistically, but the 8 levels do not bring much variety or imagination. The controls are solid most of the time, but sometimes might feel a little unresponsive.

    The gameplay is utter rubbish. It could be fun to try and see some of the executions but grows more than stale
    after a few minutes. Playing the co-op multiplayer can be more fun since you have to coordinate sometimes with your partner but is shallow as hell and that doesn't help at all.

    Since the story is ok and the production values are up high, one could enjoy a playthrough, but every person, no matter what kind of gamer he/she is will find it repetitive as hell. I found it pretty shallow and the one or two extra gameplay actions do not do much to compensate. The upgrade system is **** The powerup system is also **** Also its duration is about 6 hours. You can see the half-realised ideas from the previous state of the game (Kinect-only) such as the shooting or the legion thing.

    This game is the epitomy of mediocrity. It just doesn't have enough content or ideas to fill half a game.
  10. May 2, 2014
    Ryse of Rome presents a great launch title, the chronology of the story is interesting although not entirely original, whilst the plot itself isn't amazing it does present plenty of 'this is sparta'/'I am a freaking badass' moments.

    The sword play and executions are very cool and keep you entertained through what is mechanically a quite repetitive control set, and the sparse
    opportunities to take control of your legion whilst again simple are very satisfying.

    The game is short, however I think this works in it's favour, if this game were 20 hours long it would become dreadfully stale but for a 6-7 hours rompfest it keeps you thoroughly entertained. I feel the reviews suffer from peoples expectations for ryse son of rome and I like many was expecting something with a bit more depth, however the graphics and obvious attention to detail in creating excellently modeled swordplay have left me with an experience to remember.
  11. May 25, 2014
    First, the time period is fantastic along with the story line. Absolutely brilliant. The mechanics of the game are so flawless that you forget you are holding a controller. I know there are a lot of complaints of "repetitive" game play but the minute nuances in combat are one of the strongest parts of the game. I would surmise that those who are complaining have yet to make any progress in the arena because all your button mashing will do you no good there. Overall, this game was a fantastic experience and one that I come back to often to try my luck in the arenas. Expand
  12. Nov 24, 2013
    Ryse: Son Of Rome may have its repetitive sword fights, but Crytek delivers us a brief look at some history in a beautiful world, a truly stunning game at the launch of next generation of Xbox.
  13. Jun 25, 2014
    When I bought Ryse I expected to be blown away with the stunning graphics and epic game play. But all I was left with was a game that looked like a 360 game and a story that gets boring very quickly.The graphics is not that amazing like everyone claims it is this game has the graphics of an Xbox 360 game and that is a big disappointment
  14. Feb 2, 2014
    This game is a great start for the next gen Xbox games. This game has the best looking graphics so far from any next gen game including PS4 titles. The sound is good and the VO is pretty darn good. The story does drag a little but really picks up at the end. The fighting is a little repetitive but it did not bother me that much at all.
    But be warned this is about a 6 hour game. So rent don't buy.
  15. Jan 19, 2014
    Ryse is one of the most interesting launch games I've ever played, there are just as many great things about as there are faults. That said, I really enjoyed playing it for the most part, there's a surprisingly good story, it's graphically the most impressive game I've played on all the next gen systems, the audio and overall sound is superb, and killing animations are fluid, vibrant, and brutal. So what breaks a game that has so much good going for it? Simplistic gameplay. While there's nothing wrong with that, 5 - 7 hours of the same core mechanics gets old. It's a game I love to play in bursts and the gameplay is pretty fun then, but after awhile it gets stale. Think of the Batman Arkham games but if you could only use A, X, Y, B, and the right trigger for executions. While the power ups are damn awesome, Ryse succumbs to being too short, and looses interest soon. It's a fun and enjoyable game that I really liked, but it's more of the perfect "rent" kind of game. Expand
  16. Jun 18, 2014
    Ryse truly wasn't anything special (except those graphics are top!) but I feel like it didn't warrant all of it's criticism it does deserve a lot of it, yet in the end I thought it was decent. I thought it had a really good story, short, but good. The gameplay, while incredible repetitive and gets stale often, can be pretty fun in bursts. The multiplayer is surprisingly fun, mostly with friends, but it is pretty fun, Overall Ryse was a decent experience for me (maybe inflated cause I only paid 12 bucks for it) it can be fun but not wrth full price by any means. Expand
  17. Nov 22, 2013
    This is more of a tech demo than a game, its no way worth its premium price. The price will probably drop like a stone when more games start coming out for the xbox one. It looks good but gets really boring really fast.
  18. Apr 29, 2014
    HOW I RATE: 10-9 score: perfect or near-perfect don't exist; 8 score: one of the best games ever. Top score; 7-6 score: great but not one of the best; 5-below score: serious flaws.
    t's a game you'd rather not pay 60 bucks for or 1 dollar for either. It's a pretty tech demo with no actual gameplay.
  19. Jul 4, 2014
