Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil Xbox


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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 30 out of 41
  2. Negative: 1 out of 41
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  1. A great game, just as scary as its predecessor. It is lengthy enough to count as a full game, and with the extra content and new levels, this game delivers on all gaming fronts.
  2. 90
    If you loved Doom 3 solely for the single player action, you're going to love RoE.
  3. The new levels and weapons are pretty satisfying, though once again the draw is the presentation.
  4. Resurrection of Evil doesn't fare as well on the Xbox as it did on the PC. The grabber is awkward and imprecise, which wouldn't be so bad if it weren't required for some battles. The 16-person multiplayer of the PC is now limited to four and the entire multiplayer package just isn't as robust as the PC.
  5. I am still amazed that despite the game doesn't look nearly as good as it does on PC, it still looks absolutely amazing.
  6. Unfortunately the game can be beat in a mere six to eight hours, which just feels too short even when taking into consideration its mission pack status.
  7. Not only does this latest DOOM title resurrect pure evil, it also resurrects one of the finest FPS Campaign modes you will currently find in the gaming world.
  8. Game Informer
    The multiplayer isn't much to speak of, but does offer some classic deathmatching. [Jan 2006, p.85]
  9. I wouldn't put it in that phenomenal category that the first game was because there isn't enough new gameplay to make it feel like a new game.
  10. The framerate is smooth, the controls are mostly standard for the genre and the game does not require you to think too much – but you had better react quickly.
  11. Think of the short but sweet expansion as a warm-up for the hours you'll spend immersed in the deeper levels of Hell found in the original two games and your wallet should magically materialize as soon as you walk into your nearest game shop.
  12. Pelit (Finland)
    Offers more graphical splendour and Doom-ish fun for fans. Multiplayer options are still just so-so. [Dec 2005]
  13. Nerve has stuck enough diverse tweaks into the format to make for a thrilling, admittedly more terrifying experience. Resurrection of Evil is a much better game than "Doom III." Trust me.
  14. The inclusion of the early Doom games with multiplayer is a great perk which really increases the longevity of this package, which is pretty important because this game is pretty short.
  15. Play Magazine
    It looks gorgeous, and there's just something about that classic Doom feeling that keeps you glued. [Dec 2005, p.66]
  16. Weak multiplayer aside, Resurrection of Evil delivers what Doom fans have come to expect from the series: a gory, action-packed shooter. The presentation is stellar and despite being a little on the short side, the single-player campaign is a hellacious romp, and I mean that in a good way.
  17. Seems more like an expansion that adds levels, weapons, and a new campaign to further flesh out the storyline, rather than a standalone title.
  18. Best enjoyed in short doses with the lights off, Resurrection of Evil is more of the same. A little too similar to Doom 3, but then we had no problems gunning our way through another Doom adventure - especially for a cool 20 notes. [Official UK Xbox Magazine]
  19. 80
    Hopefully, some day in the future, id will see fit to give gamers a more robust multiplayer experience worthy of the DOOM name. Until then, the single-player campaign is still strong enough to carry the title and provide action junkies more than enough to satisfy their itchy trigger fingers.
  20. The expansion doesn't stray too far from the action of the original, but the new levels, new weapons, and increased focus on action make "more of the same" a fun little adventure.
  21. With the co-op you'd have a higher score, but without it, this is just an entertaining experience that will soon be forgotten.
  22. Resurrection of Evil is basically the same game as Doom 3, so unless you're a hardcore fan or have never played Doom 3, you can probably chalk this one up as a rental.
  23. 78
    While Doom tries to expand its basic gameplay formula, it doesn't do it with any sort of effectiveness here. Resurrection of Evil is entertaining at first, but the gameplay manages to get stale even though the game is only an eight hour experience at most.
  24. Just remember to keep the lights on…and invest in rubber underpants.
  25. It's an artfully executed add-on pack that doesn't sacrifice any of the things that made Doom 3 great. But it doesn't do anything but tighten up the experience a little.
  26. 76
    The game felt rushed, it was short, and the multiplayer was lacking.
  27. Official Xbox Magazine
    It's just not that scary anymore. [Holiday 2005, p.78]
  28. Resurrection of Evil isn't such a hot multiplayer game. There are a few different deathmatch modes but co-op mode has been eliminated. However, co-op still exists in the original Doom titles.
  29. As a continuation of Doom 3, it's great, but as a standalone Xbox game it falls flat.
  30. It's business as usual as this expansion retains the essence of the original, with the addition of new weapons and redesigned levels, expect for the disappointing online play.
  31. When I finished playing Resurrection of Evil, the one question I had was why a bunch of stupid demons are able to consistently own humans on Mars when they are outwitted by a sidestep.
  32. A perfect example of style over substance. On its technical side it's a flawless example of what can be done with the right technology in the right hands. In terms of content, however, it falls flat on its face by offering an extremely linear experience with very little replay value that ends up feeling more like walking through a carnival spook house than the trip through hell that it should have been.
  33. 70
    More of the same, the enemies still aren't any smarter and the environments are still a little repetitive, but fans of the previous title should be well entertained with the game.
  34. 70
    This is a strange instance where an expansion is actually better suited for new players than returning vets.
  35. The best part is, unlike PC users, you don't need save data from Doom 3 in order to enjoy it, and enjoy it you probably will. I just wish there was a little more to it, especially since the last quarter of game is quite rushed.
  36. For a game that's supposed to be a horror game, the formula it relies on is so repetitive that after 20 minutes you've seen all the scares, not to mention all the environments you need to see.
  37. Just like with Doom 3, RoE works best if you're afraid of the dark, but sadly most of us have outgrown that fear long ago.
  38. The Doom experience remains streamlined and ruthlessly efficient, lacking the epic scope that we've come to associate with other first person shooters.
  39. I'm a firm believer that graphics are a very small portion of what makes a great game great. Take away the pretty graphics in Resurrection of Evil, and what do you have? An extremely repetitive first person shooter that tries to be scary and doesn't even do that all that well.
  40. A true expansion in every sense of the word.

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  1. Jun 18, 2013
    I really liked doom 3 and was quite excited for an expansion though It did get a bit boring after a while of playing it. I guess the new stuffI really liked doom 3 and was quite excited for an expansion though It did get a bit boring after a while of playing it. I guess the new stuff they added was quite fun and interesting but it still felt like a drag on from doom 3 Full Review »
  2. WilliamT.
    Nov 11, 2007
    One of the games that I still play on my XBox. Doom 3 ROE is pretty much the same game as Doom 3, but it IS an expansion. The same demon One of the games that I still play on my XBox. Doom 3 ROE is pretty much the same game as Doom 3, but it IS an expansion. The same demon killing, flashlight waving, PDA reading game as before. But that's not really a bad thing really. ROE also comes bundeled with the Classic Doom games, so you practically get 4 games for half the price of a regular game. It's fun, frantic and great value for money. Full Review »
  3. ElfrancheT.
    Jun 10, 2006
    This is a jewel for anyone looking for a fast-paced, action packed suspense adventure. The enemies are ferocious. The gameplay is intense.