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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 21 out of 23
  2. Negative: 0 out of 23
  1. 89
    FIFA 07 has closed the gap on "PES5" more than we could possibly have imagined. Compared to previous FIFA instalments this plays a more rounded, authentic game of football without cranking up the realism so much that it's no longer fun.
  2. Not all of the changes that have been implemented since last year's game have been for the better, but there are more than enough improvements here to make FIFA 07 worth a look.
  3. Solid multiplayer support, great skill animations, smart AI and improved physics all add up to a game that is a marked improvement over the last iteration.
  4. Gameplay, meanwhile, makes some minor adjustments this year--giving a few more control options including the ability to play with a scheme that is identical to Konami's "Winning Eleven" button layout. [Oct. 2006, p.94]
  5. 70
    This is clearly the best-playing FIFA game ever made, but that merely puts it above some of the most average-playing soccer games ever made. Even with the improvements, the game remains far too simple tactically.
  6. Despite a few annoying omissions, the overall gameplay is as good as it gets on Xbox. The wealth of settings and ability to play a quick match or dive into the deep end of team management is a complete thrill and well worth the price.
  7. An excellent game. Is it completely new? No. Is it revolutionary in some way? No. But EA has taken the core FIFA game and improved it to create the best FIFA footballer to date.
  8. 100
    The online play and interactive leagues are superb and the thrill of scoring a goal in the 90th minute online was a fist pumping "Heck Yeah!" experience which I haven't felt in a long time playing an online game.
  9. Although still not quite as refined or smooth as Pro Evo, FIFA 07 is certainly kicking at the heels of its great competitor.
  10. Impressive. After several plodding annual upgrades, FIFA 07 shows significant improvement and delivers its best soccer game in ages. [Nov. 2006, p.85]
  11. If you enjoy sports-gaming league micromanagement like only EA can provide, along with amazingly solid soccer offline or online via Xbox Live, you'll get your kicks with FIFA 07.
  12. Those on the ends of the spectrum who are looking for a hardcore sim or a simple high-scoring soccer game may be disappointed, but everyone else in between will have a good time with the game.
  13. Playing cup matches in the middle of the season against Hartlepool and Macclesfield is refreshing, and the new passing system is a welcomed improvement. However, the controls are too complicated, AI knows how to cheat, the ball behaves strangely and tactically FIFA 07 is much too simple. [Sept 2006]
  14. EA further refines its soccer franchise, with marked improvements in the gameplay mechanics, even more modes and updated visuals.
  15. I've been a die-hard "Winning Eleven" fan for some time now, but my allegiance to Konami's famed series has taken a hit. FIFA 07 Soccer is the best EA soccer game to date, coming very close to the refinement of the WE series, and even eclipsing it in many areas.
  16. FIFA 07 is fantastic. The reworked gameplay feels so right and its Xbox Live support is amazing. [Nov 2006, p.66]
  17. There are annoyances, such as poor menus, but these are balanced out by the excellent online integration and animation.
  18. The tweaks to the existing feature set and gameplay have certainly raised its game and will make you feel like you are close to experiencing a real football match.
  19. Yes, it's a little tougher to learn the nuances than in years past, but the final verdict is in - and it's a golden goal.
  20. Is FIFA 07 the new king of football? To put it bluntly, no - but its !&%$@#* close. It's something I've thought long and hard about, but when the question is asked, PES still reigns supreme.
  21. Convincing physics have been brought into play to improve the feel of passing, crossing and shooting - a feature that brings FIFA more in line with the current simulation champ, "Pro Evolution Soccer."
  22. 95
    But, where FIFA climbs a little higher than the plateau occupied by its rival(s) is in addressing a small point of hugely influential significance: player-to-player off-the-ball transitions.
  23. 80
    FIFA 07 most definitely beats PES in a few areas, most notably in presentation and the brilliant first-touch control, but it's still not PES.
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  1. ChijiA.
    Jan 30, 2007
    What's the buzz about this game about? Even among die hard pes fans? This latest FIFA iteration still doesn't measure up in lots of ways like in the gameplay intensity and tactical deployments. The AI's still relatively inept (like clumsy annoying defenders who don't clear the ball timely or fall back hurriedly in the face of a counter attack onslaught from the opposition). And the players still don't look that good as they do on pes even with the luxury of many licensed teams. The gameplay also feels routine sometimes, like being able to pull the same goal scoring move with a high degree of precision over again. And why do cpu controlled defenders always clear aerial balls with their feet??? I'll leave it here... Granted, it's the best FIFA game yet with some major tweaks and its fluidity being a big plus, but pes still thumps this game in the major departments. All you need do is play a few games on fifa 07 then switch lanes to pes 5 or 6 to catch my drift. Full Review »
  2. Prolifik
    Oct 28, 2006
    This is the first time I can honestly say FIFA's gameplay is possibly on par with that of PES, or at least somewhere in the vicinity. Ball physics are better, players make useful runs of the ball, and the game just feels more like actual football and not canned animations and flashy bells and whistles. And since EA always blows Konami out of the water in terms of presentation, sound, and game modes, I'd have to say that the latest instalment trumps PES5 overall. Konami needs to improve in it's other areas in order to match the overall package offered by FIFA, because the gap in the quality of the game itself - if it still exists - is now very small. Full Review »
  3. BlueF.
    Oct 17, 2006
    I must say I'm impressed with this years FIFA. While most other EA sports franchises are spinning their wheels, this one keeps slowly and steadily getting better. I'm not so sure I'd agree that it's better than Winning Eleven. But the presentation is definately better (yes, even with the usual lame EA trax). I like the new momentum running. It makes things more realistic. Full Review »