    Let me start out this review by saying this: Ryse Son of Rome is the best looking game I have ever seen. Crytek is known for having amazing graphics with their engine known as CryEngine, but this game takes it to the next level entirely. But do the phenomenal graphics and spectacle make this a great, awesome game? The answer: more or less. In my eyes, Ryse wasn't made to have true next-gen gameplay or design. It was made to blow you away with the graphics, and show how powerful the Xbox One is. That being said, Crytek didn't try extremely hard on the gameplay. Ryse's combat is a basic hack and slash formula. It keeps you entertained...starting out, that is. As you move on in the campaign, you start to realize that you are going through the same motions over and over again. What makes it worse is that the combat doesn't go on to have depth, which basically means the 2nd level is about the same as the last level. However, it does have a fun aspect to it. There are upgrades, and while they help you slightly, they aren't that big of a deal. The multiplayer of this game was more than great, though. It isn't exactly competitive. I would compare it to the cooperative modes in Halo, like Firefight (excluding gameplay of course). The combat does differ slightly in multiplayer, too. I most likely won't play the multiplayer for till the end of the year, but it will keep me entertained for a few months. Ryse never blew me away with the combat or story. What did blow me away, though, was the constant amazement out of the graphics and the extremely fun multiplayer. Expand
  20. Apr 23, 2014
    I literally can't wait to get home everyday and play Ryse. I just can't get it off my mind. It has Unbelievanly addictive multiplayer, stunning graphics, and visuals. And dont even get me started on the campaign. It is the next thing since the last of us that actually touched my heart. With an amazing plot, and voice acting.
  21. Dec 21, 2013
    A gorgeous hack and slash that is a blast to play. This game is simply heaps of fun and to me that is the biggest and most often overlooked aspect of gaming nowadays. The combat is vicious and fluid and delivers those "OMG!" moments as you hack off limbs and impale enemies with your sword. You have 4 categories each chosen with a direction on the D-Pad that activate different attributes and different sets of death animations in each category so mixing the combat and animations up is really up to you and not that repetitive at all. The online component is even more entertaining than the single player! Wrecking havoc in the coliseum with a friend against waves of enemies and traps is very cool and again lots of fun. You can unlock sets of weapons and armor that affect your skills online differently depending on how you suit up for battle. This game is a perfect launch title IMO as it does a great job of keeping you coming back for more and it's overall fun factor...make no mistake though, it is easy to pick up and play but can be tough to master, especially on higher difficulties. Ryse represents my first must have title for the new generation, I love this game! Expand
  22. Nov 24, 2013
    It's not really that bad. The gameplay is repeative, yes, but the graphics are phenomenal and the setting is quite great. If you enjoyed movies like Gladiator and 300 you will definitely enjoy this one
  23. Mar 5, 2014
    Fun Game Overall , The Campaign Was A Bit Short , Finished It In Less Then 10 Hours , Witch Is A Bit Dissapointing , But Still Lots Of Fun To Be Had And Lots Of Collectibles To Collect , The Multiplayer Is Fun But Once Again Limited , The Season Pass Adds Survival Mode Witch Is Fun Too , But The Game Is Just Missing Something , The Graphics Do Look Stunning And Can Be Compared To PS4
  24. Nov 23, 2013
    I enjoyed the game. It's not groundbreaking or anything by any means. It's visually stunning, the gameplay works very well, but it is repetitive. They definitely haven't tried to push boundaries on that part, but if it ain't broke don't fix it, right? All in all, a bug free enjoyable visually stunning gaming experience. PS: I do my best to avoid reading '1s' and '10s' as both scores are utterly entirely ridiculous. Expand
  25. Apr 11, 2014
    For a start the graphics are the best I have ever seen, everything looks so smooth, consistent and realistic. The controls are very responsive and smooth. The storyline is actually very well done, a few twists and turns which keep you guessing and very good overall really. There is a co-operative multiplayer mode laced with different arenas, and modes fun for a little while. The combat however simple was extremely satisfying and gruesome, ever fitting with the brutal element which resides in the heart of rome itself. Collapse
  26. Feb 22, 2014
    If you want an absolutely gorgeous hack-and-slash third person game, then this is for you. Crytek have indisputably made one of the most beautiful games available on console. The campaign is awesome, though at times repetitive, it delivers a consistently entertaining storyline and gameplay.
    The online multiplayer within the arena is where most of the fun is to be had. You battle around
    many different maps within the area with friends, with the legendary cooperative executions. It is an addictive experience, and if you enjoy roman/classical games or films, like 300, gladiator, or simply like the button-mashing experience that all hack-and-slash games offer, then this game will likely interest you. Expand
  27. Nov 23, 2013
    I totally disagree wit all the negative remarks made on this game. Great gameplay, gorgeous graphics and an arsenal of finishing moves makes this game a must have for Xbox one owners. There is nothing like this out there, and for a launch title, this game makes the Xbox one worth buying... unlike KillZone SF for PS4, that game really left me wanting more. Buy this game. You'll love it!
  28. Nov 25, 2013
    To give this game anything less than a 7 (or 70) is a crime. It's beautiful seriously. I just completed the campaign and then threw in Assassin's Creed Black Flag and was astonished at the difference between graphical quality. Yes, the moves in Ryse can get repetitive but what do you expect from a hack n' slash type game?

