Dead or Alive 3 Xbox

  • Publisher: Tecmo
  • Release Date: Nov 14, 2001

Generally favorable reviews - based on 35 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 31 out of 35
  2. Negative: 0 out of 35
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  1. What DoA3 truly excels in is the variety of fighting styles and different moves.
  2. The old adage "beauty is only skin deep" basically sums up Dead or Alive 3 rather nicely.
  3. A perfect game for "guy's night" at home.
  4. Because Dead or Alive 3 utilizes nearly all the controls on the Xbox controller and does it with such ease, that alone is an incredible achievement.
  5. Unsuitable however, is the camera angle used to fight bossman 'Ganryu'. It looks great to watch, but to control your character from the back is immensely frustrating, especially when the boss character is cheaper than a tupenny whore.
  6. The true King of Fighters, and it is a perfect showcase for what kind of games the Xbox is able to deliver.
  7. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Just a prettier version of the last game, "DOA2: Hardcore." [Jan 2002, p.223]
  8. 80
    Unfortunately, aside from slight interludes and fantastic-looking, if generally pointless, prerendered end movies, any actual meaningful bits of plot are almost nonexistent for most of the characters...[yet] one of the greatest fighting games ever made.
  9. Game Informer
    A masterpiece in both form and function. [Dec 2001, p.98]
  10. The whole game makes as much sense as watching an episode of "Twin Peaks" backwards. But it looks a helluva lot better.
  11. 100
    Minor audio issues aside, DoA3 nails its Xbox debut and firmly establishes itself as the best home console fighting game of 2001.
  12. But it offers a unique, stylish, and realistic experience, and playing... fighting... exhilarates me. For those whose hearts long to battle, this game strikes to the core.
  13. Graphics are great, not many complaints there - except the issue of clipping.
  14. It's fine, spectacular, stunning, in a thoroughly ordinary fashion. It thrills, but will leave those who've previously visited the series contented rather than elated.
  15. Is it the best fighter ever? No, but hey, it's light years better than "Tekken Tag" and a hell of a lot more fun than "Virtua Fighter 3."
  16. Looks absolutely stunning. It's the best-looking home fighting game ever released...Once you get past its graphics--and you will--you'll find that DOA3 doesn't offer much of anything that hasn't been done in other 3D fighting games.
  17. 80
    One major failing -- its gameplay lacks the depth and innovation it needs to differentiate itself from its famous predecessor. Don't get me wrong, it's not that it's a poor game -- on the contrary, it's very fun while you try out all the characters and absorb all the pretty visuals.
  18. I wish its storylines were more compelling, but since it has beautiful graphics, easy controls and decent sound, I guess three out of four isn't bad.
  19. Believe it or not, the water in DoA3 is more realistic than the water in "Wave Race: Blue Storm."
  20. It is gorgeous, full of different modes to play and things to unlock, and most important of all, fun to play and accessible.
  21. 100
    There's not a lot holding DOA3 back from becoming X-Box Game of the Year: it's that good. Every time you pop this disc in you're instantly amazed by the leaps and bounds that the X-Box engine has achieved.
  22. 94
    But the team didn't stop setting standards in just the graphics as they combined this level of visual quality with subtle but innovative 3D gameplay mechanics incorporating a new standard of strategy never experienced in a 3D fighting game before.
  23. Though the one-player mode can get a bit stale, it's saner than picking fights at the local Teamsters hall.
  24. While the graphics are certainly a feat, they alone can't make the game worth playing.
  25. Next Generation Magazine
    It's fast, it's deep, and it's so beautiful it almost hurts. [Jan 2002, p.33]
  26. Official Xbox Magazine
    Glorious looking, fast moving fighter with all the right moves. [Dec 2001]
  27. This is a great game to have for people who want to get friends interested in fighting games, and is a fun party game in its own right.
  28. Arguably one of the best fighters to have been created. Its graphics are unparalleled and the character models are detailed and life-like.
  29. Behind all of the surface gloss is a very shallow game that will disappoint fighting fans, there isn't a lot to go back to once you've completed it and the end feeling is slightly cheap.
  30. A finely honed beat-'em-up that reveals an exceptional amount of depth after prolonged play. Sadly, however, even the most ardent Xbox fans in the office struggled to argue that this is anything more than "DOA2" with big brass knobs on.
  31. Whether you're a pubescent teenager, who likes to get cheap peep shows from games, an Xbox gamer looking for something new to play, or a DOA fan, there are better choices out there but none quite like Dead or Alive 3.
  32. It won't win any medals for a perfectly balanced cast or an innovative control scheme, and it certainly won't be a tourney fighter, but it's still one of those games that you and your friends can play for hours.
  33. Xbox Nation Magazine
    There is very little here that we would describe as new, original, or subtle. [Jan 2002, p.76]
  34. A few secret characters, some more levels and a greater variety of techniques for each character would have made this an A+ title.
  35. 70
    Once you get past the graphics, though, everything else is virtually unchanged. As mentioned above, there's really not much new here.

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 45 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 23
  2. Negative: 1 out of 23
  1. Jul 23, 2017
    The last best Dead or Alive game in the series.

    The graphics looked amazing back in 2001 and still look good today. The music fits every
    The last best Dead or Alive game in the series.

    The graphics looked amazing back in 2001 and still look good today. The music fits every character to perfection. I'd love to own the soundtrack. The sound remains unchanged from Dead Or Alive 2 but more refined. The gameplay had a massive overhaul in terms of juggling, combos and damage balancing. It was the first fighting game to have destructible and interactive environments on a sixth generation console. The wall bounce mechanic was awesome and the hold system was improved to be more simplistic over Dead Or Alive 2's hold mechanics. The gameplay was fun, even on different modes. Three new characters are added: Hitomi, Christie, Brad Wong. Hitomi is a clone of Ein, Christie is a badass assassin and Brad Wong is a drunken master.

    The main flaws with the game are that it's too short and its lack of good unlockable content apart from Ein from Dead Or Alive 2 and costumes for every character. It's a chore unlocking all the costumes. This is what brings the game down.

    If the game was released on PS2 rather than on the Original Xbox which it originally was a launch title for and give it the "Hardcore" treatment from Dead Or Alive 2, it would be the perfect fighting game.

    Overall I give the game a 9 out of 10. I recommend you play it.
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  2. Jun 29, 2017
    Dead Or Alive 3 game released almost 15 years ago at the start of the first Xbox. This game is an excellent project, but only at the start. InDead Or Alive 3 game released almost 15 years ago at the start of the first Xbox. This game is an excellent project, but only at the start. In fact, the game is rather boring and is passed pretty quickly for all the characters, just as Duke's controller is difficult to play and not convenient. The graphics in the game are pretty good, you can not argue with that. Full Review »
  3. Mar 18, 2017
    Good fighter but being on xbox only hurt it... No one likes the dpad on the xbox controller for fighting games. You might be able to find aGood fighter but being on xbox only hurt it... No one likes the dpad on the xbox controller for fighting games. You might be able to find a decent controller for this game nowadays but at the time the d pad was too frustrating to use compared to DOA2HC's ps2 dpad.

    Fix that problem and this game would be a 9.
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