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  1. Pandemic did everything they were supposed to do with a sequel, and Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers is a great game and a great follow-up to the original.
  2. Any decent-minded gamer looking for a creative twist on the standard "terrorist hunt" theme should definitely look into grabbing Ten Hammers, be it for singleplayer or multiplayer reasons – even though I hopped on the impulse buy almost purely on the promise of co-op, I was surprised and impressed to find that the rest of the game was very satisfactory.
  3. If you want full control over your characters, then Full Spectrum Warrior may be a little "distant" for you. But, for those looking for a more strategic feel to their gameplay, this title offers up a nice challenge while providing more than enough gameplay to test out your ability to command troops.
  4. 82
    The multiple teams, added tanks, verticality, precision fire, the stepped-up AI, and the much-needed multiplayer modes are all smart, value-added features. The game doesn't, however, advance much once you get going.
  5. Provides much of the same fun that the original brought to the table with a more fleshed out feel, thanks to the added squad controls and the inclusion of tanks. For as fun as the single-player game is, it's the multiplayer that will attract.
  6. 80
    The difficulty level may have been cranked up a little too high for the average gamer to enjoy the single-player experience, but the robust multiplayer component of the game helps to make up for it.
  7. The strategy elements and the point-and-click system bog the action down in this game.
  8. There are issues with the title such as the controls, camera and AI but in general these do not hamper the overall game play too much other than causing some player frustration at times.

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#59 Most Discussed Xbox Game of 2006
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  1. MikeT.
    May 11, 2006
    Excellent fun! Exciting multiplayer play! Great Game Wish more people played online!
  2. Will
    Apr 12, 2006
    This game is great. Very different from other platformer, shooter rehashes.