    It's got a story that rivals a Hollywood Blockbuster, and
    seriously it is graphically stunning. I found myself slowing down and walking around astonished at how beautiful it was. That isn't the only reason to play the game though, aside from the same moves and the QTE executions I found the game play fun. I like hack n' slash games so I understood what I was getting and found it enjoyable. The only thing I wish they would have had more variety in was the executions. I'm okay with QTE's now and again, but they did get repetitive towards the middle and end. Repetitiveness aside, they still looked amazing when it would down time, speed it up, hack off an arm and then face smash them with your shield.

    For anyone who is on here saying it looks great and amazing but then gives it a 1-4 because of the game play it's sad. Scores for a game like this don't deserve to be dragged down by those who don't understand what they are getting.

    If you like hack n' slash games and want to play one with a solid story and see what the next gen Xbox is capable of right now pick this up.
  29. Jan 12, 2014
    Ryse: son of Rome is a very fun hack and slash launch game for the Xbox one. i knew what i was getting into when i bought it. the graphics are gorgeous and the coliseum mode is very fun to play especially with a friend.. its biggest flaws are the game play which at time is very repetitive and bland but the executions are sick and their is a large variety of them. overall i thought it had a solid story as well and is a good launch title to pick up that will keep you entertained for a couple of months. Expand
  30. Nov 22, 2013
    I find it funny how if you click on the name of someone who scored this game a 0 you can see how they gave every Xbone game a 0 and there beloved PS4 games a 10....
  31. Jun 30, 2014
    Brilliant visuals and some epic moments do not make-up for its repetitive gameplay and overall presentation. As some critics have pointed out, this game feels more like a presentation of the visual capabilities of the One.
  32. Dec 9, 2013
    In short, Ryse Son of Rome is baisicly a tech demo of how good the Xbox One can preform graphicly. And trust me, this game looks damn good! Cyrtek have done a fantastic job of creating lush enviroments. The forests inpaticualer are amazing. However, Ryse doesn't do so well in the gameplay department. It baisicly comes down to generic button mashing, and despite it being extremely flashey, it just doesn't have any substance and ends up being shallow, repetitive and boring. COME ON!!! This is next gen!!! We want and demand fresh new ideas, not just graphics. The game is also way to easy, taking me around six hours to complete. There are sections in the game that go away from the hack and slash, but again these are generic, boring and shallow. The one good thing about the combat is how fast and fluid it is, and how good and detailed the enemy( in fact all character models in the game are brilliant) character models look. One positive thing I can say about Ryse is how spectacualer the story is. I was genuinely surprised. At the E3 demo, I thought that Ryse was going to be a generic hack and slash with a cliché story, and while on gameplay terms that's true, the story is the complete opposite. Its handelled with care, and has some top notch voice acting. The story never feels disorientate, even in the constant flashbacks. Last we have the two player multiplayer, which can be dynamic, but ultimately ends up being( again) generic and boring. Its a shame, because Ryse could have been so much more if only the gameplay was on par with all the other aspects of the game. Expand
  33. Jan 22, 2014
    Ryse: son of Rome is a game which gave me mixed feelings about it.I am enjoying my time with Ryse but I feel like there is something missing from the experience somewhere.the graphics are very impressive and so is the voice acting and story,but the game feels a little bit lost when it comes to what it wants to be for example there is rpg elements,shooter,and action as no way is this game a bad experience,nor is it a blockbuster tittle either,with a little more love and improvements in the next Ryse tittle, I think this series could be great and lead to a contender for goty. Expand
  34. Feb 22, 2014
    This is a great game however the game play's pretty repetitive, takes only 5 hours to beat, and there's basically no replay value. The graphics are amazing though (shows the potential of next gen consoles graphics) and I loved the slow motion "300" kills. The story was pretty sic and the ending hallway part was completely bad ass!
  35. Nov 22, 2013
    The game has sick graphics, definitely one of the best looking games so far. The gameplay on the other hand is as repetitive as one of Lil Wayne's beats. It really starts to grind your gears when you do the same moves over and over again, after 1 hour of gameplay I was tired of it. I kept playing hoping they would change the pace and offer new experiences, but nope. They slap some turret action and formation sequences but they do not sweeten the deal. This aint no God Of War/Heavenly Sword/Bayonetta/Devil May cry game. This game has Playstation 1 core gameplay with new generation graphics. I used to think it was either Graphics or gameplay, then I played Uncharted 2, The Last Of Us, God Of War 3 and came to understand you can actually have both. Crytek needs to stick to FPS at least they use their talents well in that genre, not that their FPS games are revolutionary, but their graphics are always a new milestone. The animations,voice acting, and facial expressions are top notch tho. This game to me is more like a tech Demo of what the xbone can do. Expand
  36. Mar 24, 2014
    Ryse is fun, it looks great and plays the same. I only use my XBone for exclusives and this is a must buy. Gore galore and Kinect that seems to work well for a change. Bravo!
  37. May 21, 2014
    Not horrible, not great and defiantly not excellent. Ryse is mildly entertaining for 3-5 hours before repetition takes its course. There just is not enough game content to merit a 60 dollar sticker price. I recommend playing Ryse at your buddies house during intermission of the hockey game and nothing more.
  38. May 22, 2014
    This game is more style then substance. The graphics and facial animations in this game are top notch. The combat starts out fun and interesting, but quickly gets repetitive within a few hours. The game starts out strong, but I found myself rushing through the later levels to get the campaign over with. Thankfully for me the story was rather short, only took about 5-6 hours to beat the game without looking for every collectible. I could see a sequel that fixes this games problems showing quite a bit of promise. Expand
  39. Jan 26, 2014
    Very bland game that depends on it's graphics to entertain instead of the gameplay. Played it on launch night with friends. Was bored of it in 5 minutes. A pretty standard launch title.
  40. Nov 30, 2013
    This game looks stunning.
    The game play mechanics work well too and shows off the Xbox Ones capabilities excellently.
    Campaign is short but enjoyable and worth playing a couple times and multiplayer is good fun, performing execution moves on fellow gamers is a joy.
    I'd say this is a must have title on your new Xbox One, I now have both the Xbox & PS4 and this has been the highlight of
    my gaming experience from the games I own, Ryse & Need for Speed on Xbox, battlefield 4 on PS4.

    I've read in other reviews that there's limited enemy types, this is true but who cares when you're chopping them up? They all look the same in the end.
  41. Jan 3, 2014
    Ryse certainly does look amazing, Very amazing job well done by Crytek on the graphics but how is the gameplay you may ask? Well it is okay, Fun for the first 2 hours but once you know what you're doing with attacking, chaining combos, blocking and executing enemies. It does become repetitive and tedious to play whenever you're playing story or arena mode.

    If you want to play it, Either
    wait for it to become cheap or borrow it from a friend. It is not worth paying full for this game Expand
  42. Nov 25, 2013
    I bought Forza 5 and dead rising 3 on launch day, I was hoping gamefly would ship me Ryse, it was not available so i ended up picking up Ryse over the weekend at Gamestop. WOW, glad I did that, one of the best looking games i have ever played. I have a high powered PC too, never played anything like this on my PC. The face animations are top notch. If you like games like Assassin's Creed and the Batman Arkham series you will enjoy the game play with Ryse. It can get repetitive, but you get different moves as the game progresses. Ignore the sony fanboys who have no lives and are giving this game zeros. I have played both systems and the Xbox one is the best by far. Expand
  43. Mar 22, 2014
    This game is a bit repetitive but it is a very good game great story, good multi player. Crytek is known for having very good visual games, an example would be Crysis 2. After playing this game I am now truly looking forward Homefront 2 and see what they will bring.
  44. Mar 20, 2014
    It's pretty obvious that this game was supposed to be more of a tech-demo than a real game. In fact, I'd say that even as a tech demo it looks pretty darn sorrow. Heck that was an understatement. The gameplay of course is what matters, right? Well here it's been thrown out the window, along with the visuals, the aesthetics, the feel and the immersion. I love the Roman era, but this has done nothing but cover it with crap. FYI Crytek, never, ever use quick-time events, ever! I got a refund the next day. Expand
  45. Nov 28, 2013
    Very good, entertaining, amazing graphics, gameplay mechanics and story, it is a very interesting and addicting story and whilst the gameplay can get just a bit boring at times, it is a very good for the most part, nothing to fault with this game really, I just kept wanting more. It's a shame that people who can't get it on their console have to be so disrespectful to the people that made this incredible game... Expand
  46. Nov 22, 2013
    It felt like I have played this game before. Oh wait I did, except it was the complete opposite of this game. This game has good graphics (to console players), but did they just make terrible gameplay on purpose? Or does the cryengine just suck when it comes to this style of games? Just a linear, boring, from high budget-to low effort. I would rather play Cursed Crusade then this game. At least that game had a characters that I grew to love and wanted to succeed. Expand
  47. May 26, 2014
    I originally didn't buy this game due to the bad reviews, but perhaps you should take them with a grain of salt. Because it is a really good game to play. Lots of the negative reviews say this game is repetitive. It definitely is, but in a good way and I can't get enough of it. The executions are probably the best bits.

