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  • Summary: Framed for murder by Las Sombras' powerful Zanetti family, five underworld enforcers must confront rival gangs, a corrupt police force, and the Zanetti family themselves in order to exact their brutal revenge. Now play as one of the five outcasts, each with their own unique abilities. Fight with intensity to level up and gain new skills. Collapse
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  1. The RPG free roaming nature of the game is great and actually reminded me a little of the Tobal games from times past.
  2. Fists of Vengeance makes no pretence at being anything close to intelligent - it happily revels in its shameless idiocy, but it's fun through and through.
  3. Beatdown is a solid fighting themed action role-playing game brought down a notch by too much area transition loading and some limited promised features (like the ability to interrogate every character in the game).
  4. Building up a powerful gang from nothing under the watchful eye of the man sounds like fun, but the process in Beat Down is shallow and tiresome.
  5. It's even less successful as an adventure game because it's so superficial, small, and indistinct. There are very few memorable characters, although everyone has his or her own name.
  6. A dumb, forgettable game and nothing else. [Sept 2005, p.100]
  7. Other underachieving facets of the game, such as the awful, wildly repetitive music and the atrocious voice-acting, probably deserve comment, but I'm all out of apologies.

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  1. JoeM.
    Oct 6, 2005
    Truly shite.
  2. GerhardP.
    Nov 16, 2005
    A chock-full of cliches, crap, poor animation, silly story, bad camera, poor voice acting... you name it, it's there.