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  • Summary: Furious Karting brings the speed and excitement of kart racing to your neighborhood. Now you can hop into a kart and speed through city streets, shopping malls, and fantasy tracks. During each race, you'll have special moves, pickups, and tricks to help you pass the competition. In addition to battling rival racers in single-player mode, you can compete against your friends in four-player multiplayer mode. No matter which character you play as, you can develop your own racing style and lead your team to victory. Expand
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  1. Does an admiral job of actually reproducing the feel of "virtual" go kart racing - perhaps more so than any other kart game before it.
  2. It has some has some life longevity to it - but considering its sharp-curved circuit designs, lack of additional game modes such as 'FreeStyle' or 'Stunt' mode which Babylon really could have taken advantage of, and its expected graphics, it is not a game that I will find myself looking forward to play frequently.
  3. 70
    The gameplay sometimes feels like it’s in low gear. The tracks are short and predictable, and although stunts are encouraged, the repertoire and controls are limited.
  4. 60
    The repetitive races keep it from a higher score. Still, the snarky attitude and sweet physics model of the go karts make for a good deal of fun.
  5. 60
    It's so cartoony that no fan of serious simulation-type racers will likely give it a second look, but it's just realistic enough that people looking for something along the lines of the mascot-based games will be turned off as well.
  6. A Scenario mode provides enough challenge to kill a whole weekend, and drivers can opt to play one of two distinct clans, each with its own furiously branching storyline. [Aug 2003, p.87]
  7. The easy playability, decent graphics and dumb violence are perfect for the young, inexperienced and generally immature gamer. However, the lack of multiple paths, weapon variety and useful shortcuts keep it from satisfying basic kart racing requirements.

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  1. Dec 18, 2012
    The most extreme kart racing challeng ever.