    The graphics are good, but the story is short although Gladiator
    mode makes up for it. Expand
  48. Nov 30, 2013
    Ryse Son of Rome has a good history, amazing graphics and physics, you can really see the emotions on the characters, the combat is fun and rewarding, has a leveling system, you can upgrade your character, i love this game.
  49. Nov 22, 2013
    It's not Devil May Cry with Romans but the combat is fun and very fluid if lacking in depth. The games problems mostly arise when your not in combat as its not nearly as fun. Animations do become repetitive after a while however
  50. Jun 4, 2014
    Its repetitive. Its repetitive. Graphics are good. Graphics are good. Atmosphere is great. Atmosphere is great. Combat is fun for two hours.Combat is fun for two hours. 60 bucks it too much. 60 bucks is too much.
    Very good rent. Very good rent.
  51. Mar 18, 2014
    Ryse has some really cool gameplay mechanics, and the story is pretty darn good too. The campaign gets a little boring after a while, but I found myself really loving the multiplayer. The graphics are definitely top notch too. The first game you should purchase for the Xbox One is Dead Rising 3, the second game you should buy is Titanfall, but the third game you should get is Ryse:Son of Rome. Ryse may not be perfect, but it's still a very good game with a lot of great things to offer any gamer. Expand
  52. Sep 21, 2014
    2/10 because it is not worth the price tag. This game should be free to Xbox One owners, or at the very most cost $10, because you will not get anymore than 5 hours into this game without being bored. It looks fantastic, the acting is great, but it is so repetitive you lose interest within 5 hours.
  53. Nov 23, 2013
    game is too short to get boring like everyone says. the online is great fun competition. best looking game of next gen. combat is smooth. in game menu's are smooth. good story telling. the campaign is short so it you are just going for that and no multiplayer then rent this game.
  54. Dec 23, 2013
    It's fun and enriching.
    On rails.
    Combo executions.
    In game purchases are the latest fad.
    Buy a bag of gold ala INFINITY BLADE.
    There is still a lot to offer.
  55. Sep 4, 2014
    This game is highly and unfairly underrated. I don't know if it was the hate for the Xbox One that spread over and caused some people to be harsh on Ryse, but whatever it was all I know is that Ryse is a lot better than some of the reviews would lead you to believe.

    I should say that I don't actually own an Xbox One, but I was able to play through the game on weekends at a friend's
    house. I don't think the game actually deserves a 10, but there are far too many fanboys giving it scores like '1', which is just absolutely ridiculous.

    I'm not going to say the combat is amazing because it is not very deep and somewhat repetitive, but it does look very cool and can be pretty satisfying and fun. Gameplay in general is decently good, not amazing.

    Story-wise I found this game to be great. The narrative kept me interested the whole way through. It feels like a high budget movie in many ways.

    The sound is excellent and the graphics are jaw dropping. Pretty much unrivaled by any other console game.

    All in all I would give this game an 8. All of its attributes combine into a pretty enjoyable whole.
  56. Aug 22, 2014
    Ryse: Son of Rome is a VERY underrated game. Let me start of by saying that Ryse is totally undeserving of anything below a 60% score. I picked this game up a day after I got my xbox one at launch last November and I loved it. The graphics - Beautiful. The storyline - good, but could use some work. The replayability - Mmm okay I guess but not the best in this aspect, it's occasionally a bit repetitive but good fun never the less. The online play is good fun to have a crack at with a friend.

    Again, totally undeserving of the
  57. Aug 30, 2014
    Beautiful graphics. Redundant gameplay. Pay for DLC. Still kind of fun. I love the Roman Era. That's why I bought this game. If they make a ryse 2, I hope they will make it less repetitive.
  58. Feb 3, 2014
    First of all, I'd like to say that I am not a fan of the beat'em all genre. Not at all. So when a game brings me to beat it twice, in a genre that I dislike, THAT IS A GOOD GAME. The thing is... What people tend to forget is that EVERY beat'em all game is repetitive. Any game of any genre actually. So what makes Ryse different ? It is incredibly addictive. The story is amazing, every character has its own personality, there is work behind that. A lot. And the universe is completely credible, and though it is fiction, I had no problem believing in every happening story event.

    Gameplay side, the experience and character evolution is okay. Very classic, but still, you'll enjoy unlocking everything for your character, specially executions. And the game takes all its sense on Legendary difficulty. It is truly challenging. The AI is nothing like what any developer ever did before, since you'll feel like she's learning from your way of playing.

    Graphically, I won't even bother explain how perfect it is. I've never seen such a realistic render. Shaders are just impressive.

    Voice acting and all the soundtrack is of great quality.

    And here's the conclusion, this game is a masterpiece of art. It is going to draw you all the way in a Roman second century drama. Its realization, and story will keep you from stop playing it.

    I'll give it a ten, because I believe there will be a sequel, if it pushes further in character evolution.
  59. Nov 27, 2013
    Pros: The game looks really good, and it was kind of neat to go into battle formation with other soldiers.

    Cons: Repetitive, predictable, no challenge, only 10 stages.

    It was a pretty big let down.
  60. Dec 5, 2013
    Ok, so I wasn't gonna buy this one, and fate just threw it on my lap. So I played it.
    Since I had read loads of reviews, I was already expecting something bad. Like, really really bad.
    At the beginning of the game I felt it was an incomplete piece os sh*t, with shallow gameplay that didn't even require me to press buttons at quick time events.
    I even turned off my console and planned to
    sell the game. But, since it was a gift, I decided to at least go through the whole thing one time.
    And you know what? The game is actually kinda cool.
    Executions are not at all varied, but they are very cool-looking and easy to perform, with easy and very responsive controls.
    the skill tree is shallow as hell, period.
    The plot is overall very good, voice acting is competent and of course, graphics are awesome.
    So what I can say is this: Don't get dragged by the negative hype. Give this one a chance.
    It might not be a deep game with lots of options, but it is a good first appearance of a new franchise on a new platform, and it could be greatly improved on future instalments.
    It's certainly not the game we hoped for, and also not the piece of crap others say it is.
  61. Nov 23, 2013
    I want you guys to look who is making negative reviews. By and large they are people who downvote every XBone game. I know why. You know why. Ignore their ratings. READ the top reviews.

