Mixed or average reviews - based on 57 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 9 out of 57
  2. Negative: 16 out of 57
  1. Although the gameplay loses out with its linearity and the walking episodes are weak, it makes up for it with awesome driving sections, a great story, fantastic graphics and the wonderful casting of A-list Hollywood actors.
  2. The cities are huge and beautiful, with country-appropriate cars, and while the gameplay is muddy, it's easy to see how it could have been better. But as it is, DRIV3R is all flash and little substance.
  3. The simple, unpalatable, grisly truth for everyone connected to this important summer blockbusting title is that it's so far away from being the title it deserved to be, it could well be reflected upon as one of the biggest disappointments in the history of videogames.
  4. 85
    No matter the situation, whether you're sneaking around a dark building or barreling through a shopping mall with three police cars in pursuit, you always feel on edge, as if you're living the 007-like "danger is my middle name" lifestyle at all times.
  5. Stays true to the series blueprint and moves things forward into the current console generation with style.
  6. I suspect the developers might have been better off contstructing this as a pure racing title (as it does do the basics of racing well) and avoiding the shooting action altogether. [Aug 2004, p.94]
  7. 60
    We can't forget the single-player game that's over in less than three hours once you've learned the routes of each mission, a series of me-too mini-games that offer no reason to play them, and an offensively small number of rewards. That's the DRIV3R package; all flash and no substance. [*Reminder: GameSpy equates 2 stars with 60/100.]
  8. 55
    On its own, it's troubled with unforgivably terrible AI, poor out-of-car controls, and some awfully designed levels...Compared to other games of its kind, DRIV3R falls on its face.
  9. While the game itself isn't completely broken, it's uninspired and frequently frustrating or boring. Consider that, along with all the glitches, and it adds up to be a game that isn't worth your time or money.
  10. A potentially great game released in what looks, sounds, and plays like the game never left beta stages.
  11. The graphics are divine, with vast urban locales and spectacular crashes. The cars handle well, and each vehicle has its own characteristics. Yet this is no easy driving game - one of the reasons why, subject matter aside, it carries a 16+ rating.
  12. An above average game. Most people will love the intense action and gunplay that features so prominently, whilst putting up with the control issues, occasional camera problems and sometimes downright annoying fact at you can complete a mission and feel very proud of yourself, before being told that you failed and that you have to do it all again.
  13. Here was a game with real potential to be what everybody had basically hoped for: "Grand Theft Auto" with really good graphics. Instead, what's here needs an air bag.
  14. With all of the hype and anticipation surrounding Driv3r, it's a shame the game had to fail so miserably like it did.
  15. A game of two halves, neither of which is finished … It is so cursed by glitches and bugs, and so devoid of anything approaching AI, that it's really impossible to believe the code sitting in your local store is anywhere near complete. [Aug 2004, p.100]
  16. Despite the enjoyment that the moments of driving can offer, the astonishingly poor "walkabout" sections detract so much from the game, and crop up in such a number, that even those who adored the first Driver wouldn't be able to put up with it.
  17. On the whole, the extremely variable difficulty level, the bugs, the graphical pop-up that makes the driving so infuriating and the overall poor standard of the on-foot missions mean that this is, unfortunately, Driv3l.
  18. This game did not need to be a bad one: the premise remains ripe with extraordinary possibilities. This, however, simply squanders them, showing a determination to prioritise style over substance which cripples the game and damages gaming as a whole. [Aug 2004, p.94]
  19. 88
    Your investigation jump-starts reckless car chases through more than 150 miles of highways and city streets in detailed re-creations of Miami, Nice and Isantbul. Slam into any of the 30,000 buildings and your car crumbles realistically. [Apr 2004, p.38]
  20. The story is gripping and rich in content.
  21. It is very enjoyable to play through and does feature moments of brilliance. However, we think a lot of you will be disappointed by what it has to offer.
  22. This is the first game to successfully mix death-on-the-freeway antics with a plot you might actually care about, and it's worth a shot for that alone.
  23. With more development time, the guys at Reflection could have fixed the spotty AI and graphical problems. As is, fans of the series will certainly want to pick this up since this up since it is the best iteration of the series.
  24. Don't listen to the review[s] out there that are knocking the crap out of this game. Driv3r is not that bad at all. It is a game that is far from perfect but you may find yourself having a good time with it.
  25. It may take you a long time to create the perfect directors cut but it is fun.
  26. If you're looking for a racing or action game, you're better off buying a title more focused on those genres.
  27. DRIV3R is next-gen in neither concept nor execution. Issues like pop-in should not be a part of a next-gen title. Even though DRIV3R relies much more on driving, it still smacks of the genre innovator, Grand Theft Auto.
  28. 65
    The jump animation seems very stiff and looks like Tanner hasn't stretched in years. Tanner can also swim which looks marginally better than his running technique.
  29. The decision to create so much gameplay outside the car could have reinvented the series, but instead, it merely bogs it down with clumsy and frustrating gameplay. The poor save and checkpoint system will have you playing and replaying portions of the game to the point of insanity.
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  2. Negative: 17 out of 37
  1. Mar 9, 2013
    DRIV3R certainly divided opinion upon its release but, while it certainly has its flaws, the thrill of chasing around a packed city remained entertaining throughout. Add in a detailed 'director mode' that allowed for players to make there own mini-movies and you had a reasonable title. Full Review »