Far Cry Instincts Xbox

  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Release Date: Sep 27, 2005

Generally favorable reviews - based on 56 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 51 out of 56
  2. Negative: 0 out of 56
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  1. I was expecting a lot from Instincts, and boy, I got it. Smooth as silk, pretty as a picture and as vicious as an angry lion, Jack Carver's second title is as good as his first, and is pretty much a must-own for any fan of the FPS or stealth genres. Top notch.
  2. AceGamez
    Nigh on perfect. There's no other way to put it. Words simply cannot do this game the justice it so admirably deserves. It's the most original, involving and technically astounding first person shooter since Halo 2 finally emerged and barged its way into every Xbox owner's home, and it puts most of its competitors to absolute shame.
  3. Hopefully, upcoming sequels will further tweak an already solid concept into a great game.
  4. Even if its technical handicaps are clear, what it achieves with the palette at its disposal is astounding. Instincts' lower resolution textures, sporadic pop-up, cruder characters and jagged shadows are all clearly defined beneath its baking sun, but the composition of the overall canvas offers a masterful distraction. [Nov 2005, p.100]
  5. Cars, boats, guns, stealth, traps, super-strength, scent-vision - it's crowded, but its density is actually our delight, because while it may not play as strategically or controllably as something like "Halo," or as evocatively and inventively as something like "Half-Life 2," it's still atmospheric, involving, and empowering.
  6. Superficial clutter like archaic draw-in and control options (not to mention single-player brevity) impinges upon the experience. It's a close-run thing, though - with or without those feral abilities.
  7. The aspects that had to be removed or toned down for the console have been made up for in more important areas of gameplay making a semi-sequel that is superior to the original title in many ways.
  8. With incredible graphics, stellar gameplay, and an engaging story, Far Cry: Instincts stands proud as a testament to how good a game can be.
  9. The best first person shooter I've played on the XBOX to date.
  10. Most of the mojo comes in the in game feeling of being the hunted then into the predator, it's exhilarating running through the jungle like a wild beast on the hunt, loose and intense.
  11. Far Cry Instincts is just another example of how bloody marvelous UbiSoft can be, and how good a console shooter can be without needing to distract us with aliens and shiny green space suits.
  12. The rich visuals are some of the best on the Xbox this year, the multiplayer games are there if you've got an Xbox Live itch that needs scratching and the Map Editor is definitely the best on the console.
  13. Awesome in every sense of the word. This is a big game, with a lengthy single-player story, a full multiplayer suite, and a level editor thrown in for kicks. Graphically, it pushes the Xbox to its limits and delivers some jaw-dropping visuals as it immerses you in lush jungles with sweeping vistas.
  14. If there is one Xbox game you should not miss this year it is Far Cry Instincts. It is one of those genuinely original and completely engrossing first-person shooters that joins Halo as the Xbox's finest games.
  15. Far Cry Instincts not only equals its PC cousin but actually manages to better it.
  16. It combines fantastic visuals with a solid story and, most importantly, the gameplay is top notch.
  17. Far Cry: Instincts on the Xbox is a much more balanced and fun game than the PC version.
  18. The most immersive and beautiful FPS yet to appear on a console. The single player has great pacing, challenge and satisfaction, while the multiplayer is accessible and fun.
  19. 90
    A must-play for anyone with a remote interest in shooters. The new feral abilities and completely redesigned single player experience mean that even gamers who played the heck out of the PC version will find value in this title.
  20. The island setting is realistic enough to make you start to sweat from the heat, and the advanced AI makes for some exciting action. It's just one of those games that is experienced as much as it is played.
  21. Big, brash, unashamedly daft in parts, this is Stephen Dorff's best role in ages, but he's still upstaged by the beautiful scenery and teeth-grinding action of this masterful shooter. [Official UK Xbox Magazine]
  22. 90
    The overall combination of shooting, stealth, primal abilities, vehicles, great level design, storyline, and amazing graphics and sound add up to a must have game.
  23. 90
    Hiding in the bushes and setting "whip" traps with branches, then watching guards walk into them is old-fashioned, sadistic fun. But the game doesn't really hit its stride until its second half, when your inner wild-child side surfaces, and you start tearing ass around the jungle like the wolfman after guzzling a keg of hard cider.
  24. Far Cry offers an extensive single player that begs to be played more than once despite not having a difficulty select from the offset. The game is as tough or as easy as you make it depending on how you decide to play.
  25. The single player game is great for those who want a somewhat stealthy FPS, and the multiplayer has enough variety to keep action hounds howling for more.
  26. The visuals of the game are nothing short of stunning. We don't think we're being overly optimistic in saying this game is one of the best looking games you will ever play.
  27. With only small problems here and there, it's hard to imagine a person not liking this game.
  28. The gameplay is packed with features, the visuals and atmospheric feel is exceptional, and its control system is magnificent.
  29. In this reviewers opinion it meets or exceeds Halo 2 in every category.
  30. A terrific game and probably one of the best produced Xbox games in terms of graphics. The single player story is engaging and will keep you up into the wee hours of the night and maybe even until the sun comes up.
  31. This game has already proven itself popular on Xbox Live, and I've already spent the equivalent of days playing the predator mode.
  32. 89
    Far Cry Instincts offers something new to the FPS genre with its feral abilities and expertly-crafted open level design. Combined with the map editor and creative multiplayer modes it comes highly recommended.
  33. Game Informer
    Ubisoft Montreal has done a bang up job tailoring this release with all the bells and whistles that will keep the Xbox faithful salivating for months on end. [Nov 2005, p.164]
  34. The streamlined gameplay and tight narrative are worlds removed from the original game, but it will leave you feeling like this is the way it should always have been.
  35. It's tough, it's grueling, but it's so damn worth it that you'll never really have much of a problem getting into the game from the minute you load the disc into your Xbox.
  36. Official Xbox Magazine
    It really is like the developers played every PC shooter from "Doom" through "Quake" and "Half-Life," even "Sin" and "Soldier of Fortune," and applied cool elements from them all into this package. [Nov 2005, p.112]
  37. I'm expecting Far Cry Instincts to receive lots of love in the online communities even though it's a "PC" title, and the strong A.I. guarantees groupies for the Campaign action. Ubisoft did a nice adaptation here that demands your attention.
  38. Play Magazine
    If this is the last of its kind on Xbox, Far Cry: Instincts is a great way to go out. [Nov p.86]
  39. netjak
    With games like Far Cry Instincts and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, it's quite obvious that developers are just now starting to truly take advantage of the Xbox, and it's kind of sad to see it go so soon.
  40. One of those games that we have been seeing on the Xbox this year that makes us ponder - do we really need a new Xbox?
  41. Pelit (Finland)
    Stunningly beautiful, but the straightforward nature of the single player mode starts to annoy after awhile. The AI could use some work, too. [Oct 2005]
  42. Instincts very much builds on the foundations laid down by the original title thanks to the integration of Feral abilities and the tweaked storyline. There's a very strong combat control system, though the vehicular control system isn't quite as intuititve.
  43. Frankly, I think the entire action-centric, Island of Dr. Moreau direction the game takes in its latter half is unnecessary. The game is more than suspenseful enough just by placing the player against impossible odds, and the game's lush tropical locales are much more compelling than the indoor corridors that appear a bit later on.
  44. With it's cheesy American one liners (think, 'yippee ki-ya' from Diehard and you're on the right tracks!) it's intriguing storyline, it's amazingly beautiful graphics, and it's fun, 'blast away' game play, I think Farcry: Instincts is worth buying, but if I were you, I'd wait for it to drop down in price a little first.
  45. 75
    A decent single player game that exceeds the PC version in places, but unfortunately lags behind it in the most important areas. The multiplayer is great though making Far Cry Instincts a recommendable purchase for those with Xbox Live.
  46. 90
    As is usually the case with Ubisoft's games on Xbox Live, the netcode is solid, so you shouldn't see much lag.
  47. The multiplayer aspect is staggering.
  48. 80
    A full-featured map editor and 16-player online play puts multiplayer at the forefront, and nearly every swaying piece of foliage and stunningly realistic body of water makes Instincts a technical treat, especially in 480p.
  49. 80
    Unlike so many tossed-off gunners, it makes the most of the console and will tax most players in equal measure.
  50. Like a fruit fly bred to eat other fruit flies, Far Cry: Instincts injects some really good genes into the morass of first-person shooter DNA. In its next evolution, we'd like to see more appendages and, of course, more tail.
  51. The gameplay mixes up peddle-to-the-metal action with enough thinking stealth elements to provide a fun challenge.

