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  • Summary: Corvette lets you race a variety of Corvettes on the open road or in super speedways. The game includes more than 120 production Corvette models from 1953 to 2003, plus show and race cars. Choose a car, official car color, and a driver, and then race on tracks or an obstacle-filled Route 66. Upgrade your car's engine and suspension for more realistic physics. In Heritage mode, you can take a trip through Corvette history and test-drive any stock production Corvette. Expand
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  1. 62
    What Corvette has working against it, though, are solid, if boring aesthetics, and iffy physics.
  2. Corvette does feature over 80 cars, but being they react so similar (regardless of the terrain) there is very little incentive to play entirely through the entire game. The default computer AI is mindless, but adjusting the difficulty level is a must for real racers.
  3. Just an average racer. It leans more to the arcade side as most of the vehicles are easy to control and upgrades are handled automatically. The five modes add some depth but they are just variations on a theme that's not so captivating to begin with.
  4. Falls flat in just about every way a Corvette or racing fan enthusiast could hope it would's difficult to recommend it to even the most devout Corvette enthusiasts.
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