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  1. 100
    This is by far the most realistic console racer ever made, and it's hands-down the best racing game on Xbox.
  2. If Vanessa Williams sang 'Save the best for last' about Microsoft, it would be about this game.
  3. 100
    I'm not condoning adultery with the following analogy but it's the best way I can think of getting my point across; Forza Motorsport is like a wife - it looks pretty, you know what you're getting, you're in it for the long haul but it can become a little irritating and boring at times.
  4. The problem with Forza is, however, that this is a game that feels somewhat empty. Your victories aren't celebrated and are barely acknowledged. Tuning up a car is so easy that is barely feels rewarding to feel it going at top speed.
  5. Perhaps it could've built on a few features found in V8 Supercars 2 to make it a more complete package, but it still makes great strides for the genre with smart gameplay ideas, great graphics and pitch-perfect car physics ensuring countless hours of enjoyment for genre fans.
  6. Super fun races with interesting AI and that surprisingly great customisation section.
  7. If you want "Project Gotham 2" with more depth, or "Gran Turismo 4" with less tedium, Forza Motorsport's a fantastic mid-range choice. [Official UK Xbox Magazine]
  8. It's ultimately Forza that ends up with the win for its more comlete features and player friendliness. [July 2005, p.85]
  9. One of those rare jewels that come along once every four or five years and just can't be ignored.
  10. The physics are fantastic and the tuning terrific, but pound-for-pound, it doesn't offer any more in the "sim racing" category than a couple of existing budget titles.
  11. No "Gran Turismo 4," but comes close to usurping the throne for the genre with jaw-dropping visuals and impressive online play.
  12. And, man, is this game difficult, even on the easy setting. I prefer games with unreal speed, power boosts and shortcuts. I just couldn't seem to get a grip on Forza until I played around with different cars, perusing the six classes, from standard production cars like your basic Honda Civic to race cars like the Audi R8.
  13. Because there's an underlying subtlety and sophistication in the handling - and it's encouraging to see even minor damage and tyre wear affecting lap times - the compulsion to shave fractions off your records is always there. [June 2005, p.89]
  14. Forza's handling is impeccable. Many car sims have done an adequate job of providing an impression of the forces exerted on a car as it hurtles around a track, but in Forza it's as though you can feel the exact point where your tires lose traction.
  15. It features outstanding visuals, tremendous gameplay, and enough options to keep even the most meticulous players entertained for hours.
  16. With Microsoft's typically brilliant online implantation underpinning everything, alongside its determination to break technical boundaries Forza Motorsport is a quite staggering achievement for a first attempt and is a must have for any driving game fan.
  17. A fully fleshed out multiplayer, realistic and fun driving, tons of variety, and an interesting drivatar feature Forza has everything you could have asked for in a racing game and is bound to please anyone who was looking forward to it, or anyone who likes driving games at all.
  18. 93
    Forza is probably the most complete racing package available for any machine in any era.
  19. 100
    Forza caters beautifully to both casual racers and hardcore car nuts, which is all that matters.
  20. If there's an overall problem with Forza, it's that the game isn't polished into the slick experience that others have recently offered. [June 2005, p.130]
  21. Excellent visuals, innovative racing features and accessibility to drivers of all skill levels make this title stand out from its competition, including games with more tracks and vehicles.
  22. Forza Motorsport does one thing excellently, lots of things really well and a couple of things comparatively badly. However, that one excellent thing, the racing, is above all what this game is about.
  23. While it doesn't re-invent the wheel, Forza Motorsport pretty much perfects it. Its user-friendly options make it great for casual drivers and its generous reward system honors the skill of the experienced racer.
  24. 100
    You can sum up this game in two words, "Sheer Perfection".
  25. Personally, as much as I have been impressed by Forza, I found it to be just a little too much. It's a fantastic game, but one best suited to those willing to invest some serious time into their racing games.
  26. Forza is kinda like Danica Patrick: an attractive, rising star that isn't quite ready for victory lane...yet.
  27. 100
    Forza is easily the best driving game ever made. Loyal "GT4" fans ought to strap into the seat of this hot rod and take it for a spin--you won't look back.
  28. It's a bit of a shame that a game such as this has a flaw so crippling as a lack of tracks.
  29. If there is a knock against Forza Motorsports it's that the game does not have much personality. The racing is great and the cars look sweet, but there's not much going on in between.
  30. A great sim but not a perfect game. It suffers from too few tracks and a complete lack of soul, but the basics are spot on - and it's massive too. [Xbox World]
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  1. Apr 29, 2013
    up to about lvl 40, its great, but past that the races are way too hard, even on easy the nurburgring is near on impossible, ive smashed aboutup to about lvl 40, its great, but past that the races are way too hard, even on easy the nurburgring is near on impossible, ive smashed about 10 controllers....... the bar is way too high, its the only racing game that is this hard, im being generous with a 2 Full Review »
  2. MateusC.
    Feb 3, 2006
    Runs at 30 FPS, get Gran Turismo 4 is much better.
  3. Dave
    Dec 17, 2005
    Running on more powerful hardware than the PS2, yet the graphics are less detailed than GT3 and GT4, yet it still runs at a treacle slow Running on more powerful hardware than the PS2, yet the graphics are less detailed than GT3 and GT4, yet it still runs at a treacle slow 30fps which is unforgiveable! Not impressed with this game at all. I see it has loads of high scores on review sites but why do they all gloss over the lame low framerate. Someone needs to stand up and say: this isn't good enough. Full Review »