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  1. Nick
    Jul 25, 2006
    Ok so the game has quite impressive visuals, but it is also bugged and offers nothing new. It comes nowhere near Half Life 2 and certainly Ok so the game has quite impressive visuals, but it is also bugged and offers nothing new. It comes nowhere near Half Life 2 and certainly doesn't touch either of the Halos. Annoying and random difficulty make this an entirley average game. Full Review »
  2. EfeB.
    Jul 4, 2006
    very fine game, one of xbox's best. insane graphics, great action, allright story...good transition from the hunted to the hunter with very fine game, one of xbox's best. insane graphics, great action, allright story...good transition from the hunted to the hunter with your new animal abilities. sloppy rag-doll effects, a bit feels weightless all around, sometimes you need to pump like 10 bullets into a guy before he dies...but hey, they cramped in lots of cool things in this game, i feel bad complaining. kind of feels like turok in some areas, well...i cannot say that this is THE best fps there is...after playing half-life 2...far cry seems like pong, but...okay, its the second best. Full Review »
  3. IamNlCK
    Jun 25, 2006
    Fun game. I like Shooters like this much more than mundane Halo-esque games where you shoot your way through hordes of identical aliens for Fun game. I like Shooters like this much more than mundane Halo-esque games where you shoot your way through hordes of identical aliens for hours. Very cool storyline, intense action. The only complaints I have are..when i sneak up on someone stealthfully....sometimes after a couple machine gun blasts to the head, they are still alive. The enemy AI has some room to improve also. Full Review »