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  • Summary: Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance is an action RPG with an epic tale of intrigue, explosive spell effects, and highly detailed creatures and environments. You play a one of three customizable characters, who returns to Baldur's Gate and joins the fight against the darkness that threatens its peace. Take on the monsters solo or with a friend in co-op mode. Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance is the first game to feature the real time application of the Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition rules. Collapse
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 25
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  1. Still, it's immense fun for two players, and the game is easy enough for anyone to pick up and get immersed in. If you like D&D games and are up for some monster killing action, this is your game.
  2. With great visuals, sound, controls and plenty of high-adventure, Dark Alliance is a very gratifying and addictive RPG experience.
  3. A great action-oriented RPG for those who like to spend more time killing hordes of monsters than reading screen after screen of conversational text.
  4. BG has the entire package: a great story, beautiful graphics, superb audio, all tied together with gameplay that will keep any action adventure gamer glued to their couch.
  5. 83
    Easily the coolest "Diablo"-style RPG available on any console, and the fact that it looks almost hotter than it plays is icing on the cake. [Jan 2003, p.58]
  6. As deep as any RPG, but its focus on fast-paced gameplay makes it as visceral as the spazziest beat 'em up. [Jan 2003, p.194]
  7. You get to impale, slash, fry, freeze and shatter zombies (all with a reliable and smooth camera that smartly scales and keeps track of the action), stomp on vermin in search of wine and money, watch the barmaid all but fall out of her blouse, and track down the scum-buckets who ripped you off in the first place.

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  1. Positive: 12 out of 13
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