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  1. A competent entry into the genre. Any fan will enjoy reliving the best fight scenes with their favorite character, and perseverant players will be rewarded. Don’t let the budget price tag fool you.
  2. 48
    Tries to create a novel martial arts fighting system, but quickly buries it in repetitive gameplay.
  3. Xbox Nation Magazine
    Anything resembling compelling level design or effective camera control was left on the cutting-room floor. [Mar 2004, p.101]
  4. The problem with this game lies in the fact that it's not only the main characters who have these super-human abilities, everyone does. Even the standard every day thugs that you will run into in this game are capable of jumping 20 feet in the air and flying across rooftops.
  5. The game becomes really repetitive, and kills any hope for replay.
  6. If you do need a proper fix, just buy the movie and watch that instead, or rent another game. The wartime epic Dynasty Warriors 4 and ninja title Shinobi both make excellent candidates for replacing Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon on your ‘must play’ list.
  7. There simply isn’t enough variety in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and the repetitive combat, troublesome camera, and platform-like jumping puzzles will quickly go from entertaining to annoying long before the game is over.
  8. Official Xbox Magazine
    This isn't a horrible game, but with the movie long since forgotten and better games ("LOTR") out there, we can't recommend it to anyone but the biggest of Crouching Tiger fans. [Mar 2004, p.80]
  9. Falls on its own sword in most aspects. The repetitive nature of the game combined with poorly executed gameplay elements make it hard to enjoy on almost any level.
  10. Like the movie, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is quite an ambitious undertaking. Unlike the movie, it doesn’t consistently deliver the goods.
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  1. [j]The
    Apr 4, 2005
    Very lush and great cutscenes from the movie. lost its appeal fairly quickly.