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  • Summary: Kick off the FIFA World Cup season with 2002 FIFA World Cup, which captures every moment of glory, every emotion, and every sound of the global event. The game boasts licenses from the official FIFA World Cup, insignia, mascots, and the 20 new World Cup stadiums in Japan and Korea. Another enhancement includes Air Play, a new control scheme that delivers intuitive one-button headers, volleys, scissors kicks, juggling, and more. Choose your team and then compete in a seven-game series beginning with round-robin play, followed by playoffs that lead to the final match. Expand
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  1. 90
    The Xbox version of 2002 has the sharpest visuals of the three platforms...It would have been nice to have more teams and customizable modes.
  2. This game does at times feel a tad slower than Konami's "MLS," but the pace simply suits some gamers better than others. [July 2002, p.78]
  3. 82
    The soccer engine is as solid and refined as ever but this World Cup edition is painfully bereft of features.
  4. The player models are so life like you don’t have to wait for the commentary to know who has the ball. Players like Paul Scholes and Freddy Ljungberg have a distinct look to them.
  5. More depth and modes would lift it to stellar heights.
  6. While it may not be the deepest around, FIFA is just plain fun. [Summer 2002, p.92]
  7. 60
    I give mad props to the guys at EA Sports for creating a game that so accurately captures the atmosphere of the World Cup, the only problem is, that’s all they’ve done.

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