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  • Summary: Battle for position at every sweeping bend, high-speed straight away, and hairpin turn within the world's most glamorous sporting arena. From Monaco to Monza, take on the most intelligent and daring racers to hit the formula one circuit. The circuit comes to life with fully interactive pit stops, roaring crowds, a buzzing grid, driver animations, and a full spectrum of driving conditions, including torrential downpours and other mid-race weather changes. Add the official 2001 FIA Formula One World Championship license and F1 2001 is poised to reach new milestones in motor sports gaming. Expand
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  1. F1 2001 has superb graphics, great sound and unbeatable realism. There's not much more you can ask for in a racing game period.
  2. The gameplay of F1 2001 is the best yet for the series on a console. The nagging issues of super grip and limited tuning options have been addressed and the game has rounded the corner on its way to becoming a potential sim lover's dream.
  3. If you're a Formula One fan, the sport has seldom been treated as well. [Feb 2002, p.76]
  4. The graphics in F1 2001 are definitely some of the best I've seen in a Formula 1 game. Incredibly high-resolution textures populate everything from the tires on all of the cars to the steering wheels that your driver attempts to tame throughout the course of the race.
  5. 82
    A great game in its own right and is wholeheartedly recommendable to anyone who enjoys racing games.
  6. 80
    The only problem with F1 2001 is that you have to really love F1 racing. If you don’t you’ll find this game boring.
  7. 75
    Most of the sound effects are fine, but the main engine noise sounds a little too high pitched. I know F1 cars run a cool, almost zippy noise, but here, it sounds more like you're driving a high-end Hoover.

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Score distribution:
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  1. JayS.
    Apr 5, 2003
    Excellent style of graphics and this is what you get from EA sports. If your a F1 fan you will certainly like this because of the realistic controls and graphics. Expand
  2. PierreG.
    Apr 26, 2002
    The game has excellent graphics and control. But the A.I. is the worst I have ever played in a F1 game. Cars slam into your rear when you're taking corners often. When you play with the worn tires option on you are the only one who gets affected. The other cars keep going at the same speed. Also, when you play in the rain and the track drys up the other cars automatically get dry tires without having to pit in. The games A.I. is horrible. Face it an F1 game with no A.I. sucks. Collapse

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