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  2. Negative: 15 out of 41

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  1. Jan 3, 2014
    Best Skylanders game yet. Hands down. Huge graphical upgrade, vibrant colors and environments. The SwapForce characters that come with the new portal are fun and engaging, and the ability to create multiple characters through swapping tops and bottoms is terrific. At a time where standard off the shelf games now sell $40 Season Passes for DLC, or Microtransaction you to death, with hundreds of dollars worth of extras for enhanced gameplay, the idea of spending $50-100 to get tangible items seems more palatable than ever before. Nice variety in levels, and the newly included ability to jump, makes you wonder what took so long to include it. Adds a whole new element to the game. The bonus? All previous (non Lightcore-I believe) Skylanders work in this game. That's right, your Spyro's Adventure guys, your Giants, all of them work, all with upgraded graphics, carried over skills and abilities, and they too can jump. It's crazy to call a game with so many peripherals available a great "value" but thanks to some consumer-friendly decisions, it all works together better than ever. Highly recommended for kids, couch co-op, or any age single player fun. Expand
  2. Apr 5, 2014
    The Xbox One version of this game is amazing. Crisp graphics and detail. I upgraded from the 360 version and it is like going from VHS to Blu-Ray. This is a great game, the best in the series by far.
  3. Jan 5, 2014
    Got this game to play with my daughter, and never imagined that i would end up loving the game. It is beautiful, but and the checkpoints are placed in perfect spots which protects you from having to replay tons of content that you just flew past. The game is crazy fun for the whole family and the new secret areas (ie rocket power can open Great fun. The little characters can add up financially.. but so do add-ons for GHOST/ battlefield or any other game. So in summation.. it's a blast. Recommend. You can drop a few hundred dollars to the characters.. but 30 seconds on eBay and you will see you can get almost ever cent you put into it back Expand

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  2. Negative: 0 out of 3
  1. Mar 14, 2014
    The added improvements in graphics and audio will certainly outweigh any minor annoyances the Xbox One version brings.
  2. Nov 23, 2013
    If you didn’t dive into the world of Skylanders yet, this is the version to get with its crisp and detailed visuals. Unfortunately SwapForce is not part of the upgrade program.
  3. 70
    The game's still an utterly charming and absorbing linear platformer, with plenty of secrets knotted into its path.