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  • Summary: The fourth entry in the Dynasty Warriors series puts you in command of huge armies from ancient China. Based on historical battles in China during the Han period, Dynasty Warriors 4 lets you choose from the Wu, Wei, or Shu factions and start a campaign over 50 stages and across 17 unique maps. This time, you can create your own bodyguards and officers and engage in one-on-one duels. Giant siege engines, essential to battlefield victory, include catapults, battering rams, bridge layers, flame-throwing tiger tanks, and more. Expand
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  1. There are plenty of stages to sink your teeth into in this one and the improvements and much-appreciated extras will surely keep gamers more than entertained.
  2. Though the gameplay tends to be somewhat repetitive, there are scores of characters, techniques, and magical items to choose from. [Nov 2003, p.124]
  3. It's seamless marriage of large scale action and RPG elements set in an ancient Chinese environment make it one of the more original games on the market today.
  4. While Koei has done a fantastic job in bringing DW4 over from the PS2 it would be nice to see the Xbox used a bit more towards its capacity.
  5. A tight playing, fun beat-em-up style action game with a small dash of strategy. Don’t let the historical theme fool you; the game is all about fighting, fighting and more fighting.
  6. Unfortunately, the joy that comes with slaughtering entire civilizations is still plagued by plenty of slowdown and environment pop up. [Oct 2003, p.139]
  7. It's not enough to pretend anymore. If you've played the last three games then you've basically played this one.

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