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  1. Flawless controls and some of the most crisp, precise combat I've ever witnessed. [June 2005, p.56]
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  1. GioD.
    Mar 5, 2008
    I know this game has gotten TONS of hate and i can understand why, as it doesnt really come close to being as good as other Street Fighter or VS. titles but i have to admit that i did have alot of fun with it. Clearly, anyone who hasnt played SFII, SFAlpha3, SFIII, and DarkStalkers (not counting Red Earth being that most people never played it) and are not familiar with each games fighting system will wonder "whats the big deal"?. I think that the concept of fighting with each characters respective fighting systems was, and still is, a fantastic idea as it does add a whole new layer of depth to it. The whole problem with it was the INCREDIBLY SMALL roster. Ryu, Guile, Zangief, Bison, and Akuma make up the SF2 roster. Sakura, Rose, Guy, and Karin make up the SFAlpha roster. Urien, Alex, Yun, and Chun Li make up the SF3 roster. Demitri, Anakaris, Felicia, Jedah, and Pyron for DarkStalkers. And Hydron, Leo, Kenji, and Hauzer make up the Red Earth roster. Then you have the one exclusive new character which is a girl named Ingrid who they give absolutely no back story to. All together thats only 23 fighters and with all the omissions that capcom left out from each of these fighting series, it really is baffeling. Thats not to say that i think the game is bad, its just that it could have been so much more. But like i said earlier, i did have alot of fun with it and if you can look past the small roster and if you really are familiar with each of these different fighting systems, then i think you'll have a good amount of enjoyment (as i did) with Fighting Evolution. Full Review »
  2. AlejandroQ.
    Jan 15, 2008
    Capcom put no work into this game.It was very disappointing.