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  1. J.
    Feb 13, 2006
    I very rarely rate games low. I am a programmer as well as a games (from board to role-playing) enthusiast. It seems that these make me FAR more patient and understanding than the average video gamer. At least it always seems that way. Be this as it may, I had to take the time to come here and vote this game with what I feel is an accurate score. It is bad beyond excuse. I am more than willing to put up with game annoyances (GTA combat is horrible, but the rest of the game mroe than makes up for it, other games are terribly difficult but their save/check point systems offset this). This title, however, has so many that there is nothing good to get out of it. First, the camera is bad. This would not be all that terrible, but when it is coupled with an aiming system that is also terrible, it makes the game nothing more than a die and retry after you learn where the enemies are. I am no graphics hoe, but the very lame visuals are another nail. The voicing is not bad, but the script is so silly and weak that it comes across as less than mediocre. There are invisbile walls every where channeling you into a very linear path. The missions are short and shoddy (their shortness is actually almost a benefit with how close to unplayable it is, at least you don't have that far to go to get through a level...) All in all, I cannot recall being this disapointed and frustrated with a game. Full Review »