    I'm giving this game a ten to help balance out the scores. It is probably about an 8. Why? Production values. As a fellow game designer I have rarely seen such a beautifully put together world. The story
    is a bit weak, but lets face it... was God of War any better? No, it was a cliche rip off of mythology. This is FAR better than that in my opinion because I could almost believe parts of it.

    I don't find the gameplay boring, but it does get repetitive. But all games do in my opinion and I've been playing them since the start of the video game era in the 80's.

    I've got great hope that addons to this game are going to make it one of the must haves, which is already is... simply for it's beauty.

    Game on fellow players.
  62. Jan 10, 2014
    Ryse is a beautiful game with terrible game play. Forcing(well strong-arming) the user to use Kinect is not cool and I really hope MS$ doesn't make this a thing going forward. Overall I had fun playing but I would have liked them to mix it up a bit with the combat and controls.
  63. Jan 17, 2014
    8.5! The graphics are spectacular. Although the gameplay mechanics have been deemed repetitive, it's super fun! what game isn't repetitive in some degree? This game comes with a decent variety of enemies, and is incredibly satisfying to combo your way through them all (Batman anyone? You know what I mean). The multiplayer is subtle in how addicting the customization of your gladiator is, so you won't find nerds with diamond plated weapons *cough* call of duty crap. The story is challenging and feels like you're in a movie or tv series. I think people were just a little too harsh on this game, for a launch title, hats off to it. Expand
  64. Mar 15, 2014
    YAWN........ This is the best most beautiful looking TURD that I have ever seen. BORING. The same over and over and over and over again....... YAWN. Lazy developers giving you the moist tedious repetitive game that has ever been produced.
  65. Nov 22, 2013
    Ryse is basically a tech demo. It looks amazing, but it plays like mud and is extremely boring. Gameplay is buggy, broken and boring. The story is mediocre at best. Overall, I'd say skip it until it reaches the bargain bin.
  66. Apr 21, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Jogo lindo, historia envolvente e muito mais!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Expand
  67. Nov 25, 2013
    I bought this game through Amazon because I had some amazon gift cards that I hadn't used. I bought it that way because I didn't want to actually buy it because of the bad reviews. After playing it, I'm surprised it got such bad reviews. This game is a lot of fun. It's a beautiful game and the gameplay and story are great.
  68. Apr 28, 2014
    Ryse Is beautiful, The cryengine is amazing and crytech really outdid themselves. From the dusty colosseum to the lush forest, this game looks superb. The gameplay, as you've probably heard, is a bit repetitive, but not nearly as much as everyone would lead you to suspect. The action is cool and there's plenty of blood and gore. Just because the action is repetitive doesn't mean there isn't a challenge. The campaign is beautiful and the story is interesting, I especially like how they didn't try to make an over the top story. The multiplayer is where the game becomes worth a score of 8. It's in depth and is very challenging. The arena is constantly changing and new barbarians are swarming you every minute. Even with the same combos and executions, there is no lack of action or difficulty. Also, many people complained that the slow-motion executions lose their fun halfway through the game, but that's not the case, and even if you do get bored of the executions, they are completely optional. This game needs to be in every xbox one owners library. Ryse shows exactly why the next gen is so great, and proves that the next gen was worth the investment. This game just gets me excited for what's to come. Go out and get this game, you won't regret it. Defend Rome and conquer your enemies with the best looking xbox one game released to date. Expand
  69. Feb 27, 2014
    A great and beatiful game. Really next-gen. Very good to play. Very nice scenarios. Very good action. The campain is a little bit short, but no so short as some people are saying. Multiplayer mode is not so good. It's cool, but get tired quickly. Worth the money. Very pleasant.
  70. Mar 25, 2014
    A pretty amazing looking game with gorgeous lighting and visuals. The story in Ryse is also pretty stellar. The gameplay is good, but it can get repetitive after a while, and that's the only drawback to the experience. However, playing this game has made me very optimistic about the future of the future of the Xbox One, because from the looks of things, the sky is the limit when it comes to amazing graphics. Expand
  71. Sep 4, 2014
    It's a nice game. A good story mode, a good arena mode. Sadly, the game kinda gets a bit too flooded with the DLC Money and stuff, still, it's a fun game here and there.
  72. Oct 7, 2014
    Like the sorority girl you wish you hadn't started a conversation with at that party, Ryse: Son of Rome is both beautiful and utterly lacking depth or vision.

    First, the positive: Ryse: Son of Rome is the most beautiful game I've yet played in the 'Next Gen'. The architecture of Rome is presented gloriously. I spent many a minute studying a statue or intricate pattern on the marble
    inlay of a grand hall. The textures are incredibly high fidelity, and do not lose any of their luster when examined closely. The lighting engine is glorious, with motes of dust suspended in shafts of sunlight and sparks whipping through the air above a fire. Truly a spectacle to behold, especially in the more chaotic battle scenes, where mighty catapults fling flaming boulders into the splintering decks of triremes charging towards a shore wreathed in battle and blood.

    Unfortunately, graphical fidelity is where my praise for the title ends. There is little to be done in the game that hasn't been well trod by developers with a superior footing. The combat is a standard hack and slash/QTE execution affair, and you will have seen all of those within the first 30 minutes. The story is overly reliant on well worn tropes (be prepared to avenge the death of family members you won't remember the names of a full minute after they're butchered) and the whole affair is bogged down in the mire that is the repetitive nature of the tasks you are presented with.

    Curiously, the game chooses to use ACTUAL historical figures in the presentation of the story. I say curiously, as anyone with a passing knowledge of Roman History will find the references to Oswald, Nero, Boudica et al at odds with the time periods in which they existed and the nature of their ACTUAL character/demeanor/motivations. Hard to feel like a hero (or even an antihero) in the narrative when you have a hand in Rome's interactions with Boudica (to cite but a single example of the required cognitive dissonance to get anything from the story).

