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  • Summary: ESPN College Hoops brings you all the tradition, pride, and competitive spirit of real college basketball with authentic college gameplay, 3-D crowds, and over 100 mascots. Compete on both sides of the court with the new IsoMotion, listen to stellar commentary from Jay Bilas and Mike Patrick, or dive into the robust Legacy mode that allows you to recruit year-round. ESPN College Hoops has real play, real emotion, and real heart. Expand
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  1. The best overall college basketball game on the market. [Jan 2004, p.80]
  2. The best basketball game on the market today. The depth of the Legacy mode will keep you busy for months, and it provides the gameplay to match.
  3. The best college basketball game this year on any system.
  4. With solid gameplay feel, exceptional customizability, and a deep legacy mode, ESPN College Hoops is easily recommendable to any college basketball fan.
  5. From the opening sequence, I could tell this was special.
  6. 80
    There are some great innovations, like the lead pass from this year’s ESPN NBA game, that are sorely missed in the College version. This becomes a crucial factor considering rival March Madness bases its game engine on basically the same one as its newest NBA Live installment.
  7. 50
    Compared with the graphics in "March Madness," ESPN College Hoops' visuals look a few years old. [Jan 2004, p.63]

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