Mixed or average reviews - based on 14 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 14
  2. Negative: 1 out of 14
  1. 90
    While CNK may not break new ground, it does a quality job of delivering another kart racer in Crash’s universe. It will put gamers' mettle to the test and offer hours of "wait, one more time..." gameplay.
  2. 84
    The best way for me to describe it is the same of everything you love about kart games rolled into one. There is nothing shockingly new here.
  3. What really makes Crash Nitro Kart worth playing is the solid control and innovative boost system. [Dec 2003, p.106]
  4. Offers up all the enjoyment Mario Kart has. The graphics are clean and crisp and the game is a blast to play through in the adventure mode, as well as crashing down with a friend for a good time.
  5. Younger players out there will get a kick out of the solid controls and bright environments, while more advanced players can appreciate the challenge and depth of the included boost system.
  6. This may be a touch disappointing to hardcore fans of "CTR," but anyone looking for a solid kart racer should be quite pleased.
  7. 74
    A solid adaptation of a PSOne game. The problem is that the same exact game has been made dozens of times and CNK does very little to further the cause. It's a kart racing game like any other.
  8. It's all a little generic and heavily recycled, but the powerslide system from "CTR" pulls it together. [Dec 2003, p.85]
  9. There's just nothing new on offer to hold your interest for longer then a few races.
  10. Xbox Live or System Connect needs to be added to every game like this. There is no reason this game cant have 8 people racing at once. I think that would make the multiplayer mode more enjoyable.
  11. 60
    Eventually you’ll find yourself getting fed up with the repetitiveness of each track.
  12. The gameplay feels nearly identical to "Crash Team Racing's" (PS1), even down to the speed-boosting wumpa fruits, so if you loved it before, you'll still love it, and if not...not. [Jan 2004, p.110]
  13. Visions could have been more imaginative with the weapons, which though numerous in appearance, offer almost zero variation among missiles, mines, and force fields.
  14. 33
    First of all, there's the asinine boost system. As in the previous game, you must link powerslides to keep your boosts going, forcing you to keep your kart at a 45-degree angle during races. Blech.
User Score

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  1. Positive: 3 out of 4
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  1. JackB.
    Jul 10, 2007
    This is just as fun as "Crash Cart Racing" and the bosses were just as fun and creative, the levels were awsome, and the cutscenes were good. But Although you didn't get to play as the tiger, polar bear or Dingodile, over all, it is a pretty good game. Full Review »
  2. MattW.
    Oct 22, 2005
    It has some pretty good graphics and it is a good game for all ages
  3. Uter
    Jan 16, 2004
    It's a bit disappointing. I don't like the boost system, and you're forced to use it all the time since it's so challenging. The tracks are a little boring in general. Full Review »