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  • Summary: Master the fundamentals of soccer in FIFA Soccer 2003. With more ball control and player moves, this year's FIFA Soccer puts the The Total Club Championship within your grasp. Unleash the skills of the world's greatest players through new player animations and signature skill moves. Experience pressure-cooker atmospheres as you take on Europe's elite teams in their own stadiums featuring actual team chants and songs. EA Sports Freestyle Control lets you produce a feint, one-touch pass, or skill move to leave your opponents standing. Expand
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  1. 100
    Totally revamped from the ground up, and it shows. Great graphics and the best gameplay the series has seen in years.
  2. The most realistic and technically advanced soccer game to date. It's almost too real. [Dec 2002, p.91]
  3. Soccer fans will appreciate the added realism, but casual fans will probably see more of the same game as last year’s version.
  4. 85
    Probably the best pure soccer game yet -- the best since the series moved into 3D.
  5. 84
    There are still major holes like an underutilized Freestyle Control system, no non-competitive game modes and a lack of customization features (no create-an-anything or weather/time of day control) holding FIFA back from being the definitive soccer game.
  6. Perhaps the most exciting alteration in gameplay is a ball that's no longer glued to your boot. [Winter 2002, p.108]
  7. If you are outside the U.S. and have access to "Winning Eleven" or "Pro Evolution Soccer" this game isn’t going to impress you.

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