    On the whole, Ryse is a game that bears a rental, assuming you've an interested in sheer spectacle, but otherwise fails to maintain anything resembling engagement when taken as a whole. There is also a cooperative multiplayer arena mode, but I found myself so disinterested in the title 3/4's the way through, that I didn't even bother to give it a look.
  73. Dec 1, 2013
    I really enjoyed Ryse. The melee combat reminded me of the Batman franchise which I really like. The single player game isn't very long, unfortunately for some, but I don't have the attention span to play marathon experiences anymore so I personally prefer shorter games, though maybe you would wait a bit for a more accessible price for such a short game. The variety in enemies is disappointing. The credit claim the game took 7 years to create, so I'm assuming that energy went into the world and 3D character modeling and animation rather than gameplay features, however, it is a launch title after all and it is to be expected that a game like this would showcase the power of the system before it awes you into an inspiring story driven epic. Expand
  74. Nov 22, 2013
    Ive read a lot of reviews saying this game is bad, but it isn't all bad. The only thing that I can admit it does wrong is the length of the game which I clocked in about 7 hours worth. The gameplay is amazing watching the executions never gets old, the story is good as well maybe not the best, but you tell its trying to be something different. I loved this game and i loved how it looked no matter where you are in it. A great first game on the xbox one. Don't judge it on the bad reviews try it for yourself and I'm pretty sure you'd love it as well. Expand
  75. Nov 29, 2013
    While the Graphics on this game are pretty, the game play is lacking, if you get past the shiny pretty stuff you'll realize the game is sub-par and inst really that good, after about 3 hours i was pissed i owned the game it just wasn't that good. If you like pretty graphics and that's all you care about chances are you'll like it but the game is very repetitive tedious.
  76. Jan 20, 2014
    Was better than most negative publicity it recieved. I loved feeling like russell crowes maximus oreilious(the gladiator) what a great feeling.... loved the graphics, amazing animations. Hack and slashing fun, combos looked fairly sweet, nice to see what kind of graphics xbone can do. Yes its short and multiplayer was fun but monotonous, super rental, not to purchase.
  77. Jun 16, 2014
    This game is stunningly beautiful, feels amazing, and is full of spectacle. Plus, the story is awesome. Still, the gameplay lacks depth and the game isn't worth $60 for a decent multiplayer and 6 hour campaign. Also, there are only like three or four different enemy models. It becomes very repetitive. Despite all these things, this game is will blow you away with its graphics and the way it feels, plays, and pulls you along with its story. I'd recommend it for an awesome Roman flair added to a unique version of sword gameplay that has become to feel familiar in other games. Expand
  78. Oct 22, 2014
    I don't get all these bad reviews, Ryse is The Best next gen game so far, more fun than God of War: Ascension and more movie like then Beyond Two Souls.
  79. Feb 25, 2014
    Ryse Son of rome was my absolute favorite game to release on the next generation of systems. The Graphics were absolutely breath taking, The story was incredible and even-though the game wasn't very long i absolutely enjoyed every minute of it. I really don't understand the hate the game has been getting because i have none to give. The ending was truly spectacular and i am just happy i ignored the critics and picked this up worth every penny! Expand
  80. Dec 11, 2013
    A great new franchise with great ambitions in a setting that has yet to be seen on the 360/One world. No doubt there will be a sequel to this game. If you want to prove and put your Xbox One to the test this game is pure eye candy. The story is pretty good and keeps your attention. There is a lot of room for improvement though. I would really like to see PVP and an open world like assasins creed has done. The arena feels a bit tacked on and the game is a 50gb install so make sure you have the space. Expand
  81. Nov 22, 2013
    This might be one of my favorite games to play! It was the first game that I popped in to play when I got my xbox one. The graphics look spectacular! The storyline is great. The graphic kills my favorite part! I would have given it a higher score but the campaign is short.. but after the first three hours of the game you know exactly what to do and I like that! With more DLC to come for this game I look forward to the future hopefully a difficulty spike cuz I get thru hack and slash games rather quickly. But if you want quick out of the box fun pick up Ryse Expand
  82. Dec 8, 2013
    Ryse: Son Of Rome is a game that is quite well done but lacks some features that are integral to a story driven hack and slash. There isn't a lot of innovation when it comes to a Hack and Slash title but you'll find that Ryse combat system is quite dull and repetitive and quickly wears the player out within your first hour of play. Enemies become increasingly predictable in the way that they fight the longer you play it and your own combat style is very limited to a parry, slash, bash and execution. The VO is another aspect of this game I think fell short. From the beginning I was confused and puzzled by the VO in the sense that most of the voices sound very similar if not the same. Regardless of the negatives this game delivered on some key features. The game looks gorgeous and is without a doubt one of the best looking launch titles from either company. The story is intense and well done with a predictable first half of a story matched with an interesting and different second half. The dialogue I thought was well written to create some truly intense moments but was really undersold by the VO. I would recommend this game to a certain type of person. Expand
  83. Dec 21, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. My review of Rise: Son of Rome is that from a Retro Gamer and who values a GOOD Story Campaign... Yes the Gameplay is very very repetitive, Yes the Visual Graphics are Great to Look at on 1080 tv screen but it has very short Generic story campaign!!!

    In generally, video games are revolving around the online or mult-player game value!!! Too, why pretty soon there won't be ANYMORE Story Campaigns in a Video Game!!! And what will you GUYS DO when they STOP SUPPORTING the servers of these so called GREAT WORKS OF ART I ASK YOU??
    A LAN Party anyone kinda like the CounterStrike GOOD OLE Days... Hopefully, you'll get around that END USER AGREEMENT that you click on BEFORE YOU PLAYED THAT GAME OR I'll SEE YOU IN COURT... Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc. v. Nintendo of America, Inc. for all you Video Game History Buffs out there!!! READ UP ON THAT!!!

    Anyways, while playing Ryse: Son of Rome I notice the old familiar 6ft 2 brown hair white guy hero mold, which brought back so many memories like playing Mass Effect series, Grand Theft Auto series, UnCharted series and so many others to be so original!!! NOT...

    Getting pass that, I first felt like I was playing Shadow of Rome a PS2 Title, Spartan Total Warrior a Xbox Title both which are GREAT TITLES TO PLAY but then I started to say NO... Then, I thought about Gladiator circa 2000 & 300 circa 2007 films but NO once again... But, when the storyline shifted to Britannia then it hit me and I started to think about King Arthur movie circa 2004, WHICH IS A EXCELLENT MOVIE TO WATCH IF YOU HAVEN"T SEEN IT TO WATCH!!!

    Because, all the elements were there for the taking... I mean, the King of Britannia had a warrior daughter and they could had developed a real love story between two of them and him protecting her people against wrong doings of Rome especially after the King was wrongly killed in front of their eyes!!! And Marius could of still gotten his revenge tied into one powerfully storyline... But they just couldn't do it... Nope... I mean, Marius and Boudica could had been the parents of King Arthur in this revisionist version of the History!!!

