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    This isn't a hunting game. There's a lot of shooting, but you won't be tracking down any animals with any sort of strategy. The hunting area levels give you some freedom to move around and take down a foe, but it's still find animal, shoot and kill.
  2. The hunting and stalking elements are completely removed from the series and thus making Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2 a shooter with very little substance or redeemable qualities.
  3. To say this game is easy would be an understatement. It's presented as an arcade game rather than a hunting sim, and truth be told, I prefer it this way.
  4. A game that tries to combine killing animals with some popular elements from other action games, but sadly it falls fairly flat. Frustration is all too common and the missions aren't very involving despite their attempts at delivering some elements of a story.

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