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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 24
  2. Negative: 4 out of 24
  1. An ambitious and varied return to form and Pivotal's best offering to date. A seriously kick-ass war game. [Xbox World]
  2. Easily the best game in the series to date. We can, at last, put the mess that was "Conflict: Vietnam" behind us and continue down this far brighter path.
  3. It's robust, solid, and reasonably fun to work through, it's online, and packs in a fun multiplayer. It should be awesome, but generic gameplay and schoolboy errors don't quite cut it. [Official UK Xbox Magazine]
  4. The underlying gameplay in Conflict: Global Terror is pretty decent and enjoyable. If you're playing with three other players, the game is actually a lot of fun.
  5. What it lacks in hardcore squad dynamics, however, it makes up for with its funky soundtrack, detailed graphics, and semi-tactical gameplay. CGT is competent, but not outstanding. [Dec 2005, p.110]
  6. A well balanced 3rd person action game that is surprising in length, multiplayer, interactivity, gameplay and graphics.
  7. A fantastic multiplayer showing is belittled and stifled quite a bit by a rather disappointing single player mode. AI is this game's true failure which is a real shame considering the strides it has made in other areas.
  8. Global Storm feels like the true heir to the Conflict: Desert Storm games in more than just surname, and remains a worthy war effort, despite there being other games that may do it grander or deeper. [Nov 2005, p.102]
  9. Conflict: Global Storm is such an improvement over the debacle that was Vietnam that it's amazing to think they came from the same developer. [Nov 2005, p.118]
  10. The single player game will hold your attention and you'll get more mileage out of it if you play on the harder difficulty settings, but the real secret to milking everything out of this one is the online co-op mode.
  11. The action is satisfactory, and the multiplayer options are robust. [Nov 2005, p.148]
  12. For the fourth game in the series some of the main problems like team and enemy AI and dodgy controls should have been fixed long ago.
  13. A middle of the line squad based game that fans are going to get enough out of. Others won't be as impressed and may not make it through.
  14. Sadly, poor enemy and ally AI make for a frustrating action game that could have been better than this.
  15. Like the previous games in the series, Global Terror offers some redeeming value as a shooter, but poor execution on certain aspects, such as the AI, keeps the game from distinguishing itself.
  16. Until Pivotal finally delivers a game where the enemies don't run at you like angry suicidal goats, and teaches your squad-mates to find proper cover it's never going to be worth more than the 6/10 score we slap on it every single year.
  17. 60
    For a budget-oriented game, it offers plenty of shooting gallery fun and big explosions, and the missions are pretty long. But in the end, the relatively rudimentary AI made me wistful for "SWAT" and "Hidden & Dangerous."
  18. 60
    The poor AI is inexcusable and very frustrating.
  19. 60
    Dedicated fans of the series will find a challenge, but the cumbersome controls and questionable AI remain most effective kill-joys.
  20. The most flexible and feature-laden Conflict game yet, with a particularly tasty co-op mode.
  21. 40
    Many faults in control, AI, and presentation, all of which should be at a higher level considering this is the fourth game in the squad-based series.
  22. A game that does well on visual and audio presentation and utterly fails in execution. With the worst set of controls I have ever encountered in a video game and some of the weakest A.I. I have ever seen in a squad shooter.
  23. There are some redeeming qualities to this game, however, like that unfinished steak; it urgently needs some more time on the grill. Lots of time and some more seasoning wouldn't hurt either.
  24. 30
    The game's abysmal controls and moronic A.I. fail to deliver.
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  1. Aug 10, 2012
    This game is UNPLAYABLE! I couldn't play for more than 30 minutes. Ok, there is no cover system. That wouldn't be a problem if they didn't stick you with AI as thick as bricks. Also, you can't let your partners die, and they just stand in the open shooting blindly, wondering why they've suddenly grown chest vaginas. This also wouldn't be a problem, if it didn't take a med kit to get them back up, so you will run out very quickly, and when you do, you might as well commit suicide because you're screwed. This game didn't even get the dignity of getting used as a frisby until it shattered. I just broke it into as many pieces as I could before throwing it and the box into the dust bin. Trust me, it's better in there than it is in any XBox. I'm sure the online is ok, but a game has to stand up on single player, because there are always factors in the way of multiplayer, like the cost of Live for one, and connection strength. Full Review »