    Like I said before: You still could had Marius going back to Rome and having him fight his way through the Arena and winning the favor of the crowd and still have him killing the Emperor and his Sons and saving Rome from itself and returning back to the People and going back to Britannia to be with Boudica and NOT CUTTING OFF HER HEAD, which he did INSTEAD!!!

    As, this was not a GREEK TRAGEDY like the GOD OF WAR SERIES or even DANTE'S INFERNO HAVING NO LOVE INTERESTS CONTAIN AT ALL IN THE STORYLINE!!! OOOO HIS PARENTS DIED AND HIS SISTER WE NEVER SAW BUT FOR HER DEAD BODY!!! AND HE WAS WRONGED ON THE BATTLEFIELD by defending YORK and I know your asking yourself this same question: When did Marius officially die to become Damocles??? Was after his father dies, was it when he got kick off the ledge in the Northern Lands or after defending York??? You tell me... You know what on second thought: I DON'T CARE!!!

    THIS Ryse: Son of Rome WAS JUST A MEDIOCRE GAME AT BEST with a LACKLUSTER STORY, that took a leisure weekend to beat; if that...
  84. Jan 7, 2014
    Ok so i have to admit, the first 4 missions are a bit crap, but mission 5 onwards is just the best storyline ever. Repetetive, but then again, what combat game isnt. Multiplayer is small, boring and theres nothing to do. I highly reccomend seeing this through to the end, because the ending of this game makes the 3 tedious hours previous worth it.
  85. Feb 22, 2014
    Got this game a little late, but just finished it. The game is very enjoyable, but once you complete the story there really is not much appeal to keep playing after that. The multiplayer is very basic, and most of the time you can't even match up with someone. The story mode was a great play through. It has a good story to it, but the gameplay does get extremely repetitive. I played on the second highest difficulty (the hardest difficulty is unlocked after you beat the game) and there was just no real challenge. The game takes no skill, and is just a button smash type of game. This game can also be completed in about 6 hours and that was another downfall in my opinion. Overall, for one of the first games out for the Xbox One it was an OK game. It could have been a lot better, but it is worth a play. Expand
  86. Mar 16, 2014
    Ryse was a very disappointing game for me. At 60$ all you're getting is a very short, very boring story with quite possibly the most boring combat (basically the whole game) I have ever experienced. The ONLY thing this game sis worthy of is flashing it's awesome visuals. If this game were a girl, it would be a REALLY hot girl that has a TERRIBLE personality and is waiting for marriage to have sex while you've been dating for 3 years. All flash, no show. Worth 5$ or less. Expand
  87. Mar 11, 2014
    Ryse is definitely unfairly judged. It doesnt have much depth, the game is short, and the multiplayer is well... Forgettable.
    So why is it underrated? Because it is a blast. The whole game is an action packed adventure through dark jungles and crumbling cities. The story is lacking depth, but it is a fun tale with surprisingly good acting.
    It is criticized for the use of QTEs, but they
    are optional, and being able to see some awesome executions is often worth it.
    Is it a must buy? No. But there are many worse ways to spend a weekend
  88. Nov 23, 2013
    Great cinematic experience. The game is also challenging where it counts. If you are looking for an experience then this game is for you. On the other hand if you are looking to grind and skip through the story then probably not so much.
  89. Dec 3, 2013
    Is this the best game made? No. However, it also is not the worst game made. I love how people complain it is repetitive. EVERY game made is repetitive, including MMOs. The fights feel like they were going for a Batman: Arkham (et al) feel to them and they were able to get the fluid part down.

    This game was made with eye candy in mind. The scenery and environments were incredible.
    The people's expressions and body movements were really good as well. The details that you can see make you want to stop and just look around. It is a really good launch title that shows off what next gen is going to be like (and from here it will only get better). The atmosphere from the sounds were incredible as well. They also had top notch voice acting (when there was actually speaking).

    Do I wish there was more to the game? A little. I wish they would have fleshed the story out a little more, it was pretty good but it seems to be a little short.

    This game is kind of like Knack in that people are either going to hate it or they will really enjoy it.
  90. Feb 14, 2014
    Very good story, Very good graphics! Very beatiful and addictive game! At the moment BEST GAME for new generation consoles! There is no better game available today on new generation consoles!
  91. Jan 6, 2014
    The graphics are great, the story is good enough. I am not sure why everyone is saying the game play is boring and repetitive. I find this no more repetitive than any third-person action game. If you like games like Uncharted, you shouldn't really find this boring.

    I feel like the story could be longer, and the worlds more open. It is pretty easy to find all of the extras hidden
    within the level. Not much replay value here, but if you can rent and play it all in a few days, or get a good deal on a price drop, check it out. Expand
  92. Dec 17, 2013
    My first impressions of this game was anything but good. The characters, the story, the linear gameplay. Apart from the fantastic looks and the delightful violence, this game seemed to totally iss the target. But I paid for it, so I continued playing. After the first sequence, which is more like a tutorial-session that sets the base of the story, this game really takes a turn for the better. The fighting, which seemed easy and dull, quickly turns into challenging and fun

    gameplay. The acting and story, which seemed just lame, all of a sudden becomes really good. I even tried the

    kinect-part, where you can give orders to your soldiers by shouting them; it is a LOT faster than holding LB, and at

    higher difficulties you need the edge. The giving orders part is not a big part of the game, by the way.

    The fighting can almost be compared to Assassins Creed, but it is a lot less forgiving. Ryse is all about timing and situational awareness, the reward for a perfect combo or a double execution makes you really want to master it. Cutting off limbs, crushing heads, impaling and shield smashing. I rarely enjoyed it more. Boy was I wrong about this game.

