Dreamfall: The Longest Journey Xbox

  • Publisher: Aspyr
  • Release Date: Apr 18, 2006
  • Also On: PC

Mixed or average reviews - based on 42 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 25 out of 42
  2. Negative: 4 out of 42
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  1. 100
    Dreamfall is an amazing journey that propels players into a world where science and magic and art and music combine to make a whole much greater than the sum of its parts.
  2. The experience of playing Dreamfall is so pleasant and user-friendly that I think it has the potential to be a "gateway" game, a game like Myst or The Sims, which brings new players to computer and video games.
  3. An incredibly crafted fusion of amazing graphics, intricate character interaction and mesmerizing music has made Dreamfall: TLJ a truly rare experience.
  4. AceGamez
    It's an interactive story in the truest sense and as such the gameplay is secondary - although there is enough to do between cut scenes, with the usual puzzle solving, exploration, sneaking, mini-games and even a bit of combat.
  5. The controls are very well done. The combat system takes a little getting used to, but the movement and interaction controls are easy to use.
  6. It's filled with enough nuance, emotion, and charm to be an instance classic-and with better, more difficult puzzles, could have surpassed the original from every angle.
  7. 90
    Dreamfall is a masterpiece of storytelling, and almost lives up to its illustrious predecessor.
  8. Where Dreamfall excels is in telling a story. The imaginative characters and locations are truly memorable and create a unique experience that makes the ride more enjoyable than the destination.
  9. The team at Funcom can tell one helluva story, but they still need to work on putting gameplay into the game.
  10. Games Master UK
    A full-on tongue sarnie to the lips of a genre that needs the kiss of life. Marry us, Zoe! [July 2006, p.66]
  11. Overall, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey features an excellent story with a large cast of unique and great characters.
  12. Regardless off all the brilliant work that has gone into it, Dreamfall remains cursed by the simple fact that it does feature long stretches of dialog, less action than most games, a mature and well-thought out plot, intelligent characters and, and here's the clincher, is an adventure game.
  13. Anchored by a wonderful cast of characters, the very well-crafted sci-fi story in Dreamfall will leave you anxiously wanting more.
  14. 81
    Sure it has a few faults like a lousy fighting mechanic and not being all that challenging, but it more than makes up for that by delivering an engaging story that not a lot of other games can match.
  15. Game Informer
    Adventure games are all about story. This sequel has a great story and good pacing to back it up. [Jun 2006, p.112]
  16. You need this game. Trust me on this; it'll be one of the best adventure games you can get.
  17. This style of game lends itself to character development, which is something rarely seen in games today. We literally learned more about Zoë during the first fifteen minutes of booting up Dreamfall than we typically do by beating most games through to the end.
  18. All in all Dreamfall: The Longest Journey is an adventure that everyone should definitely look into just because of how amazingly well done the characters and the story are.
  19. 78
    Dreamfall is relatively short, about ten hours, but chances are you'll play through it a second time to get some of the references you missed. Quite simply, if you like an excellent story in your games, go out and pick up a copy of Dreamfall for the PC or Xbox.
  20. Perhaps the 'true' longest journey is the journey to find the unique narrative voice of video games. Tornquist, in this regard, fails to merge interactivity with narrative, to unite the partners in the dance, but he sure knows how to weave a tale and develop characters.
  21. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    A classic old-school adventure whose story and characters are strong enough to overcome the terrible action parts. [July 2006, p.68]
  22. 75
    While Dreamfall attempts to incorporate action elements, it just doesn't work. The stealth and battle systems are woefully underdeveloped. This wouldn't have been a big deal if there was still an enjoyable array of puzzles, but those too were drastically simplified.
  23. Overall the game is an enjoyable experience, and while the ending left me wanting for the next game in the series to see how things wind up for Zoe, April and 'The Prophet' (the 3rd playable character who begins to undergo a life altering change in beliefs right as the game ends), I just don't know if I'm willing to spend another 20 hours playing a game that I might feel angry about when I finished.
