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  1. Jan 19, 2014
    Zumba is a fantastic game for those who want to have a variety of music and culture in their dancing game, and a fun one to boot. It's a bit more forgiving than Just Dance 2014, so when you hear the music and see the dance patterns it usually gives credit where credit is due, unless you aren't moving of course. If you're looking for household names and pop stars, then look away; this set-list is attune to just the music going to the moves, as well as Zumba original music. That said it's all very fun, there's a solid variety to the songs, and once you find some that you like, you're pretty hooked. Zumba has some incredibly frustrating kinect controls, it was a huge mistake not to implement use of the controller to navigate menus. Also with multiple players, the kinect has a difficult time linking a gamertag to the person, and when you want to sign in to continue your workout progress it becomes very tedious. My only other complaint is that I wish the setlist were a little bit more than 44 songs, but at the same time that's hardly anything to rag on, considering the replay-ability on most of the songs. If you're looking for a game to dance to and maybe get something out of it, Zumba hits the right notes, it'll make you sweat after a few songs, the music is fun, and it really moves every part of your body. Just make sure you have the patience to tolerate the kinect and it's few shortcomings. Full Review »