    Multiplayer is gladiator 2 player coop against waves of enemies. Great fun. Win fights, buy better gear and fight on. I can't how long this game will last, but right now it's bang for the buck. A lot more than I'd expect from Crytec.
  93. Nov 22, 2013
    Very strongly addictive, so everything looks around. This unusual, very beautiful, unexpectedly brutal game so far the only major project for this console, from which, they say, "smells blockbuster" and perhaps the main reason to buy this console.
  94. Nov 27, 2013
    the intese abuse of the secuence button smashing actions is really annoying, its hard to diggest even with that majestic graphics. The game free will abscence is absolute
  95. Dec 5, 2013
    Since the day I decided to buy an Xbox One, the game that impressed me the most was Ryse: Son of Rome. The graphics looked clearly next-gen, the setting of ancient Rome was awesome, and the vicious, bloody combat reminded me of God of War.
    But as time went on, most of the feedback from game critics was negative. Combat driven by quick time events, repetitive combat, and a general lack of
    polish was what many claimed.
    Regardless of the noise, Ryse was the first game to grace my Xbox One. And having spent 2 weeks with the game, despite it being a launch title, it will be extremely difficult for any Xbox One title to satisfy me and entertain me the way Ryse:Son of Rome did.
    GRAPHICS (10): Any fears I had about the Xbox One not being powerful enough were washed away by Ryse. I mean, it's just beautiful. The level of detail in everything from the environments to the clothing is astounding. Nothing in the Xbox One launch lineup comes close to Ryse in the graphics department.
    PRESENTATION (10): Besides the awesome graphics, Ryse's presentation is second to none. The story is very strong in Ryse, and Crytek made sure to deliver on dramatic moments throughout the campaign.
    GAMEPLAY (9): The biggest criticism of Ryse was repetitive combat. Well, you play as a Roman soldier leading an army, so fighting is all you do. I mean, what else would there be to do? If critics wanna say Ryse is repetitive, then so is Halo, cause all you do is shoot the same aliens over and over again. That's not a criticism of Halo, it's just to illustrate how overblown the "repetitive combat" gripe is. And besides, the game does mix things up quite a bit. And as far as the quick time events, they are only used as execution kills after you have taken each enemy's health down to almost zero, so the combat system is far from just pushing buttons. The one fair criticism is the same enemies are used way to frequently, breaking some of the realism. Still, a pretty minor complaint.
    CONTROLS(9): Controlling your actions is fairly easy and intuitive. The only control issue I found was as times it seemed I should have pulled off a defensive counter and I would still take a hit. But again, except for this minor gripe, controls are mostly excellent.
    FUN(10): What makes Ryse fun is the intense combat. It's challenging and requires focus, especially when you are fighting 2 or 3 enemies at the same time. It's also a lot of fun to see where the story goes. I've played through the campaign twice, which I only do if a game is really fun.
    FINAL SCORE (10): When you add it all up, Ryse: Son of Rome deserves the highest score I can give. The complaints are minor. And with an incredible story, next gen graphics, fun and challenging combat, and an overall kickass presentation, I don't know how it could have been better. I'll be hoping for the announcement of Ryse 2 in the future...
  96. Mar 11, 2014
    Very good game my favorite xbone game by far and my favorite of any game.. It is superior to everything and should be in the hall of fame for best videogame of all time.. Game reminds me of sonic the hedgehog 2 but with better graphics
  97. Nov 28, 2013
    Way better than the anti-hype run up the internet boards would have you believe. I honestly bought it thinking it was going to be kinda crappy but figured it was launch and graphically it looked awesome so I'd get over it. I was pleasantly surprised that not only was the game not crappy but I ended up having a lot of fun with it.
  98. Nov 26, 2013
    Probably the best looking next gen game so far. I understand that a lot of people are slating this because of the control system but honestly this is no more repetitive that and other hack and slash game. The game has a strong story that once completed left me wanting more. Crytek have done a great job with the game which should have received as lot more praise than most reviews have given it so far. Expand
  99. Nov 24, 2013
    I just finished Ryse and im just blown away. I really loved it and im playing through it again on legendary. The combat for me is fun. I never get tired of whipping my opponent through the air and dismembering him as he falls down (just one example of tons of animations the developers have created). The brutality of the out come of a perfect parry and fighting several opponents at once is rewarding (you can't see that finisher animation if you get hit or keeping slashing without looking out for prompts). The only gripe I have is that the enemies repeat themselves so you end up fighting the same looking dude a lot of times or even two at once.
    Multiplayer is fun as heck. Character development for the campaign is a bit shallow but multiplayer's leveling up is addicting and being able to upgrade your character with gold is well done (although micro-transactions cheapen the feel a bit). Im confused about reviewers giving it such a low score but you really must try it. I guess perhaps being a fan of roman lore helped me get into it much more than others.
  100. Nov 30, 2013
    From what I can tell from reviews here there are a lot of Sony or MS fanboys trying to fight their stupid side of the "console war," or PC fans who are unhappy about Crytek's focus on console starting with Crysis 2. This game is no The Last of Us, Bioshock, God of War, etc, but it's also not as bad as many claim either.
    Obvious bit first: this game is drop dead gorgeous. I really don't
    think that can be overstated. The combat is not that deep, which is frustrating because it would have been nice to expand your moveset as the game progressed, but it's not endlessly mashing X to Jason either, at least not if you play on higher than recruit difficulty. The game is short at around 5-6 hours long, it's mostly a hack and slash corridor title, and the story is pretty predictable. That said it's also somewhat of an enjoyable story. Nothing mind blowing and not exactly historically accurate, but a good "dumb action flick" with Centurions, barbarians, and some impressive atmosphere and setpieces. I bought this game with the sole purpose of delighting in the visuals, and was fully expecting to be bored stiff after reading all of the reviews out there, but I was pleasantly surprised that I actually enjoyed the experience.
    If you want to show off the fancy shininess of your new console, or if you just like simple straight forward hack-n-slash this is a good title for it.
    Note: I haven't checked out the multiplayer, so I can't give an opinion on that facet.
  101. Apr 11, 2014
    For a start the graphics are the best I have ever seen, everything looks so smooth, consistent and realistic. The controls are very responsive and smooth. The storyline is actually very well done, a few twists and turns which keep you guessing and very good overall really. There is a co-operative multiplayer mode laced with different arenas, and modes fun for a little while. The combat however simple was extremely satisfying and gruesome, ever fitting with the brutal element which resides in the heart of rome itself. Collapse

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  1. Positive: 8 out of 77
  2. Negative: 9 out of 77
  1. Sep 8, 2014
    Ryse is a bit of a marmite game, if you are looking for a great gaming experience that takes forever to perfect then Ryse is not for you. If you are interested in a Roman interactive movie with a solid story line then I’d say give it a shot.
  2. 40
    Beautiful but stale, boring, shallow and lacking in variation.
  3. Sep 4, 2014
    Ryse: Son of Rome is a really good looking game, but at the same time incredible stupid. Thanks to the graphics and the amount of brutal combat the adventure managed to entertain, at least for a bit. If you find Ryse on sale it can be worth a closer look, but for a full price game it’s a disappointment.