  24. With gameplay totaling in the neighborhood of 10 to 12 hours, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey is not exactly epic in length, but its intriguing and well-crafted story and setting will probably make it a favorite of science fiction fans.
  25. Not only are the puzzles simple, but they're generally picky and unsatisfying.
  26. If you're interested in interactive storytelling, you're an adventure gamer in need of a fix, or you're a big fan of The Longest Journey, pick this up; no one else should feel compelled to bother.
  27. Let's just hope the attempt to broaden its audience works: Dreamfall ends on a cliffhanger. If it's all the same to the creators, we'd rather not wait another six years for a resolution.
  28. Edge Magazine
    If you share director Ragnar Tornquist's view that being engaged in dialogue is a form of gameplay, then there's a richness here that few other titles have the ability or luxury to create. [June 2006, p.86]
  29. games(TM)
    Enjoyed for what it is, this is bold and compelling – it draws from the traditional and the contemporary to deliver a uniquely modern and elegantly told adventure. [July 2006, p.131]
  30. Official Xbox Magazine
    Dreamfall's downfall may be that it's too ambitious. But control issues aside, its epic story has us wishing that we won't have to wait another six years for the series' final resolution. [Jun 2006, p.80]
  31. Rather than focus on a cleanly executed adventure game, the designers poorly implemented a number of unnecessary gameplay mechanics like combat and stealth.
  32. It needed a bit more work with its action and stealth elements, and it probably won't catch on with those unfamiliar with the series, but fans will enjoy the freefall into pure genius.
  33. It still has an interesting story, but the characters are less memorable, and the bland Zoe is a poor replacement for April Ryan. April is a relatively minor character in Dreamfall, yet her passion and embitterment are far more compelling than Zoe's listless puzzlement.
  34. It's a shame that with such outstanding production values and such a beautifully realized story and world, Dreamfall doesn't do more as a video game. It adheres quite strictly to its adventure roots but fails to provide a satisfying challenge.
  35. Yet, despite such solid aesthetic production value, Dreamfall ultimately lacks any real driving motivation with which to compel the player to endure through the masses of dialogue, explanation, and largely uninfluenced 'gamplay'.
  36. If you can make it past the horrendous "action" elements and sometimes overly simplified puzzles in Dreamfall, you just might enjoy the deep storyline and character interactions.
  37. The addition of more traditional 'gamey' elements is a complete failure, and Dreamfall lacks the crossover appeal found in something like Fahrenheit, with its self-contained story.
  38. 50
    So, having sacrificed gameplay in favour of story, what's left is a product that isn't really much of a game at all. If you can put up with the tedium of puzzles and stealth sections, the rich story and compelling characters will furnish you with a rewarding experience.
  39. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    In other words, it's prescribed, with reservations, for patient The Longest Journey zealots only. [Jun 2006, p.115]
  40. Fighting is a joke, the game seems to involve far too much stealth for its own good, and the single gameplay improvement they've made provides you exactly zero real benefit.
  41. 40
    Edited down to a tight package this could probably make a pretty good machinima feature (or Sci-Fi original motion picture for that matter). But as a game, it fails.
  42. Play Magazine
    Although the game holds an intriguing and extremely likable protagonist in the plucky slacker Zoe Castillo, the rest of the game in the gritty parlance of the streets, blows enormous monkey chunks. [Jun 2006, p.49]

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#5 Most Discussed Xbox Game of 2006
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 25 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 9 out of 12
  2. Negative: 2 out of 12
  1. PeterP.
    Mar 12, 2007
    Very good game, in some parts a bit to hard to control, but you have all the time you need.
  2. sw
    Jul 1, 2006
    One of the best stories ever in any art medium.
  3. IamNlCK
    Jun 25, 2006
    The same in-depth story/clever dialog that you have come to expect from the original "Longest Journey" are in this sequel. However you, in no The same in-depth story/clever dialog that you have come to expect from the original "Longest Journey" are in this sequel. However you, in no way control any of the events that transpire, and have no control over where conversations go. The gameplay and fight system are extremely boring, and uninvolving. I would enjoy seeing this in a movie, rather than "playing" through it as a videogame. Full Review »