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  • Summary: Welcome to the future--a place where creatures have forced humans to live in squalor, battling their overlords and waxing nostalgic for better days. Now, a young boy named Low, his sister, and a collection of fighters find themselves as mankind's only hope for blasting the creatures back to where they came from. You must guide this ragtag team of survivors through 19 levels of tactical combat while upgrading them with powerful weapons. In Battle mode, you can take on a friend in tactical warfare--complete with customizable handicaps, power-ups, and victory conditions. Expand
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  1. One cool thing is that the terrain in the game can be destroyed.
  2. Not a very deep or complex game but the mix of genres such as action, RPG and turn-based strategy is an interesting and intriguing combination.
  3. The game is often too easy because of its own innovations, as they aren't streamlined enough to really work as they should.
  4. LAN party freaks will definitely want to chuck this one in when the Halo multiplayer gets boring, whenever that is.
  5. The targeting system, offensive and defensive balance and especially the design are all surprisingly adept, as is the integrated story, about nomadic Earthlings on the run from alien hordes. [June 2004, p.61]
  6. The graphics can only be described as awful, missions are boring, and combat ranges from dull to frustrating. [June 2004, p.123]
  7. The Uprising's lack of complexity, shallow plot and uninteresting characters leave the game weltering in the shade of other 'grown up' RPG titles.

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