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  1. 45
    And if you play enough, I'll bet you'll even want to slit your own throat. I almost did. But the knife, thematic apropos, was plastic. Sob... Sarge's War is relatively competent, but so dull and dumbed down that it feels like it was designed for the inept gamer.
  2. It's not thunderously bad, but it is offensively plain, and there are some really daft design decisions lurking among the ridges of this DVD.
  3. The breaking of the missions into arbitrary short sections doesn't work for me, as I would prefer to see a large mission with sub-goals rather than what feels like lots of really short missions.
  4. There's no attempt here to take a risk and try something new, which may have turned the whole series around...If they couldn't be bothered to make the effort and create a decent game from the plastic soldier concept, why should we be bothered to play it?
  5. The only thing that saves this game from a [20] score is the fact that Global Software did recognize they had a weak title and priced it accordingly.
  6. The gameplay is horribly repetitive and dull, the controls are twitchy, the visuals are bland, and the audio is laughable.
  7. Cheat Code Central
    Even longtime fans of the series are bound to be disappointed with the premise and the gameplay.
  8. Disappointly average visuals...Suffers from erratic controls and tired gameplay.
  9. Yet another crap Army Men game, only about as good as all of its many predecessors put together. It's quite ugly, hard to control and really easy: it's like your first girlfriend. You'll have fun with it for a couple of hours but after a day or so you'll change your phone number and hope it doesn't go psycho.
  10. I think blowing little plastic chunks off the enemy is great, and if done right would be a blast. There is some mojo to be found in the plastic patriots, but a serious overhaul if overdue.
  11. Xbox Nation Magazine
    When all the bullets are spent and the smoke clears, you're left asking, "Sarge's War, what is it good for?" The answer is, well, you already know. [Oct 2004, p.97]
  12. The controls are all over the place, the collision detection is laughable, the missions are dull and it is the biggest waste of time and money since that thing KLF did ages ago. By no means be fooled into buying this, nah, you won't be, no-one is that stupid.
  13. Apart from the obvious flaw of a kids' game with enough violence to command an M15+ rating, this is an inexcusably formulaic and tedious shoot-'em-up.
  14. They say that war is hell -- but trust me, you'd rather be burning in the fiery pits of Dante's worst nightmares than play through Army Men: SargeĀ“s War.
  15. A dull and unimaginative affair and if you are unfortunate enough to receive this as a gift, you should start thinking about what you did to offend the person who gave it to you.
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  1. Uter
    Jul 28, 2004
    Army Men should rule just based on the great concept, but somehow the franchise has never been done very well. And here it's a little Army Men should rule just based on the great concept, but somehow the franchise has never been done very well. And here it's a little worse than usual. The graphics are nicely improved, but the gameplay... agh. The beginning is so disjointed. It's cut up into tiny sections that are all so similar. It's just plain boring, and the shooting is unfun. Full Review »