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  1. It is by no means a replacement for any of the current high profile racers, and staunch simulation fans will surely laugh at the wonky physics and weak driver AI, but for the affordable budget price you really can't go wrong by snagging a copy of Ford Racing 3.
  2. Surprisingly fun and simple to pick up and play. The numerous game variants have a way of keeping the game fresh and the inclusion of Xbox Live support is wonderful to see from a budget game.
  3. Despite the license and some interesting gameplay modes, Ford Racing 3 comes off feeling generic and far less distinct than the real-life vehicles the game attempts to capture.
  4. It's a simple, Ford-glorifying collection of racing adventure. It could be better in a lot of ways. There are a lot of faults to this game, but in all it's very playable and does provide some genuine fun.
  5. Barely a very, very average racing game. There are no notable qualities about the game to justify any sort of high score and the visuals are poor, but it still offers several short bursts of entertainment and at £20 you can't expect much more than that.
  6. Offers lots of cars to unlock, and plenty of challenges and game types to keep you amused - it's not by any means the worst driving game ever made, and it's a snip at 20. But, much like the Ford brand itself, there isn't really much in the way of glitz or glamour to it either. [Official UK Xbox Magazine]
  7. 60
    If you were hoping that the Need for Speed series would ditch the underground in favor of some sunshine, Ford Racing 3 is your type of game. The outdoor environments are fun and memorable, and the events grow increasingly competitive as you rise in rank from an amateur to a pro.
  8. The game surprisingly has some value this time around, particularly with the ability to race against others online and being able to use customized soundtracks during a race.
  9. Official Xbox Magazine
    The tracks are nicely designed as well, but again, the effort seems fairly wasted due to the extremely dated graphics engine. [June 2005, p.86]
  10. While these digital vehicles look the part, the controls come nowhere close to simulating the feeling of being behind the wheel of a Ford.
  11. 50
    A victim of its own mediocrity.
  12. 45
    Blech. Ford Racing 3 is not a travesty, but it's not any good either. The best thing that can be said about it is it's filled with 55 Fords. And if you like Fords…well, they're here for you.
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  1. Declasm
    Dec 7, 2004
    A little better than Ford Racing 2. Tracks and cars are pretty bland, good to waste a few hours with in preparation for Forza Motorsport, but A little better than Ford Racing 2. Tracks and cars are pretty bland, good to waste a few hours with in preparation for Forza Motorsport, but no substitute. Full Review »