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  1. The faster the car, the more jelly-like things seem to become. The gorgeous Ford GT 2005 handles like the entire world was one big bouncy castle, as it bobs and lurches around like it had helium-filled wheels. [Official UK Xbox Magazine]
  2. If you love the idea of playing an interactive commercial for Ford Motors and own both an Xbox and a PS2, then go with the PS2 version. The graphics are about the same and the slightly longer load time on the PS2 will give you a much needed break from this monotonous racer.
  3. Despite the title, there's nothing bold about this boring, vanilla racing game.
  4. Ford Street Racing looks like a AAA game, has the features of a AAA game, but plays like a budget title that doesn't know its audience. With a little more time put into AI and physics, Ford Street Racing could easily be a game worth $30-$40.
  5. Fan boys will get they're fix, and that's about the extent of FBM's scope, providing little to none entertainment value past the first 30 minutes.
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    But it's worthless, and Eidos knows it. The game design is so transparent, the goal behind the game is so obvious, the lack of any morsel of fun is so far from the car and tracks and the playing of it…it's just exasperating. This is pure bargain bin trash.
  7. Official Xbox Magazine
    If I were William Ford, I'd be looking for a new ad agency. [Nov. 2006, p.81]
  8. 35
    The Xbox has far better racing titles available, this game is a budget title and it shows.

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  1. DaveB.
    Apr 9, 2006
    I know that the Ford Racing series of games are budget titles, so I had realstic and modest expectations from this game. It was a bit of a I know that the Ford Racing series of games are budget titles, so I had realstic and modest expectations from this game. It was a bit of a blind purchase because currently there aren't many reviews around. I thought Ford Racing 2 and 3 on the Xbox were decent games - not anything amazing but fun enough to play for a few hours, and with decent graphics and a superb smooth framerate. Ford Street Racing is actually a bit of a backwards step from the previous games in some respects. There is no speech at any point during the game, which I felt was a nice touch in the previous games. Also there are only two camera angles to drive from. The bumper view is too low to see where you are going, so is quite useless to drive by. The chase view is better, but it is still too low for my tastes. The previous games had another chase view which was higher up, so you could see the road ahead better. Also there is NO music whatsoever in the game, and no option to use custom soundtracks! The menu sound effects are very loud compared to the in-game sounds like the engine, but you cannot adjust their volumes independently. Also there are NO replays after a race, which is another big omission and something that Ford Racing 2 and 3 both had! The graphics are quite good, and the framerate is a perfectl smooth 60fps - no problems there. The gameplay is a little dull and can be frustrating though, and the career mode is more convoluted and less intuitive than in Ford Racing 2 and 3. Overall, the game feels less polished and slightly unfinished, and not as likeable as the previous games. Quite disappointing. Full Review »