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  1. Those looking for the best fishing and hunting game out there, you've just found it. With tons of items to unlock, bonus missions that you'll have the option to accept or refuse, and a host of other customizable options that help make this game the best there is given the subject.
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  1. PaulL.
    Oct 8, 2005
    An approvement on previous Cabela's hunting games both in graphics and content. The addition of fishing is a nice deversion from hunting, but fans of fishing games may find it simplistic. The environments are lusher and more populated with a variety of animals. The animals get more realistic looking with each game too. After each kill you can: View your trophy, see what zone of the animal you hit and gain reputation according to distance and trophy size/rarity. I have found myself stalking a deer until 2 a.m. and in the end any game that mimics its subject so well deserves a good score. Some gamers may be turned off because the game involves shooting "cute animals", but these same gamers find enjoyment slaping down hos in GTA. Give it a try, remember ... no animals were hurt making this game! Full Review »