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  • Summary: Galleon takes you from the bustling port of Akbah to islands populated with giant monsters, evil slave lords, and damsels in distress. You'll follow Captain Rhama Sabrier as he investigates the origins of a mysterious ship that could hold the key to incredible powers and untold wealth. Rhama's journey takes you to six island locations filled with action, exploration, and challenges. While the landscape can be harsh, you'll have Rhama's backflip and climbing skills and the abilities of your crew members to aid you on your journey. Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 40
  2. Negative: 6 out of 40
  1. The equivalent of the summer's biggest Oscar-winning blockbuster, it's breathtaking, and destined to become an adventure classic. Totally unmissable.
  2. 82
    Underneath the simplistic visuals is a well designed, exceptionally fun game to play. It's packed with eccentric personality quirks, a great assortment of spacial puzzles, and an interesting storyline that ties it all together.
  3. There are some people who truly do love Galleon, but most of those have gone beyond the not that spectacular graphics and invested a few hours into it. The gameplay can at times be quite dynamic and enjoyable, but there are also times when it feels like a generic 3d platform game.
  4. 70
    Galleon is some weird sort of Tomb Raider+. It recaptures the elusive feeling of exploration and adventure felt in Tomb Raider, while greatly expanding on its running, jumping and climbing gameplay.
  5. The greatest challenge in the game is really overcoming the controls and camera though, so if you are the kind of person who is easily put off by unconventional control schemes, perhaps you should look elsewhere for buried treasures.
  6. By all means once it appears in bargain bins (and believe us, that'll be sooner rather than later) Galleon needs to be purchased, if only so you can see how such a potential epic has strayed so far off course. Tragic, simply tragic. [XBM]
  7. 40
    Even if there are some design tricks here that all developers could learn from, the game's negatives outweigh the positives, leaving this Galleon to be forgotten at the bottom of the bargain bin.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 5
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 5
  3. Negative: 1 out of 5
  1. Rick
    Feb 10, 2006
    Although this is a late post (2006) I have had the game for a couple of years. At the time easily one of the best played and highly recommended for anyones collection, for those willing to put the time into the control mastery. I gave it to a mate who was a mad Tomb Raider fan to play and he just couldnt get into the controls. This is as close to Tomb Raider that ive played on the Xbox and so I was pleading with him to give it a real go as after an hour or so the control feels natural and the game runs very smoothly but until then its a nightmare. Thats why when I read the above reviews I know they didn't put the time in, its that simple. It plays like Tomb Raider with area puzzles that require real thought (I know I need to bend this crank shaft but to do that I need to melt it, but to melt it, I need to get up to that fire room..but how do I get up there??) and increase with difficulty as the game goes. The puzzle/level design is awesome and spurs you onto the next puzzle, the next level with a rewarding storyline in tow. It was just a game I couldnt put down and thought of for weeks afterward. It was just so rewarding action wise, story wise, and brainwise. You enter a room and everything you need is there but you just havent managed to work out what to do so you run around trying this and that and still cant solve the puzzle. So you turn the game off and lie in bed thinking but what if...and boom you get a brainwave and jump up turn ya Xbox back on, fire up ya save game and retry a new approach and works, your back into the game moving onto the next area and before you know it...its 4am in the morning. Absolute gem, I have played all the top games and got through them and most havent been as satisfying or rewarding as this one left me. I have only made this post/comment for those people who do proper research on games not to listen to the above reviews as you would be missing out on an all-time classic. I have been an avid gamer for 20 odd years so I know my stuff. Hey I gave up on Ninja Gaiden thinking this is dogs crud impossible and Id wasted my coinage, but kept seeing rave reviews. I gave it a re-go 6 months later and was so glad I did. Galleon falls into that category. Give it a real will be glad you did. Expand
  2. RaulR.
    May 19, 2004
    Incredible Game. The best since Shenmue.. Recommended.
  3. LukeB.
    Jul 4, 2004
    What can I say, ignore what people say when they say that its poor. This has to be officially, the most under-rated game of the year! It lived up to the hype, and has everything you could hope for; huge sprawling sublime islands to explore, great characters, excellent voice acting, fantastic gameplay, great combat, huge uber cool boss fights, action, romance and plenty of great puzzles. At the very least rent this game, just to see how much time and effort was put into this game. to think that this game was sooo nearly canned is hard to imagine. Its money well spent, buy it now, you wont regret it, once you realise that you have picked up on a little gem of a game that not many people will probably play because they have sorely, 'judged a book by its cover', until trying it first. Don't knock Galleon until you have tried it, by far the best action/adventure game of this year! Expand
  4. Z
    Jun 20, 2004
    Magestic gameplay for exploration fans , really feels like the tomb raider sequel i hoped but i never got , incredible animation ( not very realistic but really fun) but sometimes the graphics feel quite poor ... a blast anyway ! worth the wait ... Expand
  5. AB
    Nov 8, 2004
    I can't believe I waited seven years for this awful nonsense.