Mixed or average reviews - based on 35 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 35
  2. Negative: 10 out of 35
  1. Many of you will undoubtedly find Dead to Rights II too unoriginal and repetitive to give a chance, but from my perspective this game is a great rental experience worth checking out on a rainy weekend.
  2. 72
    The meat (ahem) of the game is quite fun. It's the fist fights, the repetition, and camera problems that plague it enough to keep it from being more then average.
  3. This is not a game that anyone will accuse of vast depth. It revels in action-movie cliches, from Jack's nearly-constant bad puns ("This ought to heat things up," he says, grabbing a Molotov cocktail) to the near-invisible story to the waves of idiot cannon-fodder who populate each stage.
  4. 68
    Provides some mindless shooting with all of the clich├ęd elements you've come to expect from a third person action game.
  5. So if you like playing video games to release tension, and you don't care about good stories or online multiplayer modes or any of that stuff, definitely rent this one or something.
  6. It's more of an anti-expansion that removes more features than it supplements.
  7. This should've been more than just slightly better than the original. Rent it before buying at full price.
  8. Dumb fistfighting sequences from the original are back. [June 2005, p.74]
  9. If you're hard up for an action-shooter then you might want to check this out when it hits the $20 bargain bin, but otherwise I'd have to recommend you skip this latest installment in the Jack Slate saga.
  10. Much like Dante and "Devil May Cry 2," let's hope this is just a sophomore slump, and this series will come back stronger in a future installment. If not, it truly is dead to rights.
  11. The gameplay is still repetitive and uninspired, the graphics still weak and the storyline still overly cheesy.
  12. 60
    What seemed really cool back when Namco first announced the original Dead to Rights -- the sweet disarming animations -- just aren't enough to carry another repetitive action game for more than a few levels.
  13. However, if you're craving narrative depth, sound reasoning, and believable motivation to sit firmly behind your violent malevolence, you might want to hold off for something better.
  14. 60
    Unfortunately, Dead to Rights II maintains its predecessor's graphics and camera glitchiness.
  15. 60
    On the other hand, if all you want out of your video game is a bloody binge, Dead to Rights II is the gaming equivalent of sitting alone in a dark room and downing shot after shot of cheap, hard liquor. If you're in the mood, it gets the job done just fine.
  16. Unless you are an avid K9 unit fan, a glutton for mediocre shooters, or rich, your hard-earned dollars could be better spent elsewhere.
  17. Dead to Rights II doesn't exactly disappoint me, as the first installment was really no better, but I would've liked to see a more marked improvement after this development time.
  18. This is a game that has one virtue to call its own (i.e., highly redundant, brainless action in a single vein), but it lacks the sense of style and the production values that saved the first game from complete obscurity.
  19. A fairly simplistic game with a very basic premise: kill anything that gets in your way.
  20. The game has none of the style or effectiveness of other similar games and as I've said several times in this review, the whole thing smells of generic.
  21. Definitely a step backwards in the series. By removing the little mini-games and scrapping whatever parts of a story that were present, the latest title destroyed any credibility or potential it may have had.
  22. Dead To Rights II is confused. It's an action title where you spend the majority of your time waiting. It's a videogame where you'll out-swear the gritty characters onscreen. It's a sequel that's not as good as its predecessor.
  23. A lesson in what happens when there is an unwillingness to evolve or risk new ideas. [June 2005, p.126]
  24. Reminded me of any given recent Steven Seagal film. Yeah, you'll have your guilty pleasure with it and like some moments of its over-the-top violence, but it really feels like the same old thing, like the after-effects of a good idea gone rather sour in production.
  25. What we have here is a title that tries hard to impress with its flash, yet stumbles over fundamentally busted gameplay. [June 2005, p.99]
  26. Takes the action-shooter genre and shoves it straight through the Blanderizer 6235 to ensure any sense of novelty possibly contained therein meets is brutal end. [May 2005, p.50]
  27. A bit of the same old song and dance provided by most shooter games on the market.
  28. Contrived shooter with little to no depth... This is as generic as they come. [July 2005, p.122]
  29. It's almost as if the developers of Dead to Rights II decided to rip out the fun factor that flowed freely through the original, leaving an empty shell of a frustrating and quite dreadful product.
  30. 40
    All things considered, it's probably a blessing that Dead To Rights II is a short game. Most players will easily nail the coffin shut in a weekend.
  31. On the easier levels, it's a silly exercise in mashing buttons to spew ammo throughout a world of bad physics, cheap animation, and tinny sound. [June 2005, p.90]
  32. It's not especially big, but the tedium of the action makes it feel overlong. The lack of variety in enemies and gameplay make it feel almost like a budget title.
  33. We've a right to enjoy this kind of brainless, murderous throwback, but we've also a right to expect it to be made to the standards of videogames of five years ago, never mind those of today. [July 2005, p.91]
  34. It manages to stumble all over itself from the second you turn it on and never manages to recover. Simple control functions are handled clumsily, changing weapons is a chore and someone actually thought the dumb melee-exclusive levels would be a good idea. Like the rest of this stinker, it is not.

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