• Publisher: Capcom
  • Release Date: Sep 16, 2003

Mixed or average reviews - based on 28 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 28
  2. Negative: 10 out of 28
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  1. The pointlessly respawning (and stubborn) enemies quickly become a tedious pain in the arse, the combat mechanics feel redundant, limited and stuck in the past, and the whole locked door/find key/backtrack game design feels utterly stale too.
  2. Its presentation isn't enough to warrant play. Remaining true to its roots in the last generation of gaming, Dino Crisis 3 features an extremely deplorable camera, mediocre action, and a B-rated story.
  3. The camera is a pain, but if you can't deal with some awkward angles, then obviously you haven't finished too many games. Let's face it: good camera systems are rare. Deal with it. Or miss out on a fun game.
  4. 60
    The level design is great, the bosses are cool, the cut-scenes are stunning, and the puzzles are inventive. The lack of unique "grunt" dinos makes combat get a bit too redundant and the camera is horrid.
  5. What could have been a pretty cool game is mired by a slew of poor design decisions, and, ultimately, playing Dino Crisis 3 is far more tedious and frustrating than it is fun.
  6. 40
    Capcom may have moved to true 3-D environments, but its design philosophy is still stuck in the old pre-rendered graphics days of the PS. This is a good series. Its third installment deserves a whole lot better.
  7. The crisp control, big moves, player upgrades and massive weaponry might have made for a cool action game. However, the awful camera crashes onto these dinosaurs with the force and effect of a planet-busting asteroid, effectively driving them extinct.
  8. AceGamez
    Only a game that fanatical survival horror fans like myself will enjoy and be willing to persevere with, despite the flaws, just for the challenge of completing the game and finding out how it ends.
  9. Xbox Nation Magazine
    Tragically, the game's camera system is a joke. Players won't actually get to see what they're shooting more than half the time because the camera has a tendency to point in all the wrong directions at the right time. [Oct/Nov 2003, p.92]
  10. GMR Magazine
    With so much to see and kill in the game, it's heartbreaking that the camera is so totally useless. [Nov 2003, p.89]
  11. Edge Magazine
    This nonsensical sequel in Capcom's mediocre survival horror spin-off fails in practically every sense, from fine detail to basic tenets. A catastrophe. [Sept 2003]
  12. 20
    The action is dull, and the gameplay repetitive. Indeed, the very fact that the non-interactive cutscenes are by far and away the highlight of the game speaks volumes. [Japan Import]
  13. To tell you the truth, I actually had a lot of fun playing through the game in its entirety. Once I got over the camera issue and a few minor audio problems I became engrossed in the Dino Crisis 3 world.
  14. Official Xbox Magazine
    Runs on pretty graphics and an implausibly irresistable storyline alone. It's a shame that the gameplay hasn't evolved as well. [Nov 2003, p.118]
  15. Game Informer
    For crap's sake, I can't even run down a corridor in Dino Crisis 3 with any semblance of accuracy... This game plays like a blind, drunken monkey has been given full control of the camera. [Oct 2003, p.135]
  16. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Playing from a series of static perspectives seems like a hearkening back to the days of clunky, older PS1 titles, and it's completely unsuited for a game that requires so much fast action. [Oct 2003, p.152]
  17. 60
    Should have been a campy romp; instead, it's barely more enjoyable than "Run Like Hell," with a camera that constantly fights you and combat that constantly bores you.
  18. The puzzles of this game mostly rely on having to make certain jumps to reach switches that you have to turn on to open a door elsewhere in the ship. This is extremely difficult with the camera angles featured in the game. Overall the gameplay is mundane and repetitive.
  19. 54
    The ship formation change puzzles and in-game revelations actually make it interesting for the player - interesting enough to find out why there are dinosaurs roaming in a 300-year-old spaceship that is heading towards Earth.
  20. Boundless disappointment is perhaps the best way to describe the gut feeling Dino Crisis 3 elicits in the player. Vast empty spaces on the ship manage to create a real sense of isolation, but at the same time, the game's emphasis on backtracking turns any feeling of exigency into tedium. [Japan Import]
  21. Cheat Code Central
    In an effort to be different from the last couple of games, it trips all over itself trying too hard not to replicate any of the old gameplay elements. The results are unnatural and ultimately un-fun.
  22. If, somehow, you're able to get past the pervasive and ceaseless problems with the camera, underneath it is a halfway decent action game that suffers from repetitive gameplay, ceaseless backtracking of the "find the blue key and then run halfway across the map to use it" sort, and an utterly inane story.
  23. A mosh-pit of quality ideas thrown apart with little or no regard. The result? A frustrating and near-unplayable missed opportunity of a gem of a survival horror game. [Xbox Gamer]
  24. 50
    DC3's biggest problem is the visuals - not the look but the presentation. Camera angles constantly change perspective - often times during platform jumps - and you're forced to suddenly change direction on the controller.
  25. Play Magazine
    As a sci-fi lover, it's hard to escape the thrill of the setting and the exceptional CG sequences that link the key action scenes, and the booming score continually ratchets up the suspense. I came away entertained and frustrated, disappointed yet more than open for a sequel. [Oct 2003, p.67]
  26. GameNow
    Capcom basically flushed our beloved series straight throught its proverbial airlocks and created a blatant and mediocre "Aliens" knockoff. [Oct 2003, p.54]
  27. The camera angles are horrendous. They really prevent the game from being a good title. The simply fetch quests and basic story really don't help much to the overall game but the graphics (especially the cutscenes) are wonderful and the sound is great.
  28. The fights won't be fair, the camera angles will make you throw a fit, but the sci-fi setting and mysterious storyline will satisfy those who are willing to brave dinos and poor cameras in space.

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  1. Aug 30, 2011
    What Dino Crisis needs is a reboot to where 1 and 2 left off. With all do respect, I love every single minute playing the original DinoWhat Dino Crisis needs is a reboot to where 1 and 2 left off. With all do respect, I love every single minute playing the original Dino Crisis, one of the greatest Capcom games to ever extinct the Playstation era. I'm so disappointed on why the series is coming to a screeching halt when a 3rd Dino Crisis game was released on the XBOX and ditching its roots from the experts at Sony. Just like Dino Stalker (whatever that game is), Dino Crisis 3 is one of the worst embarrassing sequels of the decade. Full Review »
  2. Jan 30, 2017
    Como arruinar una saga excelente en 1 titulo, bueno Capcom haciendo de las suyas, aca ya no hay mezcla de Resident Evil con Jurassic Park, noComo arruinar una saga excelente en 1 titulo, bueno Capcom haciendo de las suyas, aca ya no hay mezcla de Resident Evil con Jurassic Park, no ahora es una mezcla de Halo, con the Thing y huesos de T-Rex, cámara nefasta, música de mierda, jugabilidad mal implementada, un juego no tan largo, graficos malos sin aprovechar todo el potencial de la primera Xbox... Dino Crisis debe volver pero al viejo estilo no a este. un juego solo pero solo recomendado a los mas fan de la saga. y solo para concluir la historia porque de verdad este es el pato feo y bien feo de Capcom... saludos Full Review »
  3. Nov 11, 2014
    This game is ZERO after played dino crisis 2 for me .Sorry , i hated all game who has space atmosphere because of this game . Dino crisisThis game is ZERO after played dino crisis 2 for me .Sorry , i hated all game who has space atmosphere because of this game . Dino crisis needs a reboot . Full Review »