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  • Summary: Rip the ultimate line on wide-open, real mountains packed with challenges. Whether you hit the cliffs, grind fallen trees, jib the rainbow tree rail, or take the hidden paths, you decide where and how you go down. While you pull off insane tricks on rails, kickers, and half pipes, remember to pose for roaming photographers and camera crews. With enough exposure, you'll find your face on magazine covers and videos and even become an international media superstar. Expand
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  1. Not only the best snowboarding game to date, but one of the better games out right now for any system. With its amazing graphics, good sound and unbelievable gameplay, Amped will keep you busy for a long long time.
  2. The sound track is exceptional. The music is solid, the vocal abuse is crisp, and the sound effects are exactly what one would expect to hear.
  3. 86
    Amped may not be exactly like snowboarding, but it's the closest you can get without equipment.
  4. 80
    Amped isn't the most fun-filled snowboarding game you can buy, but it's easily the deepest and most satisfying.
  5. The interlocking level goals in the career mode ooze intelligent design. [Xgamer Magazine]
  6. It's too bad that all these extras outshine the game's dull and problematic gameplay. [Dec 2001, p.104]
  7. It’s fun in small doses, but frustrating whenever